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AAAS Hilliard Roderick Prize

The AAAS Hilliard Roderick Prize for Excellence in Science, Arms Control, and International Security was awarded annually from 1991-1996. Its purpose was to acknowledge recent outstanding contributions to the understanding of critical issues related to arms control and international security having an important scientific or technical dimension. The prize was supported by the Hilliard Roderick Foundation for the Prevention of Inadvertent Nuclear War, in memory of nuclear physicist Dr. Hilliard Roderick.


  • Alexei Arbatov (1996)
  • Theodore Postol (1995)
  • Frank von Hippel (1994)
  • Sidney Drell (1993)
  • Robert Mikulak (1992)
  • Will Carpenter (1992)
  • Wolfgang Panofsky (1991)