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Finding Aid to the AAAS Climate Program Records


Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents


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Administrative Information

Detailed Description of the Collection

Overview of the Collection

Repository:    American Association for the Advancement of Science Archives, 1200 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005, Email AAAS Archives
Creator:    AAAS Climate Program
Title:    AAAS Climate Program Records
Dates:    1975-1989
Extent:    36.25 linear feet (29 boxes)
Abstract:    In May 1978, AAAS convened a working group on climate that recommended that the association focus on the research and social implications of climate change as part of its commitment to international science. AAAS established a Climate Program, headed by David Burns, and a Committee on Climate, chaired by noted ocean geologist Roger Revelle, to advise the program. The Climate Program sponsored conferences on possible effects of climate change on the environment broadly, on food security, on water resources, and the specific effects of rising carbon dioxide on plants. The program worked with the U.S. Department of Energy to peer review a compendium of state-of-the-art research on climate to aid in outlining a national research agenda. The program ended in 1989 while AAAS continued its interest in international environmental problems through a population, resources, and sustainability program.
Language:    The records are in English.

Scope and Contents

Records, arranged in five series, include conference and workshop materials, commissioned and contributed papers, draft manuscripts, committee meeting minutes, and correspondence, as well as background articles, reports, and newspaper clippings on climate change topics.

Series I includes materials and papers from the 1979 AAAS/DOE Workshop on Environmental/Societal Consequences of C02-Induced Climate Change; two volumes and commissioned papers based on the 1979 Workshop; a 1982 Workshop on Rising Atmospheric C02 Plant Productivity; a project with the Department of Energy to develop a report on state-of-the-art research activities on climate change; and proposals and budgets for phases and projects undertaken by the AAAS Climate Program.

Series II includes information on the Climate and Water Panel chaired by Paul Waggoner. It also includes materials and papers from the 1987 International Symposium on Climate Variability and Food Security, held in New Delhi, India, as well as background materials on the effects of climate changes on water and food. This series also includes biographical information and files on David Burns, AAAS Staff Officer in charge of the Climate Project, and on Roger Revelle, chair of the Committee on Climate.

Series III includes records of the AAAS Committee on Climate, such as meeting minutes, correspondence, and symposium information. There are a few records on other AAAS committees or projects that intersected with the Climate Program. This series also contains chronological files.

Series IV contains alphabetical records of other organizations, programs, or workshops pertaining to climate change issues. Included are such organizations as the Aspen Institute, the International Council of Scientific Unions, the National Academy of Sciences, and the World Meteorological Organization. This series also includes science and policy material on climate change, such as examples of legislation, hearings, and testimony, as well as general background information.

Series V is background material gathered by Climate Program staff. News clippings, articles, and papers on topics such as acid rain, carbon dioxide, climatic modeling, the greenhouse effect, oceans, population, and weather.


Records are arranged in five series. Series I: Climate Variability and C02; Series II: Climate, Water and Food; Series III: AAAS Committee on Climate; Series IV: Organizations; Series V: Miscellaneous Background Material.

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Restrictions on Access

Collection open to the public for research.

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Related Material

Records are related to other materials in the AAAS Office of International Science, particularly records of the AAAS Committee on Arids Lands.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Climate Program Records. AAAS Archives, Washington, DC.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Climate Variability and CO2, 1978-1986

[BOX 1]
AAAS/DOE Workshop, 1979
     Agenda, list of papers and participants
     Executive Summary
     Invited Obervers
     Acceptances and Regrets
     Misc. material sent to participants
     Planning Correspondence
     Planning-hotel and travel
     Post-workshop correspondence
     Press Release, publicity
Panels, 1979
     I-V: Correspondence from D. Burns
     I-V: Potential participants
     I: Environmental Effects on the Oceans, Cryosphere and Ocean Biota
     II: Environmental Effects on the Less Managed Biosphere
     III: Reviews and Correspondence
     IV: Social and Institutional Responses
     IV: Reviews and Correspondence
     V: Issues Associated with Analysis of Economic and Geopolitical Consequences of Potential CO2-Induced Climate Change
     V: Reviews and Correspondence
20-Baker, Donald and J.R. Lambert, "The Analyses of Crop Responses to Enhanced Atmospheric C02 Levels" [Panel III], 1979
Baumgardner, Marion, "Surveying and Monitoring Changes in the Biosphere" [Panel II], 1979
22-Bennett, Charles, "Central American and the Carribean Islands: Preliminary Evaluation of Impacts Associated with Climatic Changes Induced by Increased C02" [Panel II], 1979
Boulding, Elise, "Reflections on the Mandate of Panel IV: Social and Instituional Responses to a Global C02-Induced Climate Change" [Panel IV], 1979
Brown, George, "The C02 Problem: Unprecedented Challenges and Opportunities" [Keynote], 1979
Burton, Ian, "Social and Behavioral Responses to Climate Change and Variability" [Panel IV], 1979
Busterud, John and Kevin Marks, "International Institutional Responses to the Prospect of Global Warming [Panel V], 1979
Butzer, Karl W., "Adaptation to Global Environmental Change" [Panel IV], 1979
Carey, Bill, Opening Remarks, 1979
Corbett, John G., "Developing Response Strategies for Climate Change" [Panel IV], 1979
Eadie, Brian, "The Effects of Increased Atmospheric C02 on the Great Lakes" [Panel II] 1979
31-Flohn, Hermann,"Environmental Effects on the Oceans, Cryosphere, and Ocean Biota" [Panel I], 1979
Gasser, William R., "Climate Change to the Year 2000 and Possible Impacts on World Agriculture" [Panel III], 1979
Glantz, Michael, "A Political View of C02" [Panel IV], 1979
Hughes, T, J.L. Fastook, and G.H. Denton, "Climatic Warming and Collapse of the West Antractic Ice Sheet" [Panel I], 1979
Ichimura, Shinichi, "The Impacts of Climatic Change on Human Society" [Panel V], 1979
Kanemasu, E.T., "Effects of Increased CO2 and Temperature on Winter Wheat Yields" [Panel III], 1979
Laurmann, J.A., "The Question of Urgency on the CO2-climate change issue: A Decision-Making Analysis Approach to Policy-Making" [Panel V], 1979
Manabe, Syukuro and Ronald J. Stouffer, "Study of Climatic Impacts of CO2-Increase with a Mathematical Model of the Global Climate" [Keynote] 1979
Manabe, Syukuro: Transcript of Presentation, 1979
40-Mann, Dean, "Research on Political Institutions and Their Response to the Problem of Increasing CO2 in the Atmosphere" [Keynote], 1979
Markey, O.W. and Richard Carlson, "Three Analytic Conclusions Having Significant Implications for the AAAS/DOE Workshop" [Panel V], 1979
Meyer-Abich, Klaus M., "Socioeconomic IMpatcts of Climatic Changes and the Comparative Chances of Alternative Political Responses: prevention, Compensation, and Adaptation" [Panel IV], 1979
Namias, Jerome, "Eclectic Aspects of the CO2-Climate Problem" [Panel I], 1979

