The AAAS Annual Meeting is a widely recognized global science gathering, bringing thousands of scientists, engineers, policymakers, educators, and journalists together to discuss the most recent developments in science and technology.


Conflict of Interest

AAAS Annual Meeting Conflict of Interest Policy

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) requires clear disclosures from all presenters at its Annual Meeting regarding any financial holdings, funding sources, or affiliations that might raise questions of bias or be perceived to have potentially influenced presentation content. AAAS expects that all Annual Meeting speakers, organizers, and moderators are committed to full, forthright, and transparent disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest. The Association has not prescribed an exhaustive list of potential conflicts here; rather, we ask presenters to make a good faith effort to identify any issues that might reasonably be expected to raise conflict-of-interest questions.

When in doubt, presenters are asked to disclose any concerns or questions by contacting AAAS Meetings staff at Significant disclosures may be made public, as appropriate on a case by case basis, within the AAAS Annual Meeting program.