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AAAS Creates Fund in Memory of Physicist Andrew M. Sessler
(AAAS) August 5, 2014

Forensics, Internet Freedom Cited as Key Junctions for Science and Human Rights
(AAAS) July 28, 2014

Science and Human Rights Coalition Announces 2014 Student Essay Competition Winners
(AAAS) June 19, 2014

Science and Technology Could Do More to Help People With Disabilities, Experts Say
(AAAS) February 11, 2014

Consider Disability at the Outset, Tech Designers Told
(SciDev.Net) February 4, 2014


Reward Scientists Working for Human Rights
(SciDev.Net) December 17, 2013

Video Series Highlights Science and Human Rights Partnerships
(AAAS) December 13, 2013

AAAS Report Helps Define "Right to Science" for UN Treaty
(AAAS) October 4, 2013

The AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition Meeting: a Brief Report
(APS) Fall 2013

Scientific Freedom and Cross-Border Cooperation Underlie Core Human Right
(AAAS) July 30, 2013

Should Scientific Information be Free to Everyone? The Biggest Name in Science Weighs In
(PolicyMic) July 30, 2013

Scientific Freedom and Cross-Border Cooperation Underlie Core Human Right
(AAAS) July 30, 2013

Reflection on Science and Human Rights Coalition Meeting
(SENCER) July 24, 2013

A Human Right to Science
(Science) June 14, 2013

The AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition
(APS) March 9, 2013

Protecting Children’s Rights
(C&EN) March 4, 2013

AAAS Forum Discusses the Human Rights of Children in Scientific Research
(AAAS) March 1, 2013

The Art and Science of Human Rights
(SENCER) February 7, 2013


Amnesty International, AAAS Host Letter-Writing Campaign on Behalf of Imprisoned Scientists
(AAAS) December 28, 2012

Scientists Should Work to Maintain Internet as a Tool for Freedom, Diplomat Says
(AAAS) October 24, 2012

Right to science?
(UDaily) October 2, 2012

Accessing science as a human right to development
(SciDev.Net) September 26, 2012

Freedom and Engineering for All
(Mechanical Engineering) September, 2012

Engineering for Human Rights
(YouTube by Engineering for Change) June 19, 2012

Engineers Need Good Planning to Effectively Address Developing World Problems
(AAAS) May 14, 2012

The rights of indigenous people take center stage at AAAS meeting
(APA) May 2012

Where Human Rights and Engineering Meet
(ASME) March 2012

Bridging Cultures: Scientific organizations examine their research collaborations with indigenous groups
(Chemical & Engineering News) February 13, 2012

AAAS Coalition Explores Perspectives of Indigenous Communities on Climate Change
(AAAS) February 6, 2012


Research Needed to Improve Forensics for Criminal Investigations, Experts Say at AAAS
(AAAS News) July 26, 2011

Human rights shift under fire
(Nature) July 27, 2011

AAAS Testimony: Science is “Vital” to Human Rights
(Science) November 25, 2011

At AAAS Coalition Meeting, Scientists and Human Rights Practitioners Build Stronger Working Relationships
(AAAS News) January 28, 2011

Researchers Tell AAAS Coalition of Science Impact—and Extensive Human Rights Needs—in Post-Quake Haiti
(AAAS News) January 27, 2011

AAAS Workshop Trains Researchers to Promote Science as a Human Right
(AAAS News) January 3, 2011


AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition Explores Right to Access Life-Saving Medicines
(AAAS News) August 3, 2010

AAAS Marries Science and Human Rights
(Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management) Jun 9, 2010

ASA and AAAS: Improving Human Rights Through Science
(ASA Footnotes) April 2010

Science-Rights Coalition Has Global Impact in First Year
(Science) February 25, 2010

Neuroscience and National Security: Science, Human Rights and the Military
(Miller-McCune) January 22, 2010


Human Rights and Science
(Chemical & Engineering News) August 24, 2009

Integrating Science and Human Rights: Reflections of a Scientist
(Federation News) August 18, 2009

Richard Pierre Claude, Author and Activist, Honored by AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition
(AAAS News Release) August 4, 2009

S&T Associations Showing “Extraordinary” Support for AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition
(AAAS News Release) July 7, 2009

Statisticians Seen, Heard at Human Rights Coalition
(Amstat News) April 2009

Advancing Human Rights Through Science
(Science) April 10, 2009

Spotlight: AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition
(AOTF Newsletter) April 2009

AAAS Launches New Coalition Engaging Scientists in Human Rights
(AAAS News Release) February 11, 2009

Science Serving Human Rights
(ASA Footnotes) January 2009

New Coalition to Champion Human Right to Science
( January 27, 2009

Scientists Come Out for Human Rights
(The Nation) January 27, 2009

Making Human Rights More Scientific
(Inside Higher Education) January 19, 2009

Wissenschaft und Menschenrechte
(German Public Radio) January 16, 2009

APA Joins Human Rights Effort
(APA News) January 1, 2009


Geography and Human Rights
(AAG Newsletter) September 2008

AAAS Leads Planning for a Science and Human Rights Coalition
(AAAS) April 2, 2008

AAAS Symposium Explores Importance of Human Rights Role for Science Societies
(AAAS) January 4, 2008