Member Spotlight

Anthropologist Yolanda Moses is dragging the world kicking and screaming out of the 19th century.

Background: Sarah Goldin teaches biology, biochemistry, and chemistry, at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Connecticut. She also serves as faculty adviser for the school's first Tech Challenge Robots Team.

Undergraduates taking Professor Claudia Benitez-Nelson’s Intro to Oceanography course couldn't possibly sit passively in her classroom. 

One of the reasons that AAAS President Dr. Barbara Schaal chose "Serving Society Through Science Policy" as the theme of this year’s annual meeting is because of the change in national leadership.

Danielle Raad teaches at the public high school in Arlington, Massachusetts. She teaches physical science for 9th grade, and physics, archaeology, and oceanography for grades 11-12.

Kelsey Houston-Edwards had a hard time choosing between careers in math and philosophy. Math won out, but Houston-Edwards' nexus of interests comes in handy in the new YouTube weekly program, "Infinite Series," which she began hosting for PBS Digital Studios in the fall of 2016.       

Nonprofit organizations such as AAAS depend on the generosity of friends—people who care about the group’s mission and are willing to make contributions to support it.

Finding those people is where Juli Staiano comes in.

More than a decade ago, Fellow Donald Rea partnered with AAAS to match retired scientists with classrooms in Washington, thereby launching the Senior Scientists program.

Renz teaches Pre-AP Biology, AP Biology and Human Anatomy at Foster High School in the Tukwila School District, a small suburb just south of Seattle. A study by The New York Times in 2010 found Tukwila to be the most diverse school district in the United States.