Yasmin Ogale, 2011 Intern

I entered this game without little print or science experience I was a broadcast journalist by training, and had only dabbled in a few pre-med courses. I was motivated to join the two and learn what was the relationship between them, if any. In some sort of unspoken understanding, my editors and colleagues understood this and threw me into the realm of science writing, and treated me with the same confidence as all the other writers on staff. I was given some primary instruction, but beyond that, I was on my own: I had to pitch stories just like everyone else, I got rejected like everyone else, I was my own time manager, and had to impose to my own deadlines. No pep talks or hand holding, no “special work” for the intern. And I needed that; I appreciated that. The experience gave me confidence in my own capabilities, as a writer and as an adult. I look forward to continuing the momentum and keeping in touch with my mentors, hopefully starting a science beat in my own school and engaging in more science-related courses.