Council Chair

Gerald R. Fink
AAAS President

Secretary to the Council

Alan I. Leshner
AAAS Chief Executive Officer

Members of the Board of Directors are also members of the Council.

Richard N. Aslin
University of Rochester

Davis Baird
Clark University

Joy Bergelson
University of Chicago

Arthur Bienenstock
Stanford University

James R. Broach
Pennsylvania State College of Medicine

Judith N. Burstyn
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Judy Callis
University of California, Davis

Elizabeth R. Cantwell
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Roger G. Christianson
Pacific Division

Lynn Cooley
Yale University School of Medicine

Stuart L. Cooper
Ohio State University

Joseph T. Coyle
Harvard Medical School

Susan E. Cozzens
Georgia Institute of Technology

Beverly L. Davidson
University of Iowa

Andrew Dessler
Texas A&M University

Mary C. Dinauer
Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Tim Dixon
University of South Florida

Lawrence K. Duffy
Arctic Division

Karen Emmorey
San Diego State University

Sandra Faber
University of California, Santa Cruz

Peter Faletra
Crossroads Academy, NH

Sharon M. Friedman
Lehigh University

Jessica Gurevitch
Stony Brook University

David Halpern
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Katherine A. High
Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania

Maud A. Hinchee
Agricen Sciences

Eric Horvitz
Microsoft Research

Kristina M. Johnson
Enduring Hydro, LLC

Don M. Jordan
University of South Carolina, Columbia

Marisa C. Kozlowski
University of Pennsylvania

Paul H. Krebsbach
University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Clark Spenser Larsen
Ohio State University

Eugene H. Levy
Rice University

Lewis Lipsitt
Brown University

Deborah F. Lockhart
National Science Foundation

Marilee Long
Colorado State University

Arthur Lupia
University of Michigan

Joan Maling
National Science Foundation

Jay Marx
California Institute of Technology

Thomas Mason
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Susan R. McCouch
Cornell University

Larry V. McIntire
Georgia Institute of Technology

Juan C. Meza
University of California, Merced

Sally C. Morton
University of Pittsburgh

Donna J. Nelson
University of Oklahoma

Linda C. Niessen
NOVA Southeastern University

George A. O’Toole, Jr.
Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth

Harry T. Orr
University of Minnesota

George Perry
SWARM Division

Philip W. Phillips
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

John H. Relethford
SUNY College at Oneonta

Nancy H. Ruddle
Yale University

Alfred P. Sattelberger
Argonne National Laboratory

Susan Sauer Sloan
National Academies

Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis
University of Florida

Karen R. Sollins
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Elizabeth K. Stage
University of California, Berkeley

Samuel M. Taylor
Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Kenneth D. Tew
Medical University of South Carolina

Barbara Timmermann
University of Kansas

Carlos Torres-Ramos
Caribbean Division

Amy Tsui
Johns Hopkins University

Ben A. van der Pluijm
University of Michigan

Nancy C. Walworth
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Linda J. Young
University of Florida/USDA-NASS


Geraldine Richmond, AAAS President-Elect and CCA Chair
University of Oregon

Gerald R. Fink, AAAS President
Whitehead Institute, MIT

Elizabeth R. Cantwell (2015)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Katherine A. High (2015)
Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania

Larry V. McIntire (2015)
Georgia Institute of Technology

Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis (2015)
University of Florida


Sylvia T. Ceyer (2016)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Susan M. Fitzpatrick (2016)
James S. McDonnell Foundation

Judy R. Franz (2015)
American Physical Society

Alice Petry Gast (2016)
Imperial College London

Susan Gottesman (2016)
National Cancer Institute/NIH

Barbara J. Grosz (2015)
Harvard University

Peter S. Kim (2015)
Merck Research Laboratories

Mario J. Molina (2015)
University of California, San Diego