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Purpose: The Advisory Committee of the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships provides input and counsel to the AAAS Fellowships Program on broad policy and programmatic issues relating to the operation and enhancements of the Congressional and Executive Branch Fellowships, and to strategic planning efforts. The Advisory Committee also serves as the formal body to review and approve new partner scientific and engineering societies to the Congressional and Executive Branch Fellowships. 
Membership: The Fellowships Advisory Committee will comprise a maximum of 17 voting members. They represent a broad cross-section of individuals who know the Congressional and Executive Branch Fellowships from a variety of perspectives, and who represent a range of disciplines. Some are working in Congress or a Congressional entity (e.g. Congressional Research Service, Government Accountability Office) or in a federal department or agency. Other members are at active partner societies to the AAAS Fellowships, or academic institutions, industry or non-profits. The majority of members have had prior experience either as an S&T Policy Fellow, as a supervisor or mentor to Fellows, or as a participant on a AAAS Fellowships selection committee. All have had experience working in a policy setting and have an understanding of the importance of bringing good science to the federal decision-making process. 
A minimum of one member also serves on the AAAS Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy (COSEPP); a maximum of three members represent partner scientific or engineering societies. No more than 10 of the 17 members may be former Fellows. One AAAS employee may serve as a voting member. 
Terms of Service: Committee terms run from September through August, coinciding with the fellowship year. Advisory Committee members may be appointed for one to three years. Terms are staggered with approximately one-third of the Committee positions becoming vacant each year. Appointments may be renewed for a second term ranging from one to three years, up to a maximum of six years. 
Nominations will be sought from current Advisory Committee members and others. The Fellowships Director will submit nominations for new appointments to the Committee for approval at the June meeting, for terms commencing the following September. 
Commitment: The Advisory Committee typically meets twice per year at AAAS, generally in early June and early December. Meetings normally run two to four hours. Occasional ad hoc meetings may be called when issues arise in between that would benefit from Advisory Committee input. 
Advisory Committee members are expected to thoroughly review agendas and supporting documents in advance of meetings and to actively participate and contribute feedback, ideas and resources, either in person or via conference call. In the event that a Committee member cannot attend in person or by phone, s/he will be asked to provide written input on agenda decision points in advance of the meeting. 
Networking: Advisory Committee members are also invited to Fellowships events throughout the year to attend as they are able. Members are especially be encouraged to attend the September welcome reception for new Fellows, a well as the February All-Fellows reception at the AAAS annual meeting, the April Placement Week reception for the new finalists, and the August year-end wrap-up reception for the outgoing Fellows. 
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