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Finding Aid to the AAAS Committee on Arid Lands Records


Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents


Related Material

Administrative Information

Detailed Description of the Collection

  • Series I: Desertification Project, 1975-1981
  • Series II: National Park Service Project, 1980-1984
  • Series III: Smaller Committee Projects, 1975-1989
  • Series IV: Committee on Arid Lands, 1972-1988
  • Series V: Section H, 1975-1988
  • Series VI: Miscellaneous Background Materials

Overview of the Collection

Repository:     American Association for the Advancement of Science Archives, 1200 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005,
Creator:    AAAS Committee on Arid Lands
Title:    AAAS Committee on Arid Lands Records
Dates:    1965-1989
Quantity:    45.75 linear feet (44 boxes)
Abstract:     AAAS's earliest concern with the ecology and development of arid lands began in 1951, when the association's Southwestern Division organized a Committee on Desert and Arid Zones Research (CODAZR). This active regional committee organized a number of conferences over the next decade, primarily focused on arid lands research in the American Southwest. In 1961, CODAZR co-sponsored an international Latin American Conference on Arid Lands in collaboration with UNESCO, and subsequently it recommended that AAAS establish a national committee focused on arid lands globally. In 1965, AAAS formed a national-level Committee on Arid Lands (COAL) to increase public understanding, scientific knowledge, and scientific collaboration on issues related to drought and desertification in arid lands worldwide. For twenty-five years, COAL sponsored numerous international conferences, AAAS Annual Meeting symposia, publications, and projects related to different aspects of the emerging interdisciplinary field of arid lands research. Committee members and staff frequently collaborated with other AAAS committees with overlapping project areas, including the Committee on Climate and Section H (Anthropology). COAL activities brought together scientists from a wide variety of fields including geology, botany, zoology, soil science, water conservation, land reclamation, range management, and the social sciences, especially anthropology. The successive chairs for COAL were Terah L. Smiley (1965-1969), Harold E. Dregne (1970-1975), Dean F. Peterson (1976-1978), Gordon L. Bender (1979), and Cyrus M. McKell (1980-1989). From 1974 to 1989, Priscilla Reining, an anthropologist specializing in African cultures, served as research associate to the committee and project director for arid lands activities through the AAAS Office of International Science (OIS). AAAS disbanded COAL in 1989 as part of a reorganization of the association's work on humans and the environment (the AAAS Committee on Climate, begun in 1978, also ended the same year). Association interest in arid lands folded into a new AAAS Project on Population and Sustainable Development, which later became the AAAS Program on Ecology and Human Needs.
Language:    The records are in English.

Scope and Contents

Records, arranged in six series, include conference and workshop materials, commissioned and contributed papers, draft manuscripts, committee meeting minutes, and correspondence. Also included are some meeting records and correspondence for AAAS Section H (Anthropology). Background articles and materials from other organizations pertaining to arid lands are also included in this collection.

Series I includes organizational materials and resulting publications from two international meetings that initiated the AAAS Desertification/Arid Lands Project. The first was a June 1976 workshop, organized in collaboration with the East African Academy and the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Nairobi, and sponsored by the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program. This workshop served as a prelude to the AAAS Nairobi Seminar on Desertification that was part of the United Nations Conference on Desertification (UNCOD), held in Nairobi in August 1977. From these initiatives, COAL published a Handbook on Desertification Indicators in 1978.

Series II includes materials related to a review of methods for ecological resource monitoring in developing countries which the Arid Lands Committee undertook for the National Park Service (NPS) with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development. The two-year project, known as the "Methods project," produced a report providing methodologies for development planners working in developing nations on how to conduct natural resource inventories and ecological baseline monitoring. Four disciplinary panels--aquatic ecosystems, soils, plants, and wildlife--prepared reports and a synthesis panel integrated the reports and advised how to implement their findings in conservation projects. The project ended in 1984 with the completion of the report Natural Resource Inventories and Baseline Studies: Methods for Developing Countries.

Series III consists of several smaller sets of records pertaining to a variety of projects and conferences undertaken by the committee. The Remote Sensing records include conference proceedings and background materials collected by Committee staff during the 1970s and 1980s on applications of remote sensing to the study of desertification, climate change, and the impact of people on arid lands. Also included are a small number of records related to remote sensing seminars, meetings, and grant proposals organized by COAL. [The application of remote sensing technologies in arid lands research played a part in almost all the projects the Committee sponsored, and, thus, information on remote sensing technologies is located in several of the series.] Other records in this series cover the US/Chinese Scientific Exchange on Desertification (in which COAL collaborated with Chinese scientists in visits to American and Chinese arid lands research centers and co-sponsored a AAAS Annual Meeting symposium on arid lands); projects undertaken in collaboration with the United Nations' Environmental Program and its Man and the Biosphere program; collaborative research with Mexican scientists as part of a bilateral agreement on arid lands between the two nations; and a project on arid lands research in the Middle East. Included in this series are several photographs of Priscilla Reining and a few documents written in Chinese (both in Box 22).