[BOX 2]
Olson, Jerry, "Assessing the Response of Biotic Resources to Climatic Change from High and Low Releases of CO2" [Panel II], 1979
Opie, John, "America's Seventy Year Mistake: Settlement and Farming on the Arid Great Plains,1870-1940" [Panel IV], 1979
Phares, Robert E.,"Impact of Enhanced Atmospheric CO2 on Managed Forests"[Panel III], 1979
Pimentel, David, "Increased CO2 Effects on the Environment and In Turn on Agriculture and Forestry" [Panel III], 1979
5-Schneider, Stephen H., "Comparative Risk Assessment on Energy Systems" [Panel IV], 1979
Smith, Frederick, "Climatic Impacts on Society" [Panel II], 1979
Stewart, R.W., "Possible Effects on the Dynamics of the Ocean Associated with a Carbon Dioxide Increase"[Panel I], 1979
Waggoner, Paul, "CO2-Induced Climate Change and the Managed Biosphere" [Panel III], 1979
Wigley, T.M., "The Impact of Future Atmospheric CO2 Increases" [Panel I], 1979
AAAS/DOE Workshop--Papers(numbered consecutively), 1979 (2 Folders)
Environmental and Societal Consequences of CO2-Induced Climate Change
     Interim Report, 1979
     A Research Agenda, Volume I, 1980
     A Research Agenda, Volume I, Draft 3
     A Research Agenda, Volume I-Reviews and Correspondence (2 Folders)
Request for AAAS/DOE Workshop Report, Vol.I, 1979-1981
Environmental and Societal Consequences of CO2-Induced Climate Change: A Research Agenda, Volume II, 1980-1981
Format for Commissioned Papers for Volume II
Ackley, S.F., "The Potential Response of Antarctic Sea ICe to Climatic Change by Atmospheric CO2 Increases" [Vol. II]
Baker, Donald N., L. Hartwell Allen, Jr., and Jerry R. Lambert, "Effects of Increased CO2 on Photosynthesis and Agricultural Productivity" [Vol. II], 1980
Bentley, Charles, "Response of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to CO2-Induced Climatic Warming: A Research Plan" [Vol. II], 1980
Brown, Jerry and John T. Andrews, "Influence of Short-Term Climatic Fluctuations on Permafrost Terrain" [Vol. II], 1980
Coutant, Charles C., "Effects of CO2-Induced Climate Change on Freshwater Ecosystems" [Vol. II], 1980
Epple, Dennis and Lester Lave, "Planning for Climate Change" [Vol. II], 1980
Fischoff,Baruch and Rita Furby, "Psychological Dimensions of Climatic Change" [Vol. II], 1980
Haynes, Dean L.,"Effects on Agricultural Plant Pests" [Vol. II], 1980
Holm-Hansen, Osmund, "Effect of Increased CO2 on Ocean Biota" [Vol. II], 1980
Howell, Gordon S., "Alleviation of Environmental Stress on Renewable Resource Productivity" [Vol.II], 1980
Johnson, W. Carter and David M. Sharpe, "Ecological Consequences of a CO2-Induced Climatic Change on Forest Ecosystems" [Vol.II], 1980
McCartney, Michael and Henry Lansford, "Potential Effects on Ocean Dynamics of an Increase in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide" [Vol. II], 1980
Meade, Melinda, "Effects of Climate Change on Health" [Vol. II], 1980
Miller, Philip, "Research Needed to Determine the Present Carbon Balance of Northern Ecosystems and the Potential Effect of Carbon Dioxide Induced Climate Change" [Vol.II], 1980
Newman, James, "Impacts of Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels on Agricultural Growing Seasons and Crop Water Efficiencies" [Vol II], 1980
Noll, Roger G., "Adaptive Approaches to the CO2 Problem," [Vol.II], 1980
Nordhaus, William D., "Theoretical and Empirical Aspects of Optimal Control Strategies" [Vol.II], 1980
Olson, Mancur, "A Conceptual Framework for Research About the Likelihood of a "Greenhouse Effect" [Vol. II], 1980
Pendleton, Dennis and George M. Van Dyne, "Research Issues in Grazinglands Under Climate Change" [Vol.II], 1980

