Volunteers for STEM

We are looking for volunteers from science, engineering, and medical communities in the DC area to help foster STEM literacy and motivate K-12 students to pursue STEM careers. Program volunteers:

  • Are matched with a local teacher based on mutual needs and interests
  • Visit the classroom throughout the school year
  • Provide assistance in the classroom as determined by you and the teacher
Scientists Help Science Teachers in the Classroom | YouTube/VOAvideo

Contribute to STEM Literacy

As a AAAS/SSE volunteer you can:

  • Encourage students to ask questions about STEM topics
  • Relate science to a student’s daily life
  • Assist teachers with science fairs
  • Plan engaging field trips with teachers
  • Offer insights on a specific field of science
  • Complement teacher’s lessons with personal perspective
  • Advise students during lab experiments and scientific investigations
  • Work with teachers to enhance course content or design special lessons