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AAAS Fellows Challenge

Be a force for science with your leadership support

As a AAAS Fellow, your outstanding contributions to science and your engagement with the scientific enterprise are significant and highly valued.

However, today evidence-based information developed by dedicated scientists in the U.S. and around the globe is under fire. From understanding gun violence to climate change, top officials are questioning the validity of scientific evidence and most alarmingly, hindering the public's ability to separate scientific facts from beliefs and opinions.

As the world’s largest scientific organization, our membership—more than 120,000 strong—and our more than 270 affiliate societies and state academies of science, which together represent more than ten million individuals, are calling upon AAAS to play a more active role as a force for science.

The dedication and leadership support of the AAAS Fellows has been essential to our ability to answer this urgent call to stand up for science more frequently and forcefully. As a nonprofit organization and publisher of Science and Science family of journals, we are grateful for your consideration of a $10,000 Fellows Challenge contribution to help us meet the pivotal challenges of the day.

Advancing Public Understanding of the Importance of Science to Our Everyday Lives

Here at AAAS, we have expanded our programming in nearly every facet of our organization to be a stronger voice for science. A large portion of this work relies exclusively on philanthropic support and leadership contributions from our Fellows are making it possible when we need it most.

From speaking up for the importance of immigrant scientists to research and innovation in the United States, to promoting the vital need for Federally funded basic research, our organization-wide efforts to stand up for science have been more frequent and essential.

In addition to these expanded activities, AAAS has developed three crucial, new programs that are designed to revolutionize and invigorate public understanding and engagement with science on the national stage with the help and support of AAAS Fellows and members.   

  • Our Local and State Engagement Network (LSEN) for Climate Science has harnessed the commitment of the energized science community to be effective advocates for evidence-based information about climate change in regions where they live and work. By providing communication trainings and developing clearly articulated scientific information pertaining to localized issues, AAAS is guiding scientific voices to collaborate on urgent climate policy priorities, especially where these activities are not taking place or have consistently stalled. The LSEN has now been implemented in Missouri, Colorado and Georgia, with plans to expand to ten additional sites over the next two years. 
  • SciLine is an independent, freely available service that matches up vetted, scientists, engineers and researchers with journalists and other communicators producing print, broadcast, or digital stories about science-related issues, on deadline. With economically challenged newsrooms reducing the number of reporters with backgrounds in technical areas, and the pace of news ever increasing, the world today is one in which there is more science-related news than ever but fewer reporters with the expertise or time to distinguish between methodically derived evidence and speculation, hype, and spin. That reality undermines public understanding of the science that could otherwise inform critical decisions related to health, the economy, environmental stewardship, and national security. Since being established in 2018, SciLine has quickly become an invaluable resource for the nation, fulfilling more than 1,000 requests from reporters in all 50 states.
  • The AAAS Center for Scientific Evidence in Public Issues (EPI Center) is specifically designed to synthesize and distill scientific evidence on key societal issues to bolster the policymaking process and public decisions on the most important issues of our day. The EPI Center delivers timely, independent, non-partisan scientific evidence and information through social and traditional media, white papers, and other communication channels on topics at the forefront of public attention. The first focus areas for the Center include election security and the threat of outdated voting machines and online voting, and the community health risks of Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the environment and in drinking water.

Thank you

Your tax-deductible gift will enable us to go beyond what is possible within our regular operations and gives AAAS the strength to be innovative and act quickly, as this political climate has demanded.  It will also place you in the AAAS Edison Society which recognizes our most outstanding contributors each year in Science, online, and in our annual report.

Thank you for the engagement and loyalty you have shown over the years, and your consideration of this generous contribution. With your support, we can make AAAS the force for science that you and the public needs in 2020 and beyond.

You may find more information on our Force for Science programs by the following: Local Science Engagement Network, SciLine and the Center for Scientific Evidence in Public Issues.

Other ways to make a gift to AAAS:

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