Series IV contains COAL administrative records, such as meeting minutes, correspondence, symposia information, monthly reports and chronological files. Some of the records document activities for the AAAS Office of International Science in general. Also included are materials on some AAAS projects which were of interest to the Committee.

Series V contains administrative records (meeting minutes, correspondence, and symposia information) for AAAS Section H (Anthropology). Section H explored applications of remote sensing technologies, such as Landsat, to anthropology and archaeology. The section organized a Conference on Ecological Anthropology and the Use of Remote Sensing, held May 10-12, 1985, in cooperation with NASA, and subsequently formed an Anthropology Working Group in Remote Sensing. Anthropologists Francis Conant, Carole Crumley, and Priscilla Reining (AAAS) were central participants in these projects.

Series VI contains a chronological collection of background materials and an alphabetical record of other organizations (particularly the United Nations Environmental Program) and conferences pertaining to arid lands issues.


Records are arranged in six series. Series I: Desertification Project; Series II: National Park Service Project; Series III: Smaller Committee Projects; Series IV: Committee on Arid Lands; Series V: Section H; Series VI: Miscellaneous background materials.


Restrictions on Access

Collection open to the public for research.

Related Material

Records are related to materials in the Catherine Borras Files, particularly boxes 3 and 4 with files on the Desert and Arid Zones Committee, 1959-1973, the Arid Lands Symposium, 1954-1955, and Arid Lands Conferences, 1966-1969. Also related, in terms of AAAS collaboration with United Nation's programs, are records for the Cultural Factors in Population Programs and for Women in Development.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Committee on Arid Lands Records. AAAS Archives, Washington, DC.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Desertification Project, 1975-1981

[BOX 1: O-13-7]
AAAS Arid Lands/Desertification Activities, Summary, 1955-1979
AAAS Desertification Activities, 1976-1978
AAAS Desertification Activities, 1977-1978
AAAS Project on Desertification, correspondence, memos, 1976-1977
Interim Committee on Arid Lands, 1964
Committee on Arid Lands, Tucson, Arizona, 2 April 1965
Committee on Arid Lands, Berkeley, CA, 30 December 1965
AAAS International Conference on Arid Lands in a Changing World: Resolutions and Recommendations, 1969
Committee on Arid Lands, Yuma, Arizona, 10-11 October 1975
Committee on Arid Lands, Boston, MA, 20 February 1976
Advisory Committee on Desertification
     Tucson, AZ, 1 May 1976
     Tucson, AZ, 24-25 Sept. 1976
     Response to US Plant of Action to Combat Desertification, 1976
     Denver, CO, 29-30 Oct. 1976
     20 Feb. 1977
     Members' CV
Proposal: Desertification and Arid Lands Activities, 1977
Desertification Project Final Report, 1978
Inventory of Biological and Human Resources of the Sahel-Sudan Countries, 1974
Committee on Arid Lands, AID Sahel Development Program, 1977
Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio Conference Center, 1977
Agency for International Development, 1978
Asia Foundation, 1977
Ford Foundation, 1977
Charles Kettering Foundation, 1977
Lilly Foundation, 1977
Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, 1977
Society, Resource Use and Desertification, Proposal, 1979
NSF Proposal, Workshop on Desertification and Society, withdrawn, 1979
NSF Proposal, Society Resource Use and Desertification, not funded, 1980
Desertification monitoring statistics, 1980-1981
Miscellaneous papers

[BOX 2: V-4-7]
Economic, Social and Ecological Monitoring Workshop, Agenda and Proceedings, June 1976
Economic, Social and Ecological Monitoring Workshop, Planning, 1976
UNCOD Plan of Action to Combat Desertification, draft 1, 1976
UNCOD Plan of Action to Combat Desertification, draft 2, 1977
Nairobi Seminar on Desertification, 21-25 August 1977
     Agenda and statement
     Statement correspondence
     Rapporteurs' statements
     Potential participants
     Participants arrangements
     Participants, A-H
     Participants, I-Q
     Participants, R-Z
     Donors, 1978
UNCOD UNEP Orientation Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya, September 1977
UN Working Group on Water, Desertification and Environment, meetings, 1976-1977
UN Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations, 1977
US Department of State, Draft position papers for UNCOD, 1977
US Department of State, Arid Lands support, 1980
Long, Bill, correspondence, notes of conversations re UNCOD, 1976
Long, Bill, report on U.S. Preparatory Task Force for UNCOD, 1977

[BOX 3: T-3-2]
Correspondence, 1975-1978
Participant papers
Handbook on Desertification Indicators (report from Nairobi Seminar), 1978
General Correspondence, 1974-1978
Directory of North American Arid Land Studies
UN Correspondence, 1976-1977

[BOX 4: T-3-2]
List of participants, Nairobi Seminar on Desertification, August 1977
Nairobi Seminar on Desertification - transcripts of proceedings, August 1977
Washington Workshop - prep for Nairobi, June 1977
United Nations Conference on Desertification, March 1977
Workshop on Arid Lands, University of Nairobi, June 1976

