Info for Institutions

The CASE program is open to any institution of higher learning or science society; each institution may send one to two students. Participants will be accepted on a first-come, first serve basis; we will accommodate the first XX institutions that respond. Sponsoring institutions are responsible for a $100.00 registration fee per student, as well as all associated travel costs. Staff at sponsoring universities are responsible for scheduling visits to Capitol Hill, and are encouraged to accompany participating students during those visits.

Eligible students are expected to be enrolled full time in an undergraduate (upper-class) or graduate degree program in one of the following majors:

· Biological, physical, or earth sciences

· Computational sciences and mathematics

· Engineering disciplines

· Medical and health sciences

· Social and behavioral sciences

Note: In selecting students, requirements can vary by institution, but in most cases students should submit a one-page resume and a brief statement of interest. We encourage sponsoring institutions to select students with limited experience and knowledge of science policy and advocacy, and who demonstrate strong communication and leadership skills.  If you would like to sponsor students from your institution, please register here (include link).