The AAAS Center for Science, Technology, and Security Policy (CSTSP) addresses complex national and international security policy issues by drawing on the multidisciplinary expertise of Center staff and of natural and social scientists, engineers, science- and security-policy experts, and security professionals.

The Center provides practical input, plausible solutions, and reasoned responses to address security-policy challenges based on the experiences of practicing scientists and research administrators that are actively involved in the Center’s work. CSTSP works to bring scientific and technical progress to bear in dealing with national security concerns while minimizing possible risks, such as those associated with research activities.


CSTSP was established by AAAS in 2004, with the generous support of the John D. and Catherine E. MacArthur Foundation, as a two-way portal linking academic experts working on nuclear and biological weapons issues to policy-makers with similar interests. During the past eight years, CSTSP has evolved to address a broader set of national and international security issues and involve experts from a more diverse set of communities and sectors. CSTSP continues to expand its network of science and security-policy experts with whom it works and connect these experts with interested and engaged policy-makers.

The three CSTSP focus areas include:

International Activites

CSTSP currently works in international activities including the Middle East and North Africa, Central Asia, Science Diplomacy, and Arms Control and Nonproliferation Treaties.

Dialogues in Science and Security

CSTSP currently has dialogues in science and security including Bridging Biological Science and Security, Public Events, Biosecurity Meetings.

Technology Assessments

CSTSP currently works in technology assessments including Nuclear Security, SciCast, Cyber, and Transformative Technology Meetings.

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