[BOX 5: T-3-2]
Chronological file on Nairobi Seminar on Desertification, 1977
Background Material on the Directory of North American Arid Lands Research Scientists, 1977
Participants' Recommendations, Nairobi Seminar, 1977
Participants, Nairobi Seminar, 1977
Dr. Joseph Bergerard, French AAAS, 1977
Interciencia Association
Indian Science Congress
French Association for the Advancement of Science
East African Academy
British Association for the Advancement of Science
Co-Sponsorship Letters
Asia Foundation
United Nations Conference on Desertification (UNCOD) Progress Reports, 1977
UNCOD Draft Plan of Action to Combat Desertification, 1977

[BOX 6: T-3-2]
United Nations Conference on Desertification Documents - L Series, 1977
UNCOD Documents - L Series and report, 1977
Chronological File, 1978
End of project letters, by category
General letter/Summary
Chronological File, 1978-1980
Science Associations re Desertification
Expenses, 1977-1978
Nairobi Seminar on Desertification Statement, 1977
Statement Mailings, December 1977

[BOX 40: P-14-2]
Rapporteurs, 1977
UNCOD miscellaneous, 1977
Maybury, Robert H., 1978-1979
UNCOD, State Department, July 11, 1977
East African Academy, 1977-1978
Muchene, Sarah, 1978
Nairobi Statement responses

[BOX 7: Q-7-8]
UN Conference on Desertification - Desertification: An Overview, 1977
     Draft Plan of Action to Combat Desertification, 10997
     Participant list
     Synthesis of case studies of desertification
     Climate and Desertification
     Technology and Desertification
     Ecological Change and Desertification
     Population, Society and Desertification
     Case Study
          Region of Combarbala, Chile
          Greater Mussayeb Project, Iraq
          Luni Development Block, India
          Oglat Merteba Region, Tunisia
          Mona Reclamation Experimental Project, Pakistan
          The Eghazer and Azawak Region, Niger
     Australia, Gascoyne Basin: An Associated Case Study
     China: Combating Desertification in China. An Associated Case Study
     China: Control the Desert and Create Pastures. An Associated Case Study
     China: Tame the Wind, Harness the Sand and Transform the Gobi. An Associated Case Study
     Iran: The Turan Project. An Associated Case Study
     Israel: The Negev: A Desert Reclaimed. An Associated Case Study
     USSR: Integrated Desert Development and Desertification Control in the Turkmenian SSR. An Associated Case Study
     USSR: Golodnaya Steppe. An Associated Case Study
     Transnational Project
          Status on Feasibility Studies
          The Management of the Major Regional Aquifers in Northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula
          Green Belt in North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt), 1977
          Management of Livestock and Rangelands to Combat Desertification in the Subano-Sahelian Regions, 1977
          Monitor Desertification Processes and Related Natural Resources in Arid & Semi-Arid Areas of South America
          Monitor Desertification Processes and Related Natural Resources in Arid & Semi-Arid Areas of Southwest Asia

[BOX 8: R-3-2]
     Sahel Green Belt Tranational Project
     Decisions of the UN Water Conference Relevant to UNCOD
     State of desertification in the Hot Arid Regions
     Current International Activities to Combat Desertification
     Report on the Regional Preparatory Meetings
     Study of Alternative Economic Strategies for the Development of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands
     Report of the UNCOD
UNEP, UNCOD Report of the Secretary-General
UNEP, Integrated Project on Arid Lands
     Some aspects of desertification and their socio-economic effects in ECWA Region (Asia)
     Economic and Financial Aspects of Plan of Action to Combat Desertification
     World Map of Desertification
     News clippings
     Articles from (UNCOD) Desert Conference
UN Plan of Action to Combat Desertification, Financial Plan, 1980
AAAS/UNCOD, Critical Indicators, 1977-1978
COAL, Desertification Indicators Project, 1977
Definition of a Set of Indicators for Monitoring Desertification, Proposal to NSF, 1977
Seminar on and Field Applications of Desertification Indicators, Revised proposal to NSF, 1977
Seminar on and Field Applications of Desertification Indicators, supplemental funds, 1978
Handbook on Desertification Indicators, Proposal to AID for revisions, 1979
Desertification Papers/Handbook on Desertification Indicators
Desertification Indicators: Reports from working parties in India, Iran and Mexico, 1979
Materials for Handbook, Physical Indicators, 1977
Materials for Handbook, Social Indicators, 1977-1978
Site selection for testing of desertification indicators, 1977
Working Group on Physical Indicators of Desertification, August 23, 1977
Anthropology Work Group on Indicators, 1977-1978 (2 Folders)
Handbook on Desertification, requests, 1979-1981
Handbook on Desertification - background documents

