Guide to R&D Funding Data – Archives

jeffersonOur archives contain selected past releases from the AAAS R&D Web site. If you are interested in information on R&D funding for a particular fiscal year, please see our Publications List to find the appropriate volume for that year. Complete information on the President’s request for a fiscal year can be found in our AAAS Report: Research & Development series. Other documents, including presentations, congressional testimony, charts, and Web-based analyses, can be found at the links below.

Older documents, and archived information on AAAS as a whole can be found on the AAAS Archives site.

FY 2010 archive (documents from 2009)

FY 2009 archive (documents from 2008)

FY 2008 archive (documents from 2007)

FY 2007 archive (documents from 2006)

FY 2006 archive (documents from 2005)

FY 2005 archive (documents from 2004)

FY 2004 archive (documents from 2003)

FY 2003 archive (documents from 2002)

FY 2002 archive (documents from 2001)

FY 1995-2001 archive (documents from 1995-2000)

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