Expand Your Experience: the Overseas and Global Health & Development Fellowships

"Being an Overseas Fellow has been wonderful. It's a great way to experience life overseas at a USAID mission and an opportunity to use my scientific expertise to positively influence development issues I care about. The impact of my work feels so much more tangible here in Uganda then it did in Washington.”

Hadas Kushnir, 2012-14 Overseas Fellow, USAID/Uganda

“Being a Gates Fellow is truly a rewarding experience. As a Program Officer in the Discovery Cross Cutting team of Global Health, I’ve had the exciting opportunity to work with world class experts in developing, managing, and measuring impact of complex portfolio of grants. My focus has been to implement the Foundation’s vision in India to improve healthy growth in infants and children, to empower women, and prevent under nutrition in women of reproductive age. In addition to working on issues aligned with my passion, I’ve also contributed scientific expertise for proposal review and strategy development, communicated Discovery work inside and outside the Foundation, and supported our team as they advocate for a Grand Challenges approach to potential funders.”

Mary Thomas, 2012-14 Global Health & Development Fellow, Gates Foundation

“I'm very happy that I was able to do my first 2 years at USAID/W because now it's great to see how the policies and initiatives in Washington are implemented within a specific country. I really enjoy working with the Implementing Partners and helping to ensure that students here are inspired and encouraged to pursue a career in STEM ! The work is very different to what I was doing in DC but it's great to tie to the 2 worlds together - the worlds of theory and practice!”

Emmanuella Delva, 2013-14 Overseas Fellow, USAID/Indonesia

AAAS is excited to provide S&T Policy alumni an opportunity to expand their policy experience beyond the beltway.  The Overseas Fellowships at USAID Missions and the Global Health & Development Fellowships (GHD) at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle allow Fellows to directly apply the skills they gained in Washington to the world of international health and development.  Placements at overseas mission or at an international foundation provide an invaluable opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of S&T development goals created in Washington and implemented on the ground. These programs offer unique public service, civic engagement and professional development experiences for Fellows; further strengthening the science and engineering leaders of the future.

AAAS will hold the following information sessions in January:
GHD at Gates Foundation program: Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 2-3pm
Overseas Program at USAID Missions: Monday, January 5th, 2015 at 11am-12pm

USAID Region Mission Wheat Conference


What do Overseas Fellows do?

Fellows at USAID Missions serve as focal points on science, technology, innovation and partnership (STIP) related issues and help increase internal capacity in these fields.  Current Overseas Fellows are assisting host countries with establishing effective wildlife conservation area management, and designing agricultural and biodiversity programs. Fellows are also bringing scientific rigor to proposal and program reviews, data analysis for decision making, and forging links with host-country universities and scientific communities. Learn more: AAAS Overseas Fellowship Guidelines,  FAQs, 2014-15 Overseas Information Session and QnA

What do Global Health & Development (GHD) Fellows do?

Fellows at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation contribute to evidence-based decision-making within the Foundation’s Global Health and Global Development Programs. Current fellows serve as program officers on the discovery and translational sciences group, where they help build cooperative partnerships and collaborations between partners and grantees, monitor and track S&T trends relevant to key initiatives, and provide analysis of opportunities based on the latest and most innovative thinking in the field.

The GHD alumni program is currently on hiatus until further notice. We are confident that this program will be continued in future fellowship years, once the Foundation completes an update to the goals and objectives of the program. If you have any specific questions regarding this opportunity, please contact Rick Kempinski at rkempins@aaas.org.

Learn more: AAAS GHD Fellowship Guidelines, 2014-15 GHD Information Session and QnA

How do I apply?

The online application for both programs will open on January 9, 2015.  The deadline for all applications is January 31, 2015.

Apply online at https://fellowshipapp.aaas.org/applications/main.asp

Alumni Fellows in good standing are eligible to apply to both the Overseas and GHD Fellowships, but must submit a separate application to each program.

Application Requirements:

  • Brief Bio: Maximum of 200 words.
  • Candidate Statement: Maximum 1,000 words, outlining your interest in the Overseas Fellowship or the GHD Fellowship, your qualifications, what you expect to contribute, and what you hope to gain.
  • Current Resume: Not to exceed four pages.

The application deadline for both the Overseas and the GHD Fellowships is January 31, 2015 at midnight EST.

You are eligible to apply if:

  • You are a current or alumni S&T Policy Fellow who served in any executive branch or congressional fellowship under the AAAS umbrella within the past six years (Sept. 2008  to Aug. 2015 )
  • You completed a full, 12-month, Washington, DC-based fellowship assignment or you completed the full commitment of a renewal assignment before matriculating to an Overseas or GHD Fellowship
  • You submitted all professional development plans, fellowship midyear and annual reports, and completed the fellowship term in good standing in accordance with the Fellowship Completion Policy.