[BOX 9: D-6-6 30215215]
Science and Technology for Development, 1977
U.S. Department of Interior
     Desertification Project, Monitoring Sub-committee, 1977
     Desertification Plan of Action Interdepartmental Task Force, Dec. 1978
     Desertification Task Force Meeting, May 1979
     Desertification Task Force Meeting, July 1979
     Desertification Assessment Project: Status and Termination, 1979-1981
U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on International Relations, New Directions in Development Aid, 1977
Desertification, Misc. literature
Nairobi Seminar on Desertification, Recording log for tapes, 1977
Tapes (16 BASF reel-to-reel tapes)

[BOX 10: T-3-2]
National Plan of Action to Combat Desertification: Steering Group, 1980
January-February 1980
March-April 1980
May-June 1980
July-August 1980
September-October 1980
November-December 1980
Information from Tom Greathouse, 1980
Letters to Reviewers

Series II: National Park Service Project, 1980-1984

[BOX 11: F-4-2 30215059]
Cummings, William
Treadwell, Dean
Information Systems - W. Cummings
First Mailing of Citations
National Park Service (NPS) Budget, 1982
Correspondence, NPS, 1981
Correspondence, 1981
NPS General Correspondence, 1982
Correspondence, NPS, June-July 1982
Letters to Reviewers
Preliminary Reviewers
KUX: Names and Addresses, AID Officers for AAAS/NPS Project
William Cummings-Scope of Work
Muckenhirn, Nan
Reining, Priscilla - Scope of Work (To Do List)
National Park Service Contract, 1981
NPS/AID/AAAS Scheduling
AID in R and D in the Federal Budget, 1982
AID Programming/Process (KUX)
AID Environmental Officer Interview
NPS/Renewable Natural Resources Meeting, 2 March 1982
OAS/DRD - NPS/USAID Workshop, 25 Feb. 1982
AAAS Meetings, 1983
NPS Publicity
NPS/AAAS Methods Project Report from Muller, 8 March 1982
Detail Travel and Consultant Expenses
Wigton, Statistical Techniques Remote Sensing, 24 Feb. 1982

[BOX 12: R-7-2]
NPS/AID Meeting, March 1981
NPS Overview for JT Ratchford
National Park Service-General Correspondence, 1980-1981
AAAS/NPS Methods for Environmental Studies - general correspondence, 1981
Correspondence, 1983
AAAS/NPS Contract Reports, 1981
NPS Regional Seminar - South Asia, 1984
NPS- Francis Conant correspondence, 1982
NPS-AAAS Negotiations, 1982-1983
NPS-Request for Materials, 1981-1982
Final Draft Mailing, 1982
Feedback on Proposed Methods Publication, 1982-83
NPS - 98th Congress Session, House of Representatives 479, June 1983
NPS - 98th Congress Session, House of Representatives 2733, 1983
NPS - time sheets, undated
NPS/AAAS budget, December 1980
Interagency Agreement, 1981
Press Release
News Releases of Methods Study
AAAS/NPS Outline Drafts: Synthesis, Animals, Aquatics, Soils, 1980-82
Materials to Panel (general)
Panel (general)
Panel Expenses (general)
Contract Review Meeting at NPS, 24 Nov. 1981
Joint Meeting-Soils, Plants, water Panels, March 1982
Progress Report
Monthly Report
Report: Handouts
July/August Handouts
Reining: Santa Cruz Mtg, 16-21 Dec. 1981
Unnamed-Reining Notes and Misc., 1982
Unfiled Note
Not Available
Not Available

[BOX 13: F-4-2 30215060]
Synthesis Panel
Synthesis Panel Outline
First Synthesis Panel Meeting, 23-27 March 1981
Background Remarks by Tom Ratchford, 23 March 1981
March 23 Meeting Notes Cannibalized, 30 May 1981
Synthesis Panel Meeting, Cambridge, MA, 30-31 May 1981
Synthesis Panel Meeting, Cambridge, MA, 12-16 July 1982
Synthesis Drafts
Synthesis Comments Green Draft
Synthesis August Draft
September Synthesis Draft
Integrated Inventories
Aquatic Ecosystem Panel Vitae
     Panel Vitae
     Panel Finances
     Draft (Ken Sebens Comments)

[BOX 14: F-4-3 30188766]
Soils Correspondence
Soils Panel First Panel
Soil Panel Meeting, 14 Nov. 1981
Soils-Draft, April
Soils Original Drafts
Original Westin Draft, 17 Feb. 1982
Original Dregne Draft
Soils Draft, 7 July 1982
Soils Draft, 7 July 1982
Baumgardner - June Revisions/AID
Baumgardner - Remote Sensing and Data Acquisition
Baumgardner's Notes - Chapter 3
Soils Remote Sensing - PCR and BDT Editing
Reining - Carrying Capacity Various Revisions
July/August Soils Drafts
For Soils Report (original tables)
Soil References
August - S. Davis Soils
Original Crosson Draft
Anonymous Chapter 8
Original Crosson Draft on Food and Fiber
Original Ahmed Draft 2
Soils - Tables of Contents
Panel Reviews
Soils Comments Green Draft

