Cathy Tran, 2005 Intern

As an intern at Science, I expected to work with very talented writers and intelligent individuals. But the staff was so much more than just that–they were humorous, personable, inspiring, and encouraging. Science offered me a summer experience that was more amazing than I could have ever imagined.

Having never worked in a newsroom before, I was extremely excited to simply be a part of the environment and was looking forward to observing how things worked, shadowing the writers, and helping out with details such as fact-checking. In my mind, being able to publish an article or two would be icing on the cake. Science, however, had more opportunities in mind for me. I started the internship wondering how I could contribute to such a prestigious publication, and I left with over 20 clips that were featured in the online publication, print magazine, and Science Update radio segments. The environment was very fast-paced — aside from writing and interviewing, I also attended conferences, participated in editorial meetings, worked with the art department, and did copyediting. I learned something new everyday, and it’s this excitement and variety that made the experience rewarding and a wonderful real-world introduction to science journalism.