Annual Election of AAAS Leadership

The AAAS 2016 elections for President-Elect, members of the Board of Directors, the Committee on Nominations, and the officers for the 24 sections was held from October 24 to November 22, 2016. Elected candidates will be announced in the second half of December 2016 and will begin their terms on February 21, 2017. The election results are posted here.

Position Descriptions:

President-Elect: Election to the position of President-elect begins a three-year term as an officer of the association - one year each as President–elect, President, and chair of the Board of Directors.  Duties over the course of the term include chairing AAAS governing bodies (Committee on Council Affairs, Council, and the Board of Directors) and directing programming for the AAAS Annual Meeting. (3-year term)

Member of the Board of Directors: The AAAS Board of Directors, the fiduciary body of the organization, meets four times per year and plays an important role in directing the activities and administration of AAAS. (4-year term)

Members of the Committee on Nominations select the annual slate of candidates for President-Elect and the Board of Directors. (2-year term)

Council Delegates represent the interest of their disciplinary section on the Council, the policy-making body of the Association. (3-year term)

Chair: The Chair serves the first year as Chair-Elect, the second year as Chair, and the third year as Retiring Chair. During their tenure on the section Steering Group, they lead the section business meeting, Electorate Nominating Committee and represent section interests on the Council. (3-year term)

Members-at-Large support the section Steering Group in its responsibilities including nomination and review of Fellows, and proposing symposia for the AAAS Annual Meeting. (4-year term)

Members of the Electorate Nominating Committee select the annual slates of candidates for their disciplinary sections (3-year term)

If you have any questions about the election process, please contact the Executive Office at