Fellows and Student Liaisons

2014 ELISS Fellows (and several mentors) at Orientation on Bainbridge Island, WA.  | ELISS

Purdue University

  • Abby Boggs – Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Jonathan Kershaw – Food Science
  • Mariya Krisenko – Interdisciplinary Life Sciences
  • Kai Kuang – Communication

Past student liaisons: Aaron Goldner, Lindsey Payne, Monique Long

Stanford University

  • Urusa Alaan – Materials Science and Engineering
  • Afroz Algiers – Sustainable Design and Construction
  • Abdul Rasheed Alabi – Molecular and Cellular Physiology
  • Allison Rhines – Biology

Past student liaisons: Helen Craig, Molly Lowndes

University of Pennsylvania

  • Benjamin Chrisinger – City and Regional Planning
  • Ruth Masterson Creber – Nursing
  • Johannes Eichstaedt – Psychology
  • Madeleine Stone – Earth and Environmental Science

Past student liaisons: Katie Reuther, Samantha White, Renske Erion

University of Washington

  • Cyan James – Public Health Genetics
  • Eva Linh – Pharmacy
  • Chantz Thomas – Chemistry
  • Amber Trout – Built Environments

Past student liaisons: Phil Rosenfield, Sara Bender, Stephanie Cruz, Jaci Saunders