[BOX 15: F-4-3 30188767]
Institutions Information
Master - Santa Cruz Transcripts, Dec 1981
Highlights First Plants Panel Meeting, 17-18 December 1981
Plants-Panel Expenses
News Clippings regarding Plants
Plants - Outline
January and March Plants Outline
Original Bonham Draft, March 1982
Original Gross Draft, March 1982
Original Poulton Draft
Plants Draft, April 1982
Plants Draft, May 1982
Plants-Reviewers Reviews
Plants Review-May Edition
Review - July Edition - McKell and BDT Chapter I, Revises Outline
Treadwell - August/September Revision - working copy
Gross - Original Text BDT, September, Reining Comments re: Gross Review
Gross Plant, October and March, 1982
McKell-Cambridge Revision
Poulton Review of September Revision
Snedacker, Bonham Review of September
Snedacker's Copy of "Green"

[BOX 16: F-4-4 30188769]
Animals Panel Meeting, 8-9 July 1981
Animals Panel Meeting (Lynn Furey), 8-9 July 1981
Animals Panel Meeting, 9-10 July 1982
Animals Panel Correspondence
Animals Outline
Panel Expenses
Table of Figures, March 1983
Wildlife Comments Green Drafts
Wildlife Figures, September 1982
Animals Panel, Second Draft
Animals Panel, Second Draft, 25 January 1982
Animal Reviewers' Reviews
Animal Reviewers' File
First Animal Panel Report
Animals, Chapter 2 and 6, July
Klee, Cultural Ecological Assessment, Second draft, 12 February 1982
Animal Panel from Santa Cruz, First draft, December 1981
Animal References
Treadwell, Chapter 6
Animal Panel, March 1982
Animals Panel, April/May draft
Wildlife Draft, 12 Sept. 1982
Invitational Package

[BOX 17: F-4-4 30188768]
NPS-AAAS Park Project "Methods" Manuscript Correspondence, 1983
NPS "Methods Project" Manuscript, 1983
     Contents, Preface and Synthesis
     Aquatic Ecosystems
     Wildlife and Index
NPS "Methods Project"
     Aquatic Ecosystems Panel Review Report, 1982
     Aquatic Ecosystems References, 1982-1983
     Report "to do" lists on Punchcards, 1981
     Soils References, 1982
     Indexing, 1982
     Manuscript-Complete Green Draft, 1982
     Background/Related Articles
     Intro and Synthesis Proofs, Jult 1983
     "Methods Project" Printing Correspondence, 1983
     "Methods" Mailing List, 1983
     formal launching, Sept. 1984
     correspondence, 1984
     print order, 1984
     permissions, 1983-1984
     Methods book, permissions received, 1983
     "Methods Project" Publication Finances
AAAS financial results of operation, 1983-84
NPS - printing information and estimates, 1983
National Park Service, 1985
Resource Inventory

Series III: Smaller Committee Projects, 1975-1989

[BOX 18: D-7-5 30215224]
AAAS Science Seminar-Implications of Satellite Survey and Monitoring for Food Production, 1975
NASA RFP for Interdisciplinary research program in Earth Science and Reining Proposal Ideas, 1985
COAL (with Climate Committee) Proposal to NASA, 1987
Remote Sensing of Drought and Desertification, 1987
Proposal for Working Group on Draught and Desertification, 1987
Arid Lands and Remote Sensing (A)-Published Articles, 1970s
Arid Lands and Remote Sensing (B)-Articles and Meeting Materials, 1970s
Remote Sensing (I)-Informational Materials, 1970s
Remote Sensing (II)-Informational Materials, 1970s
NASA: Nimbus Earth Resources Observations, Technical Report No. 2, 1971
Remote Sensing-NASA Symposium, 1972
ERTS-1 (NASA Earth Resources Technology Satellite) List of Principal Investigators, 1972
Macleod, N.H., ERTS Image Analysis Project, Mali, W. Africa, 1972
Remote Sensing Literature II, 1974-1981
NASA Earth Resources Survey Symposium Abstracts, 1975
GEMS (Global Environmental Monitoring Systems), 1975-1980
Remote Sensing Reports and Articles, 1976-1978
Land Cover Maps and Statistics by James R. Wray, USGS (Maps included), 1976-1981
Soil Moisture Workshop-NASA/USDA-Remote Sensing, 1978
Kenya--Wigton sampling, 1978
Rosalie Fanale - Navajo Land Use Project-Remote Sensing, 1978-1980
Earth Resources Mapping in Africa Newsletter-Remote Sensing, 1979-1981
GEMS (Global Environmental Monitoring Systems), 1979-1980

