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AAAS-Campbell Award for Vegetable Research

Established in 1957 by the Campbell Soup Company, AAAS administered this award until 1962. The award consisted of $1,500 and a bronze medal, for "an outstanding single research contribution, of either fundamental or practical significance, relative to the production of vegetables, including mushrooms, for processing purposes, in the fields of horticulture, genetics, soil science, plant physiology, entomology, plant technology, or other appropriate scientific areas." Work in food technology were not included. The award emphasized basic research and its applications with crop production, prior to crop utilization or crop processing.


  • R. N. Campbell (1962)
  • Raymond G. Grogan (1962)
  • D. J. Hagendorn (1961)
  • R. T. Sherwood (1961)
  • M. E. Gallegly Jr. (1960)
  • Charles M. Rick (1959)
  • Karl Maramorosch (1958)
  • S. H. Wittwer (1957)
  • F. G. Teubner (1957)