2004 Recipient: Radio

AAAS Science Journalism Awards

2004 RECIPIENT: Radio

Cynthia Graber, with Christopher Ballman
National Public Radio, Living on Earth
“The Promise of Hydrogen”
17 May 2004

The judging committee was entranced by Cynthia Graber’s account of Iceland’s ambitious plan to wean off imported oil and switch to hydrogen to fuel its cars, trucks, buses and fishing fleet.

“I was impressed by the distance she traveled and the number of people she interviewed,” said David MacAlary of the Voice of America.

“I enjoyed her journey and listening to the sounds of Iceland,” said Patrick Regan of the New Jersey News Network. “I appreciated the flow of topics and the interviews.”

Corinna Wu of Science Update commented on Graber’s ability to “paint a vivid picture” through the radio medium. “I felt like I could see the room she was in. I am impressed that she took the time to record the natural sound and then edit it back into the program.”

“I feel like I’ve been to Iceland,” said Naomi Starobin of WSHU Public Radio. “She provides a nice feel for local color. And I enjoyed the competition among the scientists. Graber told me all I wanted to know about a hydrogen economy.”

Overall, the judging committee enjoyed the program because it provided a balanced perspective in terms of whether or not Iceland can really achieve a hydrogen economy.

Cynthia Graber primarily covers science and technology for Living on Earth (LOE). She came to the show in 1999 while completing her master’s degree in science journalism at Boston University. In addition to her work at LOE, she has been a regular contributor to Scientific American Explorations and has published in the Boston Globe, Wildlife Conservation Magazine, Duke Magazine, and numerous children’s magazines. Previously, she worked for environmental groups in the United States and Israel.