[BOX 19: C-2-2 30215248]
Remote Sensing - literature (I), 1980-82
"Global Monitoring at the Service of the Decision-Maker" IIASA Conference Report by Bill Long to State Department, Sept. 1981
Daedalus Scanner Applications Worldwide-Remote Sensing Materials, 1982
Treadwell, B. Dean, Remote Sensing Program for the USAID, 1982
NASA, Global Change: Impacts on Habitability: A Scientific Basis for Assessment, Workshop Report, 1982
Remote Sensing - conferences, 1982-85
Tucker/Rondonia (Amazon)-Remote Sensing Report, 1983
Proceedings of the Integrated Data Users Workshop, USGS, Remote Sensing, 1983
U.S. Department of Interior - National High Altitude Photography Program, 1983
International Institute for Aerial Survey and Earth Sciences, 1984
NASA, Remote Sensing and Archaeology: Potential for the Future, Conference Report, 1984
Landsat Data Users Notes, 1984
U.S. Senate - H.R. 5155: Land Remote-Sensing Commercialization Act, 1984
Remote Sensing Newsletter Requests, 1985
W. Clark IIASA Earth Transformed Manuscript Outline, 1986
NASA Interagency Working Group for International Space Year, 1987-88
U.S. Congress and Global Change Research, 1988
Network Newsletter, NCAR, Natl Center for Atmospheric Research, 1988
IFIAS/Burton (Human Responses to Global Change), 1988

[BOX 20: P-7-5]
UN Environmental Program, Genetic Resources Report, 1980
Strategy Conference on Biological Diversity, 1980
UN Man and the Biosphere - Symposium on Application of Genetics to the Management of Wild Plant and Animal Populations (I), 1982
UN Man and the Biosphere - Symposium on Application of Genetics to the Management of Wild Plant and Animal Populations (II), 1982

[BOX 21: C-1-2 30215241]
"A Classification of the Biogeographical Provinces of the World" (Udvardy) MAB Report, 1975
MAB Publications, 1978-1980
MAB (Announcements, Correspondence, Newsletter), 1981
UNESCO-MAP Genetics and Wild Plant and Animal Populations, 1981-82
UNESCO-MAB Genetic Diversity, Feb-June 1982
U.S. MAB/COAL Correspondence over Proposal, 1987-88
Mexico-US Meeting on Scientific and Technical Cooperation in the Agricultural and Livestock Area, Saltillo, 1979
U.S., Mexico and AAAS letters, 1981
Fourth Bilateral Meeting on Arid Lands, Mexico City, 1981
Fourth Bilateral Mtg between US and Mexico on Management of Arid and Semi-Arid Lands and Control of Desertification, Mexico City, April 1981
Trip Report - Mexico-"Government Nominated Experts Meeting on Desertification in the Americas and the Caribbean", February 1982
Convenors Conference Correspondence, 1987-88
Drought without Disaster proposal, 1987
Convenors workshop, Glantz list of Conferences held on Drought in Africa, September 1986
Proposal to Trilateral Project/USAID for "Regional Arid and Semiarid Land Resources Research Symposia: Eastern Mediterranean Area", 1985-86
Regional collaboration proposal, 1987
CALAR - Cooperative Arid Lands Agricultural Research Program, AID/San Diego State University Fndn, 1987
Proposal to U.S. Institute of Peace for Middle East Project, 1987
CALAR Evaluation of CALAR's success, J. Schechter, July 1989

[BOX 22: D-7-3 30215221]
AAAS and China, 1978-1980
PR China Proposal/Winrock, to 10 May 1983
AAAS-CAST Proposal Funding, October 1983
PRC Proposal, 1983
COAL Proposal (PRC), 1983
PRC Proposal Comments, 31 May 1983
COAL correspondence re China, 1983
COAL/PRC 1983 Annual Meeting Symposium on Arid Lands
Utah - Chinese Scientists' visit [four photos], 1983
NOAA-China Correspondence, 1984
PRC, August 1984
COAL-China, trip to China, 1984
People's Republic of China, 1984
Delegation Trip Report, Arid Lands in China, 1984
COAL-Xinjiang Science and Technology, 1984-October visit
COAL--China, 1987
Zhao, Songqiao, 1983-84
Shao, Shu-Yun, 1984
Tucker, J.C., 1984
PRC - Vitae/Zhu Hang/Dept. of Technology and Human Affairs: Cooking Stoves and Space Heating in PRC
China Reconstructs (magazines), June 1983, August 1982, March 1983
China-Misc Background Materials
Green Chinese Book
CAST (China Association for Science and Technology) Datebook

[BOX 44: T-13-7]
ERTS correspondence, 1974
Arid Lands Information Center, Draft Environmental Report on Senegal, 1980
Background materials on environment, 1984
Comparative look at Arid Lands Demography and Ecology, 1985
East-West Center for Environment and Policy Institute, Workshop on Ecological Baseline Surveys and Monitoring, 1985
International Symposium on the Exploration and Utilization of Natural Resources in Arid Lands, China, 1985
NOAA Briefing at State Department on Climatology of the African Drought, 1985
Review of the 1977-1987 Decade of Action to Combat Desertification, 1988

