2016 ELISS Idea Lab Topic

Drinking Water in the United States:
How do we ensure a safe, sustainable, and affordable future?

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Emerging Leaders in Science & Society (ELISS, pronounced EE-liss) is a service learning program that helps graduate students develop a breadth of professional capacities through a project that also benefits their communities. The capacities we stress are collaboration, systems thinking, and leadership. The service project, called an Idea Lab, integrates multidisciplinary expertise with multiple stakeholder perspectives to promote more innovative approaches to societal challenges.

Our vision is that ELISS graduates will enter careers in many sectors, and use the knowledge and networks from ELISS to help move knowledge to action in sectors ranging from healthcare to higher ed.

The program is hosted by AAAS with in collaboration with partner campuses. Partner campuses for 2016 are: University of Washington, Purdue University, Duke University, University of California - Irvine, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


ELISS graduates will utilize the knowledge, skills, and networks they develop in ELISS to design meaningful careers in many different sectors. They combine ideas, people, and action across disciplines, institutions, and regions to drive systemic, resilient change.

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