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AI and Public Interest Design

Project Scope

Developers’ approach to designing AI-based technologies can 1) contribute to the continuation of drivers of inequality, 2) reflect an awareness that intentionally refrains from perpetuating inequality, or, optimally, 3) proactively redress these challenges. How the values of public interest are integrated into AI development and deployment has become a topic of growing interest and concern, not only to governments and civil society, but also to the developer community in industry and academia. This is evidenced by the burgeoning number of policies, guidelines, and principles that have been articulated on the topic, although the extent to which they clearly and comprehensively integrate public interest values is piecemeal and inconsistent. Concern about public interest values in AI development is also reflected in processes put in place by companies to address ethical and related questions that arise in the context of their work.  

Current Work

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