[BOX 3]
Rabb, Theodore, "Climate and Society in History" [Vol II], 1980
Strain, Boyd, "Response of 'Unmanaged'Ecosystems" [Vol. II], 1980
Tombaugh, Larry, Donald Dickman and Douglas Sprugel, "Direct Effects of Increased Concentration of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide on Managed Forests" [Vol. II], 1980
Torry, William I., "CO2 and Climate Change: Anthropological Perspectives" [Vol. II], 1980
Tucker, H. Allen, "Effects of Climate Change on Animal Agriculture" [Vol. II], 1980
Untersteiner, Norbert, "Potential Effects on Arctic Sea Ice of a CO2-Induced Global Warming" [Vol. II], 1980
Warrick, Richard A. and William E. Riebsame, "Responding to CO2-Induced Change: Opportunities for Research" [Vol. II], 1980
Webb III, Thompson, "The Use ofPaleoclimatic Data in Understanding and Possibly Predicting How CO2-Induced Climatic Change May Affect the National Biosphere" [Vol. II], 1980
Weiss, Edith Brown, "International, Legal and Institutional Implications of an Increase in Carbon Dioxide" [Vol. II], 1980
Environmental and Social Consequences: Summaries of 27 Papers, 1980
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1978-1981
Climate Change and Food Production in Non-Industrialized Countries Workshop, Oak Ridge, TN, 1980
     Curriculum Vitae of Participants
     Correspondence on background issues
     Post workshop correspondence, travel issues
     Draft 1 of workshop report
     Outlines/papers for workshop report
     Papers (2 Folders)
     Reviews of Draft Report
AAAS/DOE Project Steering Group
     Boulder, CO Meeting, July 1980
     Meeting, Sept. 1980
     Washington, DC Meeting, Jan. 1981
     Washington, DC Meeting, April 1981
     Chicago Meeting, June 1981
Environmental and Societal Consequences: Proposal for Research Design Workshop, 1981
Rising Atmospheric CO2 and Plant Productivity
     Athens, GA-Panelists, May 1982
     Participants, program and publicity
     Planning and correspondence (2 Folders)
     Potential participants
     Proceedings drafts and reviews
     Promotion for proceedings volyme, CO2 and Plants, 1982
Requests for Athens,GA Workshop proceedings, 1982-1983

[BOX 4]
Proposal to DOE: 1979 Annapolis Workshop Support, 1978
2-Draft Letter of Proposal for 1979 Annapolis Workshop, 1978
AAAS/DOE Workshop: Budget Planning 1978
AAAS/DOE Annapolis Workshop: Financial Records, 1978-1979
Climate Project Awards/Expenses, 1978-1982
DOE: Correspondence with David Slade, Director, Carbon Dioxide/Climate Division, 1979-1981
DOE: Correspondence with Carbon Dioxide Research Division, 1981-1983
DOE Grant: Budget Concerns, Request for Extension, 1980
DOE Grant: Status Report for Phase II, 1981
Proposal to DOE: Phase III-Activities/Drafts, 1981
Proposal to DOE: Phase III-Revisions/Correspondence, 1981
Proposal to DOE: Phase III-Activities, 1981
Attachments for DBE Proposal, 1981
Budget, DBE Proposal, 1981
AAAS/DOE Project: Phase III, Activity 2, 1981
AAAS/DOE Project: Phase III, Activity 3-A
Long Distance Telephone Calls List, 1981
Telecommunications, Uses and Costs, 1983
AAAS Climate Committee: Possible Joint Proposal to NASA, 1985
AAAS Travel Vouchers/Other Financial Documents, 1980
Budget Printouts, 1988
Proposals: Other Foundations, 1981-1982
Proposal to NSF: May 1982 Workshop Rising Atmospheric CO2/Plant Productivity, 1981-1982
Proposal to USDA: Support for 1982 Michigan Workshop and Volume, 1981
Summation: Direct Biological Effects; Climate History Data Bank; Perception/Use of CO2; Climate Information (Phase III), 1981
Proposal for Three Activities to Further Scientific Understanding of Environmental/Societal Consequences of Possible CO2-Induced Climate Change, 1981-1982
Budgets and Contracts, 1984