Series IV: Committee on Arid Lands, 1972-1988

[BOX 23: R-7-2]
     Annual Report
     circular, 1980
     outline of projects, 1980-1981
     Annual Report, 1981
     program print charts, 1981-1983
     Annual Report, 1982
     OIS-Monthly Reports, 1982-1987
     Annual Report for AAAS Council, 1983
OIS trip reports, 1983
COAL, annual report, 1984
Report for COAL for OIS, 1984
OIS Monthly Reports, 1984
COAL, plans, 1984-1985
     plans, 1984-1985
     Annual Report, 1985
     update, 1985
     plans, 1985-1988
     Annual Report, 1986
AAAS Global Outreach, OIS report, August 1986
COAL, annual report, 1987
Trivelpiece, OIS presentation and preparation, May 1987
COAL, descriptive flyer, 1987
COAL, annual report for Council, 1988
COAL/OIS, program review, 1988
COAL Charter, 1988-1989
Proposal (not funded), Society, Resource Use and Desertification, 1979-1980
Proposal, Revision of Handbook of Indicators, 1980
Proposal for Workshop on Industrial Pollution in Tunisia, 1982
Proposal, African Workshop on Scientific and Engineering Societies in Research Planning, 1983
U.S./Chilean Scientists Project Proposal, 1988
COAL-NCAR Workshop - Proposal for Working Group on Drought and Desertification, January 1986
COAL Study Group on Drought and Desertification, background materials (2 Folders)
Working Group on Drought and Desertification, Boulder, Colorado, January 28, 1986
Working Group on Drought and Desertification, proposal for Review of the Decade of Action to Combat Desertification, March 1987
MacArthur Foundation, proposals and correspondence, 1987-1989

[BOX 24: D-5-7 30215207]
Cassette tapes of meetings, symposia and interviews, 1975-1985

[BOX 25: V-4-8]
AAAS Meeting, Human Life in Arid Lands Symposium, 1976
AAAS Meeting Symposium
     Social and Technological Management in Dry Lands, 1977
     Scientific Activities Relating to UN Conferences, 1977
     American Droughts, 1977
     Desert Dust: Origins, Characteristics and Effect on Man, 1977
     Desert Dust Panel, 1977
     Reclamation of Disturbed Arid lands, 1977
     Frontiers of Social Science, 1980
     proposal symposia for Toronto, 1981
     Patterns in Scientific Thinking, 1981
     Sino-American Exchange of Information, 1981
     Ecology Confronts Economics, 1981
     Macrodevelopment in the Tropical Forest and Arid Zones, 1981
     Unmet Requirements of Irrigation Project Development for Native American People in the US Four Corners Area, 1981
     International Science Programs, 1982
     COAL/CAST, Desertology Symposium, 1982
     Detroit, PR schedule, 1983
     General folders, 1986
     Review of the Decade of Action, 1977-1987
     Agroforestry in the World Today, 1987

[BOX 26: V-4-8]
AAAS Meeting Symposium, Drought, 1989
AAAS Meeting Symposium, Arid Lands: Wilderness or Wasteland? 1990
COAL Meeting
     minutes, 1975-1976
     Washington, DC, 4 Feb. 1978
     Lubbok, TX, 12 Oct. 1978
     San Francisco, 6 Jan. 1980
     Milford, Utah, 19-22 June 1980
     Toronto, Canada, 3 Jan. 1981
     Cremona Farm, 19-29 Sept. 1981
     Washington, DC, 3 Jan. 1982
     Detroit, MI, 29 May 1983
     New York, 28 May 1984
     Cuernavaca, Mexico, 25-27 Jan. 1985 (3 Folders)
     Los Angeles, CA, 26 May 1985
     Philadelphia, 24 May 1986

[BOX 27: V-4-7]
COAL Meeting, Chicago (2 folders), February 16, 1987
     Chicago, 16 Feb. 1987 (2 Folders)
     Tucson, AZ, 6-8 Nov. 1987
     Boston, 13 Feb. 1988
     San Francisco, 17 Jan. 1989 (2 Folders)
COAL, correspondence
     1980 (2 Folders)
     1983 (2 Folders)
     1985 (2 Folders)

[BOX 41: S-1-3]
COAL, 1979 (2 Folders)
COAL meeting, 14 February 1978

[BOX 28: Q-7-3]
OIS, general correspondence, P. Reining prof. corresp.
General correspondence, 1978
OIS, general correspondence, P. Reining prof. corresp.
     Feb. 1979
     March-May 1979
     June-July 1979
     August, 1979
     Sept.-Oct. 1979
     Nov.-Dec. 1979
General correspondence
     1980 (2 Folders)
     1981 (3 Folders)
     1982 (2 Folders)
     1983 (2 Folders)
OIS, general correspondence, 1984
     P. Reining, 1986-1987
Priscilla Reining correspondence, 1975
McKell, correspondence and notes, 1980

