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About the (AI)² Initiative


We stand in the midst of a technological revolution, one in which society has begun to harness the transformative power of computers to “learn” from large datasets and turn the resulting information into analysis and predictions that affect every aspect of our lives. Loosely defined under the umbrella of “artificial intelligence” (AI), the societal benefits of this power can only be fully reaped when the development and deployment of the technologies is done in a responsible manner—one that mitigates their asymmetrical negative impact on marginalized and vulnerable populations. To that end, AAAS and its partners are launching (AI)²: Artificial Intelligence—Applications/Implications to advocate for the responsible development and application of AI, such that it alleviates, rather than exacerbates, social inequalities.

The (AI)² initiative builds on these strengths, as well as AAAS’s long history as a pioneer in exploring the social, ethical, and legal implications and applications of emerging technologies. The initiative involves programs across our organization and will operate in five key action areas:

  1. Assessing attitudes and understanding of the technologies done by the Center for Public Engagement with Science & Technology. That work will focus on historically marginalized communities;
  2. Defining a framework for the responsible development and deployment of the technologies that integrates the concerns of these communities. as well as existing human rights and ethical principles This work is done under the leadership of the Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program in collaboration with Dialogue On Science, Ethics and Religion and the Center for Scientific Evidence in Public Issues;
  3. Developing and disseminating recommendations to key stakeholders, a task that will involve the Office of Public Programs, its department of News and Information, and the Office of Government Relations.
  4. Addressing legal implications; and
  5. Developing applications of AI technologies to meet human rights needs.

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The AAAS (AI)² is funded in part by Microsoft.

The AAAS (AI)² Initiative's 'Responsible AI' series is supported by Hitachi.