Eddie Gonzalez

Senior Project Director, Professional Development and Monitoring & Evaluation

Eddie Gonzalez plans and directs the yearlong professional development (PD) program for all S&T Policy Fellows focusing on leadership, policy, and communication skills. The program introduces fellows to government through an intensive, two-week orientation and monthly workshops. He also oversees evaluation for the STPF program at large, including defining success benchmarks and assessment tactics, and serves as an advisor on the fellows’ mentoring, diversity, and inclusion efforts.
As part of professional development, Eddie directs fellow-organized affinity groups that are formed around various subject areas important to science policy. The groups allow fellows the opportunity to expand their skills and foster connections with stakeholders at the intersections of science and policy.
Eddie joined the STPF team in 2013, bringing more than 20 years of experience managing programs for a broad range of nonprofit organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund, the National Park Foundation, National Audubon Society, and the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation. He is now full-circle back AAAS, where he held his first professional position as an education specialist.
Eddie’s past experiences have involved managing education programs, developing curricula and programming, leading fellowships, mentoring programs and alumni networks, strategic planning, fundraising, event management, and outreach. His leadership roles have ranged from board member and department director to partner liaison and contracts and  grants administrator. He is a regular reviewer for the EPA’s Office of Environmental Education grant program and NOAA’s Ocean Literacy grant program.
Eddie holds a bachelor's degree in geology and biology from Brown University  and a master's degree in nonprofit management from Regis University. He has a passion for land and marine conservation. As a scuba divemaster, he founded a scuba club to foster ocean conservation education travel. He is also an avid cook and founder of boutique spice company Apothecary Spices.