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AAAS-George Westinghouse Science Writing Award

In 1946, with funding from the Westinghouse Educational Foundation, AAAS instituted a $1,000 prize for excellence in science writing by a newspaper writer. By the next year, a second award for science writing in magazines was also established. The AAAS-George Westinghouse Science Writing Awards were given out until 1953. The Westinghouse Electric Corporation funded a new and expanded series of awards from 1959 to 1993. Since 1994, The Whittaker Foundation has supported the successor AAAS Science Journalism Awards.


  • Alton L. Blakeslee (1952)
  • Morton M. Hunt (1952)
  • Victor Cohn (1951)
  • John Lear (1951)
  • Norman M. Howden (1950)
  • Rachel L. Carson (1950)
  • Lester Grant (1949)
  • George W. Gray (1949)
  • George A. Keaney (1947)
  • Steven M. Spencer (1947)
  • James Graham Chesnutt (1946)