Congressional Science & Engineering Fellowships®: Fellowship Timeline

  • Application Opens: May 1
  • Applications Due:  November 1
  • Notification of Eligibility:  Late November
  • Notification of Interview:  First week of February
  • Candidates invited for semifinalist interviews will be asked to write a one-page briefing memo on a designated science policy topic to be determined. The deadline for the briefing memo will be 7-10 days before the start of the interviews.
  • Semifinalist Interviews**:  Late February to Early March
  • We will post interview dates for the individual program areas when they become available.
  • Finalist Interview Week:  Mid April
  • Placement Offers Extended:  May - June
  • Fellowships Begin:  September 1
  • Orientation:  First two weeks of September
  • Congressional Placement: Mid September
  • Professional Development Program:  Yearlong
  • Fellowship End Date:  August 31

Most offices begin contacting Fellows directly after the reception and schedule interviews during the next few weeks. The majority of offices make offers within one to two weeks. The majority of Fellows may begin working immediately. Each year we typically have a hand full of Fellows that are on a January to December schedule (start dates will be indicated in the Fellows' bio book and policy interest list). These individuals may interview in the fall for a January placement.

AAAS Congressional Science & Engineering Fellowships® Reception

Each year in mid-September AAAS hosts a reception on Capitol Hill following the completion of the two-week fellowship orientation program. This reception marks the beginning of the placement process and provides a venue for staff from Members' offices and committees to meet the incoming Congressional Science & Engineering Fellows®.

Prior to the reception offices that have submitted a Fellowship Hosting Form will receive the bios and policy interests of the Fellows to review prior to the reception. Offices that have not filled out a form or are unsure about committing to host a Fellow are also welcome and encouraged to attend the reception. A document summarizing Fellows' bios and policy interests will also be available the evening of the event.

If you have any questions, please contact Eddie Gonzalez at AAAS at or 202-326-8979.