What is ELISS?
ELISS is a collaborative leadership program that prepares graduate and professional students to tackle complex challenges in society. ELISS fellows will integrate ideas, data, and perspectives from their campuses and communities to better understand the underlying causes and potential interventions for complex challenges. Teams of fellows will choose a challenge in one of our theme areas: health & wellbeing or energy & environment. Through a one-year, hands-on, extracurricular program, they will improve 21st century leadership skills, join a broad professional network, and identify opportunities for meaningful careers and civic engagement.

Challenges in society – from meeting food and energy needs to improving human health and wellbeing – demand creative solutions that combine knowledge and action across disciplines, regions, and sectors. Many students are eager to pursue research projects and careers that will help to address these tough issues. However, traditional graduate and professional programs offer few opportunities for students to learn how they can contribute to solutions for real-world challenges, learn about a range of career opportunities, and engage across disciplines and with the broader community. ELISS offers an opportunity to gain a breadth of knowledge and skills to complement the depth of expertise acquired in graduate programs.

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