[BOX 5]
     Award, contract, and Climate Committee Grant
     Draft Executive Summary, CO2 research, state-of-the-art
     1984 articles for authors referred to Frederick Koomanoff
     Reviewers addresses, countries list, and table of contents
     Mailing list and labels; reviewers, 1985
     Guideliens to reviewers, To committee on climate
Requests for reviews, 1984
     Committee Review of the reviewers, Climate
     Committee reviews of the 5 volumes
     Indirect Effects: General, Sample of reviewer request packets
     material sent to reviewers, 1985
     Communications with Maxima Corp., Climate Committee
     Research Plan, Indirect Effects
     Follow-up Correspondence, CO2 Voumes, 1986
     Correspondence, Feb. 1983-Jan. 1985
     Correspondence, Jan.- Dec. 1985
     Papers and Reviews

[BOX 6]
     Committee Overview, comments and Carbon Cycle publication
     List of potential reviews and Carbon Cycle review process
     Letters of regret, Carbon Cycle review process
     Letters of acceptance, Carbon Cycle review process
     Requests for reviews, book on Carbon Cycle
     Carbon Cycle, letters of reviewers, 1984
     Thank you letters to reviewers, Carbon Cycle, 1984-1985
     Carbon Cycle-Chapter
          2, D. E. Reich
          3, Gammon, Sundquist, Elliot, Allison
          4, Ralph Rotty
          5, Baes, Anders-Bjorkstrum, Mulholland
          6, R. A. Houghton (2 Folders)
          7, Emanuel, Peng, Fung, Killough, Berrien-Moore (4 Folders)
          8, J. S. Olson (2 Folders)
          10, Trabalka, Edmonds, Reilly. Gardner, Voorhees (2 Folders)
[BOX 7]
DOE-SOA: Climate Detection- Chapter
     1, W. L. Gates
     2, Jeffrey Kiehl
     3, R. S. Bradley, P. D. Jones
     4, T. M. L. Wigley
     5, T. P. Barnett
     6, R. G. Barry
     7, T. P. Barnett
DOE-SOA: Appendix, Hall
DOE-SOA: Climate Effects-Chapter
     1, Michael MacCracken
     2, Frederick Luther, Robert Ellingson
     3, W. L. Gates
     4, Equilibrium Response
     5, Martin I. Hoffert
     6, Wei-Chyung Wang
     7, T. Webb III, T. M. L. Wigley
     Appendix B, Frederick Luther, Robert Cess

[BOX 8]
     Direct Effects on Vegetation, Chapter 2, Drake, Rogers, Allen
     Effects on Vegetation
          Chapter 3, Reynolds, Acock
          Chapter 4, Acock, Allen, Rogers (3 Folders)
          Chapter 7. F. A. Bazzaz (2 Folders)
          Chapter 8, D. M. Gates (2 Folders)
          Attachment B, General
     Indirect Effects
          Executive Summary, Review
          General, Addresses
          General, Correspondence
          General, Update
                    1, Goals
                    2, Background
                    3, Water
                    4, Agriculture
                    5, Fisheries
                    6, Forests
                    7, Health
DOE-SOA: Mary Morrison Chronicles, 1984 (7 Folders)

