Matching Process

How We Match Volunteers With Human Rights Organizations

Through On-call Scientists, the Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program (SRHRL) will facilitate partnerships between human rights organizations that need scientific expertise and scientists who want to help. In many cases, the matching process may be simple. For example, rather than requesting assistance with a full project, an organization may have a discrete question. In such cases matching will be handled directly by SRHRL staff. In other cases the process will be more elaborate and involve the following steps:

  • Interested scientists and human rights organizations complete our on-line registration forms.
  • SRHRL staff receive, process, and review requests for and offers from volunteers.
  • Where a match looks possible, SRHRL staff will arrange for a telephone interview with the prospective volunteer to determine actual suitability for the project.
  • Potential partnerships that appear promising are then presented to a committee of scientists and human rights practitioners for review.
  • Upon the committee’s recommendation, SRHRL contacts the volunteer about the proposed project and, if the volunteer agrees, introduces them to the human rights organization.
  • The final decision regarding whether a placement will take place rests with the hosting organization.