ELISS is an extracurricular, volunteer experience for graduate and professional students at select partner campuses. Fellows will collaborate with a multi–campus ELISS team, mentors, and students on their own campuses to help the public and stakeholders at local and national level better understand a complex issue in one of two theme areas: Energy & Environment or Health & Wellbeing. Over the course of a year, fellows will travel three times and volunteer 3–5 hours per week to:

  • Interview stakeholders and experts in their community to better understand the causes of and potential solutions to a complex issue;
  • Inform the public and current leaders about an important issue through a collaborative team project (e.g. informational website or video, museum exhibit) and local and national events;
  • Develop 21st century leadership skills such as: communicating with diverse audiences, collaborating with a distributed team, creative problem solving, and entrepreneurship;
  • Explore career opportunities in all sectors with the help of mentors at local and national levels; and
  • Build a professional community with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to tackle complex, cross-boundary problems.

ELISS anticipates providing funding for the following activities:

  • Multi–day orientation
  • Mid–year, in–person team planning meeting
  • Campus events and team projects
  • Virtual learning and planning sessions
  • Culminating briefing for national leaders
  • Professional development and seed grants

ELISS does not provide support for tuition or stipends.


Prepare Future Leaders. Connect Communities.

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Questions? Please contact eliss@aaas.org or 202-695-2761.
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