The Council, the member-elected governing body of AAAS, comprises the board of directors, section retiring chairs, delegates from each electorate, two delegates from the National Association of Academies of Sciences, and one delegate from each Regional Division with the president serving as the chair and the executive officer as the secretary. The Council’s responsibilities include election of Fellows, adoption of resolutions and statements on matters affecting the Association, election of affiliates, and approving amendments to the Bylaws.

Council Chair

Barbara Schaal
AAAS President

Secretary to the Council

Rush D. Holt
AAAS Chief Executive Officer

Members of the Board of Directors are also members of the Council.

Eva Andrei
Rutgers University

Stefi Alison Baum
University of Manitoba

Nora Berrah
University of Connecticut

James R. Broach
Pennsylvania State College of Medicine

Dominique Brossard
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Bruce Bursten
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Jeffrey S. Chamberlain
University of Washington

Marie-Francoise Chesselet
University of California, Los Angeles

Roger G. Christianson
Pacific Division

Seth M. Cohen
University of California, San Diego

Stuart L. Cooper
Ohio State University

E. Dan Dahlberg
University of Minnesota

Pamela B. Davis
Case Western Reserve University

Ronald L. Davis
Scripps Research Institute

Louis A. Derry
Cornell University

Carol Dieckmann
University of Arizona

Mary C. Dinauer
Washington University School of Medicine

Lawrence K. Duffy
Arctic Division

Peter Faletra
Crossroads Academy, NH

Maryann P. Feldman
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Garret A. FitzGerald
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Sharon M. Friedman
Lehigh University

W. Kent Fuchs
University of Florida

Jim Giovannoni
USDA-ARS/Cornell University

Sharon C. Glotzer
University of Michigan

Susan Goldin-Meadow
University of Chicago

Martin Golubitsky
Ohio State University

Carla P. Gomes
Cornell University

Francesca T. Grifo
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Frederick Grinnell
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Jessica Gurevitch
Stony Brook University

David Halpern
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Steve Henikoff
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Melissa A. Hines
Cornell University

Don M. Jordan
University of South Carolina, Columbia

Sallie Ann Keller
Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

Chryssa Kouveliotou
George Washington University

Jay B. Labov
National Academy of Sciences

Clark Spenser Larsen
Ohio State University

Nancy E. Levinger
Colorado State University

Jennifer Jane Loros
Dartmouth College

Joan Maling
National Science Foundation

Juan C. Meza
University of California, Merced

Mina Mina
University of Connecticut Health Center

Linda C. Niessen
NOVA Southeastern University

Michael J. Prather
University of California, Irvine

Juan Ramirez-Lugo
Caribbean Division

Maureen E. Raymo
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Charles M. Rice
Rockefeller University

Keren D. Rice
University of Toronto

Jeanette C. Roberts
University of Wisconsin

David A. Rosenbaum
Pennsylvania State University

Susan M. Rosenberg
Baylor College of Medicine

Frances M. Ross
IBM Research

Susan R. Ross
University of Pennsylvania

Ann K. Sakai
University of California, Irvine

Molly Sandra Shoichet
University of Toronto (Canada)

Susan Sauer Sloan
National Academies

Elliott Sober
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Karen R. Sollins
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Elizabeth K. Stage
University of California, Berkeley

Paula Stephan
Georgia State University

Michael F. Thomashow
Michigan State University

Barbara Timmermann
University of Kansas

Linda J. Young
University of Florida/USDA-NASS


Susan Hockfield, AAAS President-Elect and CCA Chair
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Barbara Schaal, AAAS President
Washington University in St. Louis

Sharon M. Friedman (2017)
Lehigh University

David Halpern (2017)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Elizabeth K. Stage (2017)
Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley

Barbara N. Timmermann (2017)
University of Kansas

Four additional members to be announced


Peter Agre (2017)
Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Frances H. Arnold (2017)
California Institute of Technology

Alice M. Clark (2018)
University of Mississippi

Susan L. Graham (2018)
University of California, Berkeley

Michael A. Marletta (2017)
University of California, Berkeley

William H. Press (2018)
University of Texas at Austin

Peter H. Raven (2018)
Missouri Botanical Garden

Marc Tessier-Lavigne (2017)
Rockefeller University