Christine Burgess, Ph.D.

Project Director

Christine Burgess is a Senior Program Associate in the Research Competiveness Program (RCP) of the American Association of the Advancement of Science (AAAS). RCP assists universities, research consortia, government agencies, and other institutions strategically improve scientific capacity by providing review and guidance. Drawing on her interdisciplinary scientific background, she supports the program by convening and leading review panels of scientific experts that are tailored to provide advice and recommendations based on a client’s unique situation. She also manages peer review for grant programs that range in scope from small seed funding to large state-wide centers. Christine has co-authored reports on a variety of topics including faculty mentoring and the strategic improvement of programmatic research capacity.

Prior to joining AAAS, Christine completed an Alexander von Humboldt post-doctorial fellowship in Muenster, Germany. During her fellowship, she participated in international collaborations at the interface of biology and nanotechnology. Christine obtained a Ph.D. in chemistry and materials from Princeton University for research that focused on synthesizing macroporous metallic frameworks using tailored polymeric organometallic precursors. During her time at Princeton, she was also heavily involved in science education and was a graduate fellow at the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning.