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AAAS Evolution on the Front Line



An Event for St. Louis-Area Teachers

Sunday, 19 February 2006
1:45 – 5:00 p.m.
America’s Center, Ferrara Theater
701 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, Missouri

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Opening Video Presentation
Teachers and Evolution on the Front Line
Video: RealMedia | Windows Media See also, An Abbreviated Guide for Teaching Evolution (PDF), from Project 2061 at AAAS
Welcoming Remarks
Dr. Alan I. Leshner, Chief Executive Officer of AAAS and Executive Publisher, Science
Video of Welcome
Presentation: PDF
Dr. Gilbert S. Omenn, AAAS President and Professor of Medicine, Genetics and Public Health, University of Michigan
Video of Introduction and Teacher Survey
Presentation: PDF
Ten Challenges (PDF)
Survey Results: PDF
Welcome Letter
Talking Points / Qs and As for Teachers (PDF)Free from HHMI — DVD and Poster
Keynote Address
The Honorable Russ Carnahan, D-Missouri
Video of Keynote Address
Video of Russ Carnahan Q&A Session
Scope of the Problem Today
Introduction of Linda K. Foschauer by:
Dr. Gerald Wheeler, Executive Director, National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
Ms. Linda K. Froschauer, President-Elect, NSTA; Middle-School Teacher and K-8 Science Department Chair, Weston Public Schools, CT
Video of Presentation: Evolution on the Front Line
Presentation: PDF
Biodiversity and Science Education
Dr. Peter Raven, Director, Missouri Botanical Garden and George Engelmann Professor of Botany at Washington University in St. Louis
Video of Presentation: What Evolution May Teach Us About Biodiversity
Evolution and Catholic Teachings
Rev. George V. Coyne, Director, The Vatican Observatory
Video of Presentation: Is God a Scientist? A Catholic Scientist Looks at Evolution
Presentation: PDF
Capstone Address
Mr. Jeff Corwin, Host, Animal Planet’s “Corwin’s Quest”
(Presentation not available)
Scientific Panel on Evolution and the Nature of Science
Ms. Cornelia Dean, Senior Writer, New York Times, moderating
Video of Introduction
Prof. Robert M. Hazen, George Mason University and Carnegie Institution of Washington
Video of Presentation: Genesis — The Scientific Quest for Life’s Origin
Presentation: PDF
Prof. Kenneth R. Miller, Brown University
Video of Presentation: Time To Abandon Darwin?
Presentation: PDF
Prof. Scott Sampson, University of Utah and Utah Museum of Natural History
Video of Presentation: An Apology and a Challenge
Presentation: PDF
Dr. Eugenie C. Scott, Executive Director, National Center for Science Education
Video of Presentation
  Video of Scientific Panel Q&A Session
Closing Remarks
Dr. Gilbert S. Omenn, AAAS President and Professor of Medicine, Genetics and Public Health, University of Michigan
Video of Closing Remarks
Science, Teachers and Clergy Strengthen Bonds at AAAS Evolution Event
[20 February 2006]
The Rev. George Coyne, the Vatican’s astronomer, was among a stellar AAAS panel that met with teachers in St. Louis to discuss evolution, religion and scientific integrity.
New Guide for Teaching Evolution
[20 February 2006]
A new guide to help teachers convey key evolution concepts to their students is available free online. Copies were distributed at the special event for St. Louis-area teachers.


The AAAS Evolution on the Front Line event is being made possible through the William T. Golden Endowment Fund for Program Innovation at AAAS, with additional generous support from the Geological Society of America.





Other collaborators* include the following organizations:

* As of 20 January 2006

In Support of Excellence in Science Education



Congratulations to the following eight outstanding educators, who received travel awards to participate in today’s event, thanks to the generous support of The Geological Society of America (GSA). The GSA travel awards recognize each recipient’s courage in supporting the teaching of evolution and excellence in science education.

Ariana Erickson, Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher, Montgomery Middle School – Lower Campus, Skillman, New Jersey

Robert Eshbach, Environmental/Biology Teacher, Dover Area High School, Pennsylvania

Wes McCoy, Ph.D., Biology Teacher, Science Department Chair, North Cobb High School, Georgia

Jennifer Miller, Biology Teacher, Dover Area High School, Pennsylvania

Michael Petelle, Ph.D., Biology/AP Biology/AP Environmental Science Teacher, North Cobb High School, Georgia

Scott A. Reese, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Biology, Department of Biological and Physical Sciences, Kennesaw State University, Georgia

Bertha Spahr, Chemistry Teacher, Science Department Chair, Dover Area High School, Pennsylvania

George W. Stickel, Ph.D., Supervisor, Science: Grades 6-12, Division of Curriculum and Instruction, Cobb County School District, Georgia


AAAS wishes to thank Dr. Jay B. Labov, Senior Advisor for Education and Communications for the National Research Council’s Center for Education, for his support and contributions to the development of today’s program. He was the first of many external advisors, to whom we are indebted.

In addition, we gratefully acknowledge the contributions of many other individuals at the collaborating institutions listed above.

Advance focus groups with St. Louis-area teachers and students were well-conducted for AAAS by the nonprofit, nonpartisan research firm, Public Agenda. We are grateful to Ruth A. Wooden, Will Friedman and colleagues at Public Agenda.

Thanks also to all AAAS staff members who served on the planning committee and helped to make this event a reality.

Finally, we appreciated the good work of Dave Braun of Braun Film and Video, Inc.