Building on AAAS's long-standing commitment to relate scientific knowledge and technological development to the purposes and concerns of society at large, the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) facilitates communication between scientific and religious communities. 




Earth & Environment Events


  • Avoiding the Sixth Major Extinction, Why It Matters 

     11 April 2002

  • Food and Biotechnology: The Ethical Issues

      17 January 2002

AAAS Annual Meeting Symposia

      February 2013, Boston, Ma

  • Toward the Science and Ethics of a Culture of Sustainability

      February 2009, Chicago, IL

  • Global Climate Change and Human Values

      February 2000, Washington, DC

  • Biodiversity and Human Responsibility

      February 1997, Seattle, WA

  • Religious, Social and Environmental Factors That Influence Disease States

      February 1996, Baltimore, MD

Conferences & Forums

  • Dialogue on Global Climate Change

      01-02 October 1998

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