Area of Work III: Service to the STEM Community

The Service to the STEM Community working group is devoted to developing human rights‐related activities and services for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) community to build the commitment and capacity of professional associations to engage meaningfully in human rights by leveraging the experience of their members.


Current Projects

Human Rights Starter Kit
Evaluate, edit and redesign, and disseminate revised Starter Kit as a basis for training and outreach to scientific and engineering associations on their role in addressing human rights.

Webinar Series
Webinars exploring the links between STEM disciplines and human rights, and bringing human rights to members of associations in STEM fields. Past webinars include Ecology and Human Rights, Sociology and Human Rights and Linguistics and Human Rights (view archived videos).

Article 15 Focus Groups and Analysis
Build on success with Article 15 focus groups to collect a body of knowledge on the meaning of the right to benefit from scientific progress across disciplines in order to influence UN processes as well as increase knowledge and engagement of associations and their members with the Coalition.

Increase the ability of STEM professionals to identify the links between their disciplines and human rights and to see how their expertise could advance the cause of human rights.

Past Projects

Human Rights Starter Kit: Helping Your Scientific Society Promote Human Rights
A tool to assist scientific, engineering and health associations address human rights.