About the Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Established in 1985, the Art of Science and Technology Program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science was created to further the organization's goal of increasing public engagement with science and technology. By using art as a medium for the presentation of scientific themes, the Art of Science and Technology Program is both an outreach service to the wider science community and an opportunity to make art an integral part of the everyday work environment of AAAS. Exhibiting artists have come from diverse cultural backgrounds, with a special focus on artists based in Washington, D.C.

Art Committee

The AAAS Art Committee formed in 2010 after the retirement of Virginia Stern, who led the art program for over two decades. Made up of staff members from across the organization, the Art Committee strives to bring thought-provoking exhibits to AAAS that will benefit the staff and the public.

Phil Blair, COO and Director of Administration
Juli Staiano, Director of Development
Yolanda Comedy, Program Director, EHR
Gretchen Seiler, Director, Executive Office Affairs
Maria Sosa, Senior Project Director, EHR
Erik Stokstad, Associate Editor, Science
Kat Zambon, Senior Communications Officer, OPP
Jeanne Braha, Public Engagement Officer, OPP
Olga Francois, Senior Project Director, CSPSP
Erin Heath, Associate Director, OGR
Tzeitel Sorrosa, Senior Art Associate & Project Manager, OPMS