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2021 AAAS Student E-poster Competition Winners

2021 meeting graphic with theme included "Understating Dynamic Ecosystems"


The AAAS Student E-poster competition recognizes the individual efforts of students who are actively working toward an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral-level degree. The winners’ presentations displayed originality and understanding that set them apart from their peers.


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Graduate Student First Place: Christina Roman, University of Chicago

Structures of Viral RNA Elements Solved with Chaperone Assisted RNA Crystallography

Graduate Student Second Place: Anirudh Gaur, University of California, Davis

Effects of Natural Genetic Variations in Incretin Receptors on Glucose Homeostasis

Graduate Student Third Place: Collin Jugler, Arizona State University

Plant-Made Immunotherapeutics; A Potential Treatment for Severe Covid-19


Undergraduate First Place: Simon Ng, University of California, Los Angeles

Engineering Carbonic Anhydrase for Spacecraft CO2 Removal Using Machine Learning

Undergraduate Second Place: Kimberly Hane, Cedar Crest College

qPCR and Microbe Identification for Forensic Blood Pattern Analysis

Undergraduate Third Place: Zhela Sabir, Arizona State University

Vitamin D Impacts Nrf-2 and Antioxidation Pathways that Modulate Cellular Aging


Brain and Behavior

Graduate Student First Place: Faheem Handoo, Indiana University School of Medicine

Phenotyping Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Heart Failure

Graduate Student Second Place: Divyesh Doddapaneni, FAU College of Medicine

Characterization of a Novel Inhibitory Cell Cluster within the Amygdala


Undergraduate First Place: Joshua Martinez, University of California, Irvine

In Vivo Imaging of 2-AG Induced Xenopus Laevis Retinal Ganglion Cell Development

Undergraduate Second Place: Rosa Serrano, University of California, Irvine

Focal Deletion of BAF53b in the Adult Brain is Sufficient to Impair Long Term Memory

Undergraduate Third Place: Marina Edward, University of California, Irvine

Upregulated 2-AG and AEA Affect Synaptic Plasticity In Xenopus Laevis Visual Circuit


Cell Biology

Graduate Student First Place: DeQuantarius Speed, University of Chicago

The Role and Regulation of Plastid Targeting of the Systemic Defense Signal AZI1

Graduate Student Second Place: Austin E.Y.T. Lefebvre, University of California, Irvine

Tracking Mitochondria Reveals Metabolic and Dynamic Heterogeneity in Breast Cancers

Graduate Student Third Place: Aya Hanzawa, Iwate University

Actin Isovariant ACT8 Regulates the Cold Response in Arabidopsis Root


Undergraduate First Place: Nafis Eghrari, Arizona State University

Ozanimod Preserves Contractile Human Brain VSM Phenotype Against Ischemic Insult

Undergraduate Second Place: Casadora Boone, University of California, Irvine

Multidrug Resistance Conjugative Plasmid in an Environmental Escherichia Coli

Undergraduate Third Place: Christian Checkcinco, University of California, Irvine

Assessment of Possible Metabolic Disrupting Compounds through Optimized Protocol


Developmental Biology Genetics and Immunology

Graduate Student First Place: Luz Milbeth Cumba Garcia, Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Identifying Glioblastoma or Monocytic Cells Extracellular Vesicles via Flow Cytometry

Graduate Student Second Place: Kenji Sugita, Iwate University

RIC2 and RIC4 Act Redundantly to Regulate the Actin Mediated Developmental Process

Graduate Student Third Place: Amanda Wacker, University of California, San Diego

Uncovering Patterns of Methylation in Microbial Astronauts


Undergraduate First Place: Lucy Moore, Saint Mary's College of California

Differentiation of Human and Rat Stem Cells to Neuroglial Support Cells

Undergraduate Second Place: Angelique Cortez, University of California, Irvine

Studying the Chromatin States in Alzheimer’s Disease Derived Microglia

Undergraduate Third Place: Rachell Quarles, Morgan State University

Potential Genetic Biomarkers Located in Preeclampsia Patients


Environment and Ecology

Graduate Student First Place: Wenjuan Liu, Arizona State University

Li Mining-Community-Aquifer Interactions in Salar De Atacama: An Agent-Based Model

Graduate Student Second Place: Kimberly Colgan, University of Minnesota

Mitigating Food System Emissions Could Impede Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

