Building on AAAS's long-standing commitment to relate scientific knowledge and technological development to the purposes and concerns of society at large, the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) facilitates communication between scientific and religious communities. 




Supporting Scientists

As a program of the AAAS, DoSER seeks to provide support to scientists as they engage in dialogue with their colleagues, students, and the public. Neuroscience, astronomy, human origins, and genetics are a few of the subject areas relevant to both scientific and religious perspectives, yet many scientists are unclear about how the concerns of the religious public relate to their work.

Thus DoSER is producing a range of resources to provide scientists with information and insights into how the religious public views science. The aim is to equip scientists to better address questions about science and ethics from students, religious communities, and the general public, and to help them present research in ways that are sensitive to their interests and concerns.

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