Rick Kempinski

Project Director, Executive Branch

Rick Kempinski directs the executive branch fellowships, leading four program managers in orchestrating productive host agency partnerships, and managing positive communication with and support for applicants, fellows, and mentors. He co-supervises the selection and placement processes; monitors and assesses fellowship activities and reporting; and ensures consistency and quality for mutually beneficial fellowship experiences.

Rick also helps plan and conduct orientation sessions, participates in outreach and recruitment efforts, and represents the S&T Policy Fellowships at government meetings, professional conferences, and at academic institutions across the country.

He received a bachelor's degree in international business and human resources from American University. Rick joined the Fellowships team in 2008, with more than eight years of experience, including four years as senior project manager at the American Society for Engineering Education. There he directed federally funded fellowship programs including the NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program, the Naval Research Laboratory Postdoctoral Fellowships, and the Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowships. Rick also has experience in marketing and communications in the private sector.