Area of Work IV: Service to the Human Rights Community

The Service to the Human Rights Community working group strengthens communication between the scientific, engineering and health communities and human rights organizations to identify human rights efforts that could benefit from scientific approaches, tools and technologies, and then assist in making these accessible to human rights practitioners.


Current Projects

Trainings on scientific methods and technologies for human rights work
Co-host trainings with AAAS’s On-call Scientists initiative aimed at increasing human rights practitioners’ skills in applying science and technology and contributing to the awareness among human rights organizations of the volunteers and skills available through On-call Scientists.

Science, Technology and Human Rights Journal
Explore options for developing a journal to address the intersections of science, technology and human rights.

Indicators: Right to Enjoy the Benefits of Scientific Progress
Develop a tool to assist human rights organizations in monitoring government compliance with their obligations under Article 15 (ICESCR), the right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications.

Past Projects

Human Rights Projects: Guidelines for Scientists and Human Rights Organizations
A guide to facilitate partnerships among scientists, engineering, health professionals and human rights organizations.