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ELISS Graduates, 2014 - 2016
ELISS Graduates were recruited from all graduate fields at ELISS partner campuses. They were selected through a competitive process based on the following criteria: leadership potential, commitment to collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches, commitment to service, adaptability and openness, scholarly and professional success, and commitment to the ELISS objectives.

Staff and Consultants (2013 - 2017)


Melanie Roberts, Founder and Director
Kate Stoll, Co-Founder and Senior Advisor
Bree Mitchell, Co-Founder and Senior Advisor


Melanie Roberts, Founder and Director
Samantha White, Program Director
Renske (Erion) Dyedov, Program Director
Juliana Houghton, Program Manager
Joshua Ettinger, AAAS/ELISS Program Assistant
Ellen Platts, AAAS/ELISS Program Assistant

AAAS Leadership

Mark S. Frankel
Edward G. Derrick
Juli Staiano


Margaret Krebs Victor Udoewa
Elizabeth McNie Magaela Bethune
Amanda Murphy Samantha Roberts
William Potapchuk Bonnie Schmittberger


Campus Liaisons 

Campus liaisons were the graduate student leaders on partner campuses. 

Ross Beattie Renske Erion Molly Lowndes Jaclyn Saunders
Sara Bender Aaron Goldner JoEllen McBride Bonnie Schmittberger
Helen Craig Jonathan Kershaw Lindsey Payne Aaron Towers
Stephanie Cruz Brandon Linz Katie Reuther Ellen Wann
Erin Delman Monique Long Phil Rosenfield Samantha White



Program Advisors

Valerie Bockstette Margaret Krebs Cynthia Robinson
Patrick Clemins Neal Lane Tobin Smith
Chris Ernst Bree Mitchell Linda Staheli
Aaron Goldner Gary Olson Kate Stoll
David Goldston Raj Pandya Samantha White
Melvin Greer Patrick Rose  


Fellows' Campus Advisors

Matt Bailey Heidi Harkins Darren Nichols
Kelly Edwards Beth Krom Sara Peel
Jennifer Davison Karen Lawrence Joanne Pierce
Hien DeYoung Rebekah Layton Neil Sahota
Nita Farahany Jacob Levin Bono Sen
Chris Golde Michael Kern John Spady
Tim Flood Ruby Love Ken Tindall
Colleen Gabauer Anita Mastroieni Candiss Vibbert
John Hardin Amanda Murphy Erika Weinthal




ELISS would not be possible without volunteers with many different skills who asked “how can I help” to advance the ELISS mission. We are so grateful to the many, many people who have donated time and wisdom to help ELISS start and grow.