Areas of Work

The Coalition’s programmatic work is carried out along two parallel tracks: specialized areas of work and an overarching initiative. The two sets of activities are mutually supportive and reinforcing, with progress on one enhancing the likelihood of progress in another.

Working Groups

Area I: Welfare of Scientists
Expands participation and effectiveness of professional societies in defending the human rights of scientists, engineers and health professionals; increases awareness and implementation of human rights frameworks that protect scientists; and helps professional associations better respond to individual cases of human rights violations.

Area II: Ethics and Human Rights
Raises the visibility of human rights principles as part of the practice of science and its applications, linking ethics codes that guide the scientific, engineering and health communities to human rights principles.

Area III: Service to the STEM Community
Develops human rights‐related activities and services for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) community to build the commitment and capacity of professional associations to engage meaningfully in human rights by leveraging the experience of their members.

Area IV: Service to the Human Rights Community
Strengthens communication between the scientific, engineering and health communities and human rights organizations to identify human rights efforts that could benefit from scientific approaches, tools and technologies, and then assist in making these accessible to human rights practitioners.

Area V: Education and Information Resources
Identifies, compiles and develops resources and creates opportunities for exchange in order to establish a stronger foundation for productive, collaborative human rights efforts; contributes to the professional development of science, engineering and health teachers and human rights educators.


Area VI: Outreach and Communication
The Coalition has also created a committee to expand and grow the Coalition’s impact, as a means of enhancing the contribution of the scientific and engineering communities to human rights efforts.

Joint Initiative

Coalition members undertake a common initiative to advance the human right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications. The current Join Initiative is aimed at Article 15: Right to the Benefits of Scientific Progress