Building on AAAS's long-standing commitment to relate scientific knowledge and technological development to the purposes and concerns of society at large, the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) facilitates communication between scientific and religious communities. 




History & the Philosophy of Science Resources

Below you will find a collection of resources to help you explore the topic of History & Philosophy of Science, including past DoSER events, DoSER publications, and AAAS resources, as well as some external resources.

DoSER Publications

Exploring the Origin, Extent, and Future of Life: Philosphical, Ethical and theological Perspectives edited by Constance M. Bertka, 2009 Order from Amazon. ($115; plus S/H).


AAAS Resources

AAAS Sections – the History and Philosophy of Science
Scientists, Religious Leaders Build Understanding at AAAS Southwest/Rocky Mountain Meeting, [4 April 2012]
Painted Numbers on 9th Century House Walls Show Oldest Known Maya Calendar, Researchers Say, [10 May 2012]
AAAS Opposes Oklahoma’s Controversial Science Education Bill, [26 March 2012]
AAAS Urges Tennessee Governor to Veto Controversial Bill on Evolution, Climate Education, [21 March 2012]
AAAS DoSER Event Explores the Power—and Possible Limits—of the Scientific Method, [21 December 2011]
AAAS Assesses Cooperative Strategies for Incorporating Science into Theological Education, [21 October 2011]
Francesca Grifo: The Long, Complex Relationship Between Science and U.S. Democracy, [21 July 2011]
At AAAS Coalition Meeting, Scientists and Human Rights Practitioners Build Stronger Working Relationships, [28 January 2011]
AAAS Workshop Trains Researchers to Promote Science as a Human Right, [3 January 2011]

External Resources

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