AAAS Fellows

Election as a Fellow of AAAS is an honor bestowed upon members by their peers. Fellows are recognized for meritorious efforts to advance science or its applications.

Information for the 2014 AAAS Fellows Cycle

The 3-Fellow nomination period for 2014 is now closed. Only those nominations which were complete and received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern on April 16, 2014 will be considered for the current cycle.

All primary sponsors of 3-Fellow nominations should have received an email from our office giving them an update on the completion status of their packets. If you submitted a nomination packet and have not received an email, please contact us immediately.

Nominations will first be reviewed by the appropriate section steering group this spring. The nominations that move forward out of the steering groups will be voted on by the AAAS Council in the fall of 2014. Primary sponsors, as well as those who are elected Fellows, will receive notification from our office of the results of the election in the fall.

If you have any questions on the 3-Fellow nomination process, please contact or 202-326-6468.

General Information About the Fellows Nomination, Review and Appeal Process:

A member whose efforts on behalf of the advancement of science or its applications are scientifically or socially distinguished and who has been a continuous member for the four year period leading up to the year of nomination, may, by virtue of such meritorious contribution be elected a Fellow by the Council. Examples of areas in which nominees may have made significant contributions are research; teaching; technology; services to professional societies; administration in academe, industry, and government; and communicating and interpreting science to the public. Fellows are elected annually by the AAAS Council from the list of approved nominations from the Section Steering Committees.

Fellow nominations may be made by: 1) the Steering Groups of the Association's 24 sections, or 2) any three previously elected Fellows who are current AAAS members, so long as two of the three sponsors are not affiliated with the nominee's institution, or 3) the Chief Executive Officer.

At the February 2012 Council meeting, the AAAS Council approved the following changes to the existing policy for nominations for AAAS Fellows:

  1. Eligibility for nomination requires an individual to have been a continuous member of AAAS for four years by the end of the calendar year in which they would be elected.
  2. No Fellow may serve as a sponsor, whether primary, secondary or tertiary, on more than two 3-Fellow nominations in one year.

Each 3-Fellow nomination packet must include the following: 1) nomination form; 2) a list of the nominee's top ten most significant publications; 3) a comprehensive CV, which includes a complete list of publications; 4) letters from each of the three sponsors.

Responsibility for reviewing the Fellow nominations is assigned to the Steering Groups of the 24 Sections. Nominations undergo review by the Steering Group members (the Chair, Chair-Elect, Retiring Chair, Secretary, and four Members-at-Large of each section). Each Steering Group reviews only those nominations designated for its section. Names of Fellow nominees who are approved by the Steering Groups are presented to the AAAS Council for election.

Each nominee must receive the approval of a majority of the Steering Group members, with no more than two opposed, in order to be included in the slate of Fellow nominees that is presented to the Council for a final vote.

Sponsors of a rejected nomination have the option of appealing to the Committee on Council Affairs for possible reversal of the Steering Group's decision. Nominations can also be challenged by any member of the AAAS Council during the voting process. A challenged nomination, if not withdrawn by its sponsors, will be reviewed by the Committee on Council Affairs.

Final decisions are generally announced in late fall. New Fellows are honored at an event at the AAAS Annual Meeting the following February where they receive a certificate and rosette. The names of the newly elected Fellows are also published in the journal Science.

Queries may be directed to the Executive Office by phone, 202-326-6468 or

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