Staff of S&T Policy Fellowships

The Science & Technology Policy Fellowships operate within the AAAS Center of Science, Policy & Society Programs (CoSPSP). The Fellowships staff consists of a team of professionals operating in four function areas. Additional part-time advisory input is provided by two senior CoSPSP staff members. All staff and advisors participate to support AAAS Fellows across partner federal agencies and congressional host offices, and contribute to the effective and efficient operation and administration of the AAAS Fellowships. The staff positions and responsibilities are listed below by function areas.

Management & Administration
Kristina Lawrence– Administration & Operations Associate
Cynthia Robinson – Director

Kristin Barnes - Program Manager, Diplomacy, Security & Development (DSD) Fellowships
Edward Gonzalez - Project Director, Professional Development
Robert Harper - Program Manager, Health, Education & Human Services (HEHS) Fellowships
Chitra Kalyandurg – Program Manager, Diplomacy, Security & Development (DSD) Fellowships
Rick Kempinski – Project Director, Congressional & Partner Society Fellowships, and Diplomacy, Security & Development (DSD) Fellowships
Tamisha Marsh - Senior Program Coordinator
Kira E. Mock – Program Manager, Energy, Environment & Agriculture (EEA) Fellowships
Sage Russell – Associate Director, Congressional and Executive Branch Fellowships

Finance & Security
Cody Bridges - Senior Project Administrator
Chris McPhaul - Project Director, Facility Security Officer
Nav Sandhu - Financial Analyst II

Outreach, Engagement & Communication Systems
Stephanie Byng - Online and Network Technology Manager
Olga Francois – Senior Project Director
Salaeha Shariff – Project Director, Recruitment & Outreach
Barry Williams – Senior Marketing Coordinator