Info for Students

Eligibility requirements: To be eligible to participate in the Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering Workshop you must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate (upper-class) or graduate degree program (including double majors) in one of the following fields:

· Biological, physical, or earth sciences

· Computational sciences and mathematics

· Engineering disciplines

· Medical and health sciences

· Social and behavioral sciences

Students may be sponsored by either their university or by a professional society.  To be eligible for sponsorship by a professional society, a student must be affiliated (a student member or student in good standing) with that institution.  Students may apply through more than one institutions, as long as they are eligble. The list of university and professional society groups sponsoring students for the 2015 CASE Workshop is below:

List sponsoring institutions here

Please visit the websites of the sponsoring institutions for any additional eligibility requirements and details on how to apply.  Requirements may vary by institution, but in most cases students will be expected to submit a one-page resume and a brief statement of interest.