Series II: Climate, Food, and Water, 1976-1989

[BOX 9]
Climate Variability and Food Security, 1987
     New Delhi, India: Descriptions
     Mailing lists
     Material to participants
Climate and Food Symposium: Travel/Flight Arrangements, 1987
Climate Var. and Food Security: Abstracts of Papers, 1987
Climate Var. and Food Security: Program, 1987
Austin, Roger B., Climatic Vulnerability of Wheat, 1987
Bach, Wilfrid, Growing Concensus and Challenges Regarding Greenhouse Climate, 1987
Brady, N.C., Agricultural Research-Generating Knowledge: Applying Results, 1987
Chaturvedi, A.N., Reforestation in Mountain and Upland Catchments, 1987
Cooper, P., Climatic Variability and Food Production in W. Asia and N.Africa, 1987
Das, P.K., Stochastic Models for Rainfall Prediction, 1987
Easterling, William, Improving Response to Drought, 1987
Fein, J.S., Review of Paper by J. Shukla, 1987
Gadgil, Sulochana, Monsoon Variability and Agricultural Strategy, 1987
Gao, Liangzhi, Climatic Variation and Maintenance of High Stable Food Production, 1987
Gifford, Roger, Exploiting the "Fertilizing" Effect of Higher Levels of Atmospheric CO2, 1987
Gleick, Peter, Global Climatic Change, 1987
Golubev, G., World Climate Impact Studies Program, 1987
Jodha, N.S., Agronomic Adjustments to Climatic Variations, 1987
Jones,M.S. and Harris, H.C., Climatic Variability/Agronomic Management in Mediterranean Farming Systems, 1987
Kauffman, Harold, Climatic Vulnerability of Major Food Crops: Soybeans, 1987
Lal, R., Soil Degradation in Relation to Climate, 1987
Li, Jingxiong, Climatic Vulnerability of Maize in China, 1987
Lu, Liangshu, Relationship between Fluctuation of Food-Crop Yields and Meterological Conditions in China, 1987
Maunder, W.J., Climatic Variability and Agricultural Production in Temperate Regions: Six Case Studies, 1987
McCloud, Darrell, Assessing Climatic Variability from Long Term Yield Trends for Peanut and Soybean v. Rice, 1987
Mellor, John W., The New Global Context for Agricultural Research-Implications for Policy 1987
Muturi, H.R., Floods, Drought and the Urban Migration, 1987
Nath, N.B.C., Regional Food Security: Some Managerial Issues, 1987
Obasi, G.P.O., Climate and Food Crop Production, 1987
Oram, P.A., Various papers, 1987
Parry, M.L., Case Studies of Effect of Climate Variations on Food Production: IIASA/UNEP Project, 1987
Pendleton, J.W., Climatic Variability and Sustainability of Crop Yields in the Moist Tropics, 1987
Penning De Vries, F.W.T., Simulated Yields of Wheat and Rice in Current Weather and in Future Weather When Ambient CO2 Has Doubled, 1987
Peterson, Dean F., Irrigation as a Factor in Food Security 1987
Rao, N.C.P., Yield Stability Across Climatic Limits and Limitations: Sorghum and Millet, 1987
Rasmusson, Eugene, Global Climate Variability: International and Intraseasonal Time-Scales, 1987
Riebsame, William, Approaches to Climate Impact Assessment: Measuring and Evaluating the Social Effects of Climate Fluctuations, 1987
Rosenberg, Norman J., Potential Effects on Crop Production of CO2 Enrichment in the Atmosphere and Greenhouse Induced Climate Change, 1987
Salati, Eneas, Deforestation and Climatic Changes in the Amazon Basin, 1987
Sarma, J.S., Famine and National and International Food Prices, 1987
Seshu, D.V. and Woodhead, T., Production and Vulnerability of Rice as Affected by Weather and Climate, 1987
Sinha S.K., Rood Security in the Changing Global Climate, 1987
Sivakumar, M.V.K., Some Strategies to Cope with Drought in the Sahelian Zone, 1987
Srivastava, J.P., Development of Crop Germplasm with Improved Resistance to Environmental and Biotic Stresses, 1987
Traore, Kalilou and Konate, Mama, Towards Operational Agroclimatic Assistance to Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africe: A Case Study in Sorghum and Millet, 1987
Unninayar, S., Basic Data Requirements of an Agroclimatic System, 1987
Venkateswarlu, B., Vulnerability of Rice to Climate, 1987
Virmani, S.M., Climate and Food Security: Strategies for Coping with Climatic Fluctuations and Change-Cropping Systems, 1987
Xin Nai Quan, Relationship Between the Fluctuation of Food-Crop Yields and the Meteorological Conditions in China, 1987
Zadoks, J.C., Coping with Climatic Variation in Plant Disease Control, 1987
Executive Summary, Climate and Food, 1987
Climate Variability and Food Security: An Agenda for Action, 1987
Climate and Food Symposium: General Follow-up Correspondence, 1987
Climate Variability and Food Security: Correspondence on Follow-up Volume, 1987-1988
Climate and Food Symposium: Proceedings and Recommendations, 1988
Climate and Food Symposium: Proceedings-Preface, 1988

[BOX 10]
Climate and Food Symposium: Planning, Correspondence
Correspondence with Committee on Climate, 1984-1987
Climate and Food
     Early Initiative, 1985-1986
     Letters seeking other funding, 1985-1987
     Correspondence, Osman Shinaishin, 1985-1987
     Proposal to NSF, 1986
     Letters of invitation, 1986
     Database update, 1986
     Correspondence, responses to invitees, 1986
     Address forms, 1986
     Passport and Visa information, 1986
     2nd round invitation, 1986-1987
     Invitation responses, 1986-1987 (2 Folders)
     Correspondence re abstracts, 1986-1987
     Budget information, 1986-1987
     Correspondence, Telexes, 1987
     Sinha, correspondence, 1986-1987
     Swaminathan correspondence, 1986-1988
     Related articles and information, 1986-1987

[BOX 11]
Climate and Water Panel
     Mellon Foundation Proposal, 1983
     Proposal reviews by federal agencies/other experts, 1984
     Early proposals, budgets, 1985
     National Science Foundation
          Proposal, 1985-1986
          Reviews of proposals, 1985
          Jay Fein correspondence, 1986-1988
          Grant extension, 1987
          Grant extension, 1988-1989
     Army Corps of Engineers proposal, 1986
     Budget info., 1986-1987
     Joyce Foundation proposal, 1987
     USGS Pass-through funds, 1987
     Member selection recommendations, 1986
     Invitations to panel, responses, 1986
     invitations to follow-on briefing, 1986
     Address list, 1986
     Bibliographic resources, 1986
     Panel ideas for discussion, 1986
     Boulder, CO meeting, Sept. 1986 (2 Folders)
     New York City meeting, Jan. 1987
     Reston, VA meeting, March 1987
     Salt Lake City, UT meeting, March 1987
     La Jolla, CA meeting, Jan. 1988
     Tucson, AZ meeting, Jan. 1988
     Washington, DC meeting, July 1988
     New Haven, CT meeting, Sept. 1988
     David Burns paper at AMS conference, Aug. 1986
     Project Schedule and objectives, 1987
     National Society of Professional Engineers, 1987
     Other conferences and meetings on climate, 1987
     Phillippe Martin, consultant, 1987
     Andrew Keller, consultant, 1987-1988
     Style guides, 1987
     Paul Waggoner, trip to Bejing and New Delhi, 1987
     Paul Waggoner, lunch club talk, 1988
     Database search by Janet Kegg, 1988
     Background articles on climate, 1985-1987

