Develop Your Message in 3 Points

Scientists and the public have different communication styles. While scientists often start by placing research in a historical context, the public wants to know the point from the beginning.

How do you translate detailed and complex material into a clear, streamlined structure?

  • What's the Point? Start out by explaining the "big picture" and why the audience should care. Then go into an appropriate level of detail to emphasize your points.
  • 3-Point Structure: What are the three things you want your audience to remember? Organize your message around these points. 

How do you choose just three? Think about your audience and what they want to know. You could talk about 3 focuses of your research, 3 results, 3 reasons your work is important, 3 potential applications, etc.

For more detail on developing your message, watch this AAAS-produced webinar.