Graduate Student Third Place: Lyydia Leino, University of Turku

Potential Effect of The Herbicide Glyphosate on the Human Gut Microbiome


Undergraduate First Place: Clarisa Martinez, University of California, Irvine

Beta-Lactam Resistance in an Avian Escherichia Coli from California

Undergraduate Second Place: Michael Marvin, Arizona State University

Effectiveness of Foredune Restoration in High-Energy Coastal Environments

Undergraduate Third Place: JoAnne Villagrana, University of California, Irvine

First U.S. Report of Escherichia Coli St1193 Collected from an Aquatic Environment


Medicine and Public Health

Graduate Student First Place: Emily Kaelin, Arizona State University

Convergence of The Preterm Infant Gut Virome Prior to Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Graduate Student Second Place: Kazune Pax, Ohio State University

Infant Oral Microbiome Influenced by Maternal Habits

Graduate Student Third Place: Michelle Scott, Ohio State University

E-Cigarettes Differentially Alter Microbial Metabolism and Colonization Dynamics


Undergraduate First Place: Marize Rizkalla, University of California, Irvine

Multidrug Resistant and Virulent Environmental Escherichia Coli St38

Undergraduate Second Place: Sydney Skeie, Capital University

Reliability of “Gluten-Free” Labels Found on Food Products in the United States


Physical Sciences

Graduate Student First Place: Ekaterina Selivanovitch, Indiana University

Molecular Exclusion Limits for Diffusion Across a Porous Capsid

Graduate Student Second Place: Sindhu Nathan, Stanford University

Bridging Electro- and Thermal Catalysis by Converting CO2 with Carbon-Based Materials

Graduate Student Third Place: Jacob Garcia, Arizona State University

Femtosecond Pump-Probe Spectroscopy of Neutral Transition Metal Oxide Clusters


Undergraduate First Place: Dolapo Nurudeen, Morgan State University

The Synthesis of FAC-(CO)3 (Α-Diimine)ReOC(O)O(CH2)4CH3 Compound

Undergraduate Second Place: Avram Bar-Meir, Northwestern University

Novel Approaches for In Situ Analysis in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life


Science in Society

Graduate Student First Place: Dina Ziganshina, Arizona State University

Why Does Russia Have a Higher Abortion Rate Than Other Post-Soviet Countries?

Graduate Student Second Place: Amie Sommers, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Salient Experiences in Undergraduate Development Via Chickering’s Vector Framework

Graduate Student Third Place: Alex Hsain, North Carolina State University

Paid Parental Leave to Strengthen the STEM Workforce


Undergraduate First Place: Julie Roberts, Arizona State University

Perceptions of Evolution Among Muslim Undergraduate Biology Students in the USA

Undergraduate Second Place: Arya Natarajan, University of California, San Diego

The Symbiologist: Examining the Power of Storytelling in Science Communication

Undergraduate Third Place: Estefania Arellano, Arizona State University

Get Excited!: Using Anime to Rethink Adolescent Science Education


Social Sciences

Graduate Student First Place: Erika Nadile, Arizona State University

Call On Me! Science Undergraduates’ Perceptions of Voluntarily Asking Questions

Graduate Student Second Place: Jacy Anthis, University of Chicago

Emergent Trends in Public Opinion on Animal Farming and Animal Product Alternatives

Graduate Student Third Place: Emily Santora, Arizona State University

The Impact of Menstrual Education on the Treatment of Gynecological Conditions


Undergraduate First Place: Kenna McRae, Arizona State University

Cultural Health Navigator Strategies to Guide Refugee Patients through Covid-19

Undergraduate Second Place: Puja Chhetri, Arizona State University

The Effect of Variation in Features Of Exam Questions from Biology Instructors

Undergraduate Third Place: Alyssa Hart, Arizona State University

Arizona University Student Perceptions to Covid-19 and the Campus’ Measures Taken


Technology, Engineering and Math

Graduate Student First Place: Jessica LaLonde, Duke University

A Machine Learning Approach to Investigate Degradation of Poly(Hydroxyalkanoates)

Graduate Student Second Place: Jenna Ott, Princeton University

To Biofilm or Not to Biofilm: A Competition Between Accumulation and Dispersa

Graduate Student Third Place: Rongjiao Ji, University of Milan

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Undergraduate First Place: Ada Kanapskyte, Ohio State University

Biolead:Biological Exploration Via Autonomous Detection Using Dielectric Spectroscopy

Undergraduate Second Place: Myka Terry, Morgan State University

Rainbow Cells: Tracking Trends in Cell Division Using Motzkin Paths

Undergraduate Third Place: Francisco Brenes, University of California, Irvine

Relational Database for the Analysis of Quantified Cardiac Muscle Tissue Study