[BOX 12]
Climate and Water Panel
     Bitnet fax questionnaire, 1988
     California Dept. of Water Resources, Sacramento, CA, 1989
     Correspondence re Chapters IA-ID, 1988-1989
     Correspondence re Chapters IIA-IIF, 1987-1989
     Correspondence re Chapters IIIA-IIIH, 1986-1989
     Dissemination of Results, 1988
     Dissemination of Results, lists, 1988
Illustrations, 1988
Climate and Water Panel
     John Wiley and Sons, correspondences, 1987-1989
     List of authors and co-authors, 1986
     Manuscript chapters status, 1988
     Manuscript reviews, 1988
     Manuscript online, 1988
     Manuscript illustrations, 1988
     Misc. correspondence, 1980-1986
     Misc. correspondence, 1987-1989
     News Briefing, Washington, DC, 1990
     Paul Waggoner correspondence, 1986-1989 (3 Folders)
     Regional briefings, Colorado and Wyoming, 1988
     Regional breifing, Oak Ridge, TN, 1989
     Summary and recommendations, 1988
     Symposium at AAAS meeting, San Francisco, 1989
Desertification, 1977-1986
Drought in Africa, 1976-1986
Drought, United States, 1980-1986
Drought, Water Management, Other Countries, 1977-1987
United States, 1979-1983

[BOX 13]
United States
     California, 1981-1988
     City of El Paso v. Reynolds, Bingaman, Garza (New Mexico), 1982
     Colorado River, 1979-1986
     Great Lakes, Long Island and New YOrk, 1982-1987
     Illinois, 1982
     West, 1979-1987
Water Resource Management and Hydrology [2 folders], 1977-1987
Background materials (unidentified book chapters), No date
David Burns
     Articles, 1979
     Biographical, 1981
     Background material for book reviews, 1979-1982
     Book reviews, 1978-1981
     Op-Eds (opinion columns), 1980-1982
     "The Planetary Greenhouse", 1981-1982
     Requests for publications, 1979-1981
Roger R. Revelle
     Articles on Revelle, 1984-1986
     Awards, 1984-1987
     Biographical, 1986
     Co-authored papers, 1986
     Comments on climate committee vacancies
     Statement of climate workshop's purpose, 1979

[BOX 14]
Agricultural Research-Crop Genetics
Brochures and Booklists, 1976-1979
CIMMYT Papers, 1979-1980
CIMMYT-Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maiz y Trigo, 1980-1981
Cereals, Rice and Wheat, 1969-1985
China, 1982-1986
Council for Agricultural Science and Technology, 1973
Farming, Asia, Africa, Central and S. America, 1978-1986
Farming, United States, 1981-1985
History of Agriculture
India, 1981-1984
Intl. Food Policy Research Institute, 1978
Livestock, 1980
National Defense University, Data on Crop Yields/Climate [2 folders], 1978
Neville Nicholls on Weather and Crops, 1986
Over-Fishing, 1981
David Pimentel, papers, 1981-1982
Poverty and Development, 1982-1985
Production and Supply, 1981-1985
Science Articles and Editorials, 1971-1982
Sinha, S.K., 1988
Soil Erosion and Conservation, 1982-1985
Transcripts, George Atkins' Climate and Food Project, 1978
U.S. Agency for International Development, 1978
USSR and Grain Production, 1976-1978
Weather and CO2 on Crops [2 folders]
Wittwer, Sylvan, papers, 1980-1985
World Hunger and Famine, 1977-1986

Series III: AAAS Committee on Climate, 1977-1989

[BOX 15]
AAAS Background Rationale for Climate Program, 1977-1978
AAAS Board Mandate for Committee on Climate, 1978
AAAS Role in Climate Meeting, 15 March 1978
AAAS Role in Climate Meeting, Transcript, 15 March 1978
AAAS Working Group on Climate, Meeting, 26 May 1978
AAAS Working Group on Climate, Meeting, Transcript, 26 May 1978
AAAS Working Group on Climate, Recommendations and Reactions, May 1978
Committee on Climate
     Meeting transcript, 4 Jan. 1980
     DOE Planning meeting, April 1980
          4 Jan. 1981
          27 June 1981
          4 Jan. 1982
          23 Oct. 1982
          12 Jan. 1983
          12-13 Oct. 1984
          May 1985
          28 May 1986
          27 Oct. 1987
          and correspondence, 1979-1981
     Member selection, 1979
     Appointment of members, responses, 1979-1990
     Member's CV, 1979
     Members CV, 1986 (2 Folders)
     Member's CV, 1987
     Annual and Monthly Reports, 1979-1987
     Budget Info., 1984-1985
     Conferences on Climate, 1987
     Five-Year Plan, future activities, 1986-1988

