Human Rights Activities

The Program is committed to advancing the human right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications, engaging scientists, engineers and their professional associations in human rights efforts, monitoring and enhancing assessment of emerging human rights issues related to science and technology, and furthering the use of science and technology in support of human rights through a variety of projects, activities and publications.


Geospatial Technologies and Human Rights

This project focuses on the applications of geospatial technologies to human rights issues and determines how these technologies can used by human rights organizations, courts, and commissions. 

AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition

The Coalition is a network of scientific and engineering membership organizations that recognize a role for scientists and engineers in human rights. The Coalition was launched in January 2009.

On-call Scientists

This project connects scientists interested in volunteering their skills and knowledge with human rights organizations that are in need of scientific expertise.

Article 15: Human Right to Science

As a program devoted to mobilizing science and scientists to advance human rights, the Program is committed to promoting Article 15 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) and engaging scientists in that effort.

AAAS Human Rights Action Network 

The Program calls attention to human rights abuses involving scientists and scientific communities through the circulation of Action Alerts issued by professional associations on behalf of their colleagues or by human rights organizations.




Information on purchasing books and a full list of the Program's publications is available here


The Science and Human Rights Report (SHRR) is a monthly newsletter intended to keep scientists, engineers and human rights practitioners informed of news, program updates, upcoming events and new resources relevant to the intersection of science, technology and human rights.