In the News

Attacks on Ghouta: Analysis of Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria. This report cites work by OCS volunteer Kieth Ward.
(Human Rights Watch) September 2013

Syria: Possible International Armed Intervention After Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack
(Amnesty International) August 2013

The Power of Numbers
(AU News) June 13, 2013

A Human Rights Analysis of the Federal Debt Debates. Podcast with OCS volunteer James Heintz.
(NESRI) August 10, 2011

Science-Rights Coalition Has Global Impact in First Year
(Science) February 2010

Geologists in Africa as Part of AAAS On-Call Scientists/Other News and Updates
(AGI Monthly Review) January, 2010

AAAS Program Finds Early Success Connecting Scientists, Human Rights Organizations
(AAAS) December 10, 2009

On-Call Scientists
(Chemical & Engineering News) December 4, 2008

"On-call" Scientists: AAAS Initiative Connects Scientists with Human Rights Organizations
(AAAS) November 25, 2008

Press Release: AAAS Science and Human Rights Program Recruits "On-call" Scientists and Engineers
(AAAS) November 17, 2008

"On-Call" Scientists Project Promotes, Protects Human Rights
( November 9, 2008

Scientists and rights: Researchers should support new initiatives aimed at engaging them with human-rights groups.
(Nature) November 6, 2008

Online Database Unites Science and Human Rights
(Science and Development Network) October 29, 2008

Science Secures Human Rights: Researchers and Advocates Link Violations to Data Points
(Center for American Progress) October 27, 2008