[BOX 16]
Committee on Climate
     Address list, 1986
     Background articles, 1986-1988
     Background papers, 1986-1988
     Dr. Julian Heicklen, 1985
AAAS Climate Program
     CV of experts
     National Climate Program, background, 1979
     National Climate Program, bibliography project, 1979
     National Climate Program, bibliographic resources, 1979
AAAS-Asian Scientists Program, Asia Foundation, 1959-1974
AAAS Committee on Arid Lands, 1977-1980
     Desertification papers, Nairobi Seminar, 1978
     COAL Business meeting, 1985
AAAS Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy (COSEPP), Science and Technology Briefings for Ambassadors, 1979
AAAS Consortium of Affiliates, 1979-1980
AAAS Interciencia Association, Symposium on Biomass Fuels, Brazil, February 1982
AAAS-NSF Intergovernment Science, Engineering and Technology Advisory Panel (ISETAP), 1978
AAAS-NSF Intergovernment Science, Engineering and Technology Advisory Panel (ISETAP), 1979
AAAS-NSF ISETAP, Workshop on Transportation-Leesburg, VA, February 1979
AAAS Office of International Science, AAAS Global Outreach, February 1987
AAAS Office of International Science, Science Attache Seminars, 1978
AAAS Office of International Science, Soil and Water Study Group, 1985-1986
AAAS Population, Resources and Environment (PREP)
     Congressional Seminar, Feb. 1986
     Aspen meeting, Jan. 1985
     Washington, DC meeting, Dec. 1989

[BOX 17]
AAAS Annual Meeting
     Washington, DC, Climate Futures Symposium, Feb. 1978
     Washington, DC, various papers on climate, Feb. 1978
     Houston, Symposium on Climate, Jan. 1979
     Houston, Climate Change Symposium, Jan. 1979
     San Francisco, Jan. 1980
          Symposium on Climate
          Environmental and Societal consequences
          Impact of Climate on Food Supplies
          Section meetings
     Toronto, Symposia on Climate, 1981
     Toronto, CO2 West Antarctic Ice Sheet Symposium Volume, 1981
     Toronto, CO2 West Antarctic Ice Sheet Symposium Volume, 1981
     Washington, DC, CO2 Climate Impacts Research Symposium Volume, 1982
     Detroit, Climate Symposia, 1983
     New York, Symposia on Climate, 1984
     Los Angeles, Symposia on Climate, May 1985
     Philadelphia, Symposia on Climate, May 1986
     Chicago, Symposia on Climate, 1987
     Boston, 1988
          Symposia on Climate
          Cancer Risk Assessment
          The Future of Hunger
          Prospects for Mitigating Climate Warming
San Francisco, Symposia on Climate, 1989
AAAS Annual Meeting: New Orleans, 1990
AAAS Section W: Atmospheric-Hydrospheric Sciences, 1984-1987
AAAS SWARM Division, 1981
AAAS Headquarters Relocation, 1984
AAAS VideoDisc Project, 1984
British Association for Advancement of Science, 150th Anniversary, 1969-1981
Richard Critchfield, 1979-1984
University of Lisbon Appeal, 1978

[BOX 18]
Chronological file
     Aug. 1979
     Oct. 1979
     Nov. 1979
     Dec. 1979
     Jan. 1980
     Feb. 1980
     March 1980
     April 1980
     May 1980
     June 1980
     July 1980
     13 Aug. 1980
     Sept. 1980
     Oct. 1980
     Nov. 1980
     Dec. 1980
     Jan. 1981
     Feb. 1981
     March 1981
     April 1981
     May 1981
     June 1981
     July 1981
     Aug. 1981
     Nov. 1981
     Dec. 1981
     Jan.-March 1984
     Feb.-May, 1984
     April 1984
     May 1984
     June-Aug. 1984
     July-Oct. 1984
     July-Dec. 1984
     Sept. 1984-Jan. 1985
     Oct. 1984
     Dec. 1984
     31 Oct.-15 Nov. 1984
     16 Nov.- 20 Nov. 1984

[BOX 19]
Chronological file
     7-11 Jan. 1985
     22-25 Jan. 1985
     25 Jan- 1 Feb. 1985
     4-8 Feb. 1985
     11-15 & 19-22 Feb. 1985
     25 Feb.-1 March 1985
     4-29 March 1985
     11-15 March 1985
     1-5 April 1985
     8-12 & 15-19 April 1985
     22-26 & 29-30 April 1985
     6-10 & 13-17 May 1985
     20-24 May 1985
     3-7 June 1985
     10-14 June 1985
     17-28 June 1985
     1-5 & 8-12 June 1985
     15-19 & 22-26 July 1985
     Aug. 1985
     Sept. 1985
     Oct. 1985
     Nov. 1985
     Dec. 1985
     Jan. 1986
     Feb. 1986
     March 1986
     April 1986
     May 1986

[BOX 20]
Chronological file
     June 1986 (2 Folders)
     July 1986 (2 Folders)
     Aug. 1986 (2 Folders)
     Sept. 1986
     Oct. 1986 (3 Folders)
     April 1987 (2 Folders)
     Oct. 1987
     Nov. 1987
     Dec. 1987
     Jan. 1988
     Feb. 1988
     March 1988
     April 1988
     May 1988
     June 1988
     July 1988
     Oct. 1988
     Jan. 1989
     Feb. 1989
     March 1989

Series IV: Organizations, 1971-1990

[BOX 21]
Committee and Organization Membership Lists, 1977-1979
Agency for International Development, 1978
American Geophysical Union, 1980
American Meteorological Society, 1981, 1986
Aspen Institute, 1977-1980 (4 Folders)
Changing Atmosphere: Implications for Global Security, Toronto, Canada, June 1988
Clark University, Climate Dynamics Program, 1980
Climate and Development Conference, Hamburg, Germany, November 1988
Climate Institute, 1988-1990
Conservation Foundation, 1980
Council on Environmental Quality, 1977-1984
DOE Workshop: First Detection of CO2 Effects, Harper's Ferry, WV, June 1981
East-West Center, 1989
Engineering Foundation, University Council on Water Resources, 1986
Environmental Protection Agency, 1981 and 1987 (2 Folders)
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan, 1978-1979
Gas Research Institute, 1981
ICSU/SCOPE Workshop: Climate and Society Interface, Dec 10-14, 1978
International Council of Scientific Unions, 1980-1983
International Federation of Institutes for Advanced Studies, 1981
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), 1978,1980
National Academy of Sciences, 1980-1982 (2 Folders)
NAS, Joint Mtg of Climate Board, Comm. on Intl Climate Programs, March 1979
NAS, Carbon Dioxide Assessment Committee, Climate Research Board, Oct 1980

[BOX 22]
National Association of Science Writers, 1981
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Environmental and Societal Impacts Group, 1975-1986
National Commission on Air Quality, 1980
National Environmental Development Association, 1985
National Research Council
     Climate Research Board, 1978-1981 (6 Folders)
     Climate Board, Natl Climate Program Advisory Committee, June 1981
     Climate Board, CO2 Assessment Committee, 4th Session, Sept. 1981
     Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, 1st Session, Nov. 1982
     Committee on Chloro-Flouro Methane, 1978
     Ad Hoc Study Panel on Economic and Social Aspects of CO2 Increase, April 1980
     Indo-US Science and Technology Initiative, 1984
National Science Foundation, 1978-1982
National Water Alliance, 1984
Oak Ridge Associated Universities, 1978-1982
Oak Ridge National Laboratory CO2 Data Inventory Project, 1980
Presidents World Hunger Working Group, 1978
Resources for the Future, 1986
Salzburg Seminar, 1981
Smithsonian Institution, Astrophysical Observatory
Tata Energy Research Institute, 1989
Tropical Ocean and Atmospheric Newsletter, 1983-1984
U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1982-1983
U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA, 1975-1983
U.S. Department of the Interior, 1982-1986
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1980-1988
U.S. Man and the Biosphere Program, 1980-1982
U.S. National Working Group for the Measurement of Pollution, 1981
United Nations Environment Program, Climate Impact Studies Program, 1979,1981
University of Colorado, National Hazards Research, 1981
University of East Anglia, Intl Conference on Climate and History, July 1979
University of Minnesota, CO2 and Climate Change Policy Options, April 1981
University of Nebraska, Center for Agricultural Meteorology and Climatology, 1979
Weather and Climate Report, 1978-1987

[BOX 23]
The World Bank, 1976, 1984-1985 (2 Folders)
World Future Society, July 1980
World Meteorological Organization (WMO), 1978-1987 (6 Folders)
WMO/UNEP, Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change, (IPCG) 1990 (2 Folders)
WorldWatch Institute, 1982-1984
Miscellaneous Conferences on Climate, 1978-1984
U.S. House of Representatives, Subcomm. on Scientific Research/Development, What About Water? 1972
U.S. House of Reps, Subcomm. on Intl Ops, Science, Technology, Amer. Diplomacy, April 1978
U.S. House of Reps, Subcomm. on Water and Power Resources, Oversight Hearing on Global Climate Change, Sept 1988
U.S. National Climate Program Act, 1977-1978
U.S. Senator Timothy E. Wirth, Keynote Address at World Conf. on Changing Atmosphere, June 1988
U.S. Senate
     Government Affairs Committee, Effects on Atmos. of Increase CO2, July 1979
     Energy and National Resources Comm., Effect of CO2 Buildup in Atmosphere, April 1980
     Letter to President Reagan re Greenhouse Effect, March 1988
     Bill S. 2614, July 1988
     Committee on Commerce, Science and Transporation, Hearings on Global Change Research, July 1988
     Bill S. 201, Global Environmental Degradation, Jan. 1989
Science and Technology Policy Issues, 1976-1977
Science and Technology Policy Issues, 1978
Science and Public Policy Issues, 1979
Science and Public Policy Issues, 1980-1985
Science and Technology in Foreign Affairs, 1976-1978
Science and Technology in Foreign Affairs, 1979-1985
U.S. Federal Travel Regulations, 1973-1980
U.S. and Propaganda, 1985

Series V: Miscellaneous Background Material, 1971-1990

[BOX 24]
Acid Rain (7 folders)
Aerosols, Ozone, Methane (5 folders)
Carbon Cycle, Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming (20 folders)

[BOX 25]
Carbon Cycle, Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming (12 folders)
CO2, Vegetation, Soils (6 folders)
Climate and Economics (3 folders)
Climatic History (8 folders)

[BOX 26]
Climatic History (3 folders)
Climatic Modelling (13 folders)
Forests (5 folders)
Energy (9 folders)
Environment (4 folders)

[BOX 27]
General Climate Material (22 folders)

[BOX 28]
Oceans (7 folders)
Papers (14 folders)
Population (7 folders)

[BOX 29]
Regions (4 folders)
Social/Political Aspects (7 folders)
Volcanic/Geology Activity (3 folders)
Weather (7 folders)
Miscellaneous (10 folders)
Map-Los Angeles Aqueduct System (1 folder)

Related Scientific Disciplines