[BOX 29: D-7-3 30215220]
OIS New funding, 1978
COAL Budget, 1981
COAL Budget, 1982
COAL Budget, 1983
Budget mid-year review/COAL/NPS/PRC/PREP, 1983
COAL Budget Calendar, 1985
COAL - Funding sources, 1985-1986
COAL Budget, 1985-1986
Accounts/COAL Expenses, 1986-1988
Priscilla Reining, Mid-Year Budget Review, 1988
PR Bills Paid/COAL Financial Matters, 1988-1989
     budget, 1989
     Committee members, 1979-1980
     Nominees, 1981-1982
     Vitae, 1980-1983
     Nominees, 1984
     CVs/resumes, 1984-1985
     Committee members, 1985
     Committee members, CVs, 1985-1986
     Committee members, 1986
     Committee members, 1987
     Appointment process, 1987
     Nominees, 1987-1990
     Board representatives, 1986
     Committee member nominations, 1988
     Appointment process, 1988
     Appointment, 1990-1991
Cyrus McKell, Eugene H. Cota-Robles, Edith Bach Allen
Carol S. Breed, Hanna Cortner, Theodore E. Downing, Richard Ayerza
Gerald F. Gifford, J. R. Goodin, Compton James Tucker
William Lindsley Cummings, c.v.
Garcia Goya, Edmundo
Baker, Randall, 1985
Reining, P.
     AAAS Consultative Group on Annual Meeting Goals, 1985
     AAAS Working Group on AIDS, 1987-1989
     Notes on mix of COL, PREP, CAIP, other, 1985
     Memor to Koshland on famine, 1985
     review of Umoren for Rabinowitch, 1986

[BOX 30: O-6-5 30215119]
COAL Chron [9 folders], January-December 1989
CODAZR Arid Lands Research Newsletter, 1961-1972
AAAS Committee on Future Directions, 1978
AAAS-DOE Workshop, Environmental and Societal Consequences of a Possible CO2-Induced Climate Change, Panel reports, 1979
     Workshop, Environmental & Societal Consequences of a Possible CO2-Induced Climate Change, Panel Reports, 1979
     Workshop, Environmental & Societal Consequences of a Possible CO2-Induced Climate Change, background materials, 1979
     Workshop, Tapes of Panel III, 1979
     Meeting in Annapolis on CO2, Reining's notes, 1979
Miscellaneous cassette tapes (research, panels, symposia), 1978-1981

[BOX 31: F-4-5 30188770]
Torry, William, Anthropological Studies in Hazardous Environments, 1979
Science attaché meeting, New Crops and Biodiversity, 1981
Climatic Change journal, Editorial Board, Reining, 1981
Meetings attended by P. Reining, 1984
Land imprinting, Moy correspondence, 1984
Stockton State College
Reconstruction of Disturbed Arid Ecosystems, sponsored book, 1988
Chinese Academy of Sciences Integrated Resource Survey, 1988
Ridley, Nelson, IBRD World Bank, 1988-1989
Indo-US Environment Project, 1989
Pacific Science Association, 1989
Desert Cities, 1990
COAL publications
Newcomb Cleveland Prize, 1980
AAAS Info systems, 1980-1982
AAAS Senior Staff meetings, 1981
Proposed amendments to AAAS Bylaws, 1981
AAAS Manuscript Preparation Guidelines
AAAS Style Format for Publications
Internship Program
Summer Intern, H. Belefant, 1982
AAAS Board meetings, 1982
AAAS Staff memos/news, 1983-1984
AAAS Board meeting, 1984
Fellows, 1985
COAL, publications ordered, 1986
COAL, mailing, 1987
COAL, Bitnet, 1988-1989
Proposal, Strengthening the Scientific and Engineering Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1986
Interciencia, Argentina, 1988
CAIP, AAAS-AID Project, Egypt, 1982
CAIP, Reining's meeting notes, 8 April 1987
Congressional Seminar, Reining, Tides of People, 1986

[BOX 32: B-2-2 30215346]
Misc. chron, 1980-1981
OIS Chron
     Jan.-May 1982 (2 Folders)
     June-Dec. 1982 (3 Folders)
     1983 (2 Folders)
     June-Aug. 1983
     Sept.-Dec. 1983
     1984 (3 Folders)
COAL Chron, 1985 (12 Folders)
COAL Chron file, 1986 (12 Folders)
Chron, January 1987
[BOX 33: C-2-2 30215347]
Chron, 1987 (11 Folders)
OIS Chron, 1988 (12 Folders)

Series V: Section H, 1975-1988

[BOX 34: C-1-2 30215242]
Section H: Conference on Ecological Anthropology and Remote Sensing, Washington, DC, 10-12 May 1985
     General, (2 Folders)
     NSF Proposal
     Travel vouchers
     Background material
Section H:
     Anthropology Working Group in Remote Sensing (AWGRS), correspondence, 1986
     Remote Sensing Newsletter, 1985
     Remote Sensing Newsletter for Anthropology and Archaeology, 1986
     AAAS Fellow nominations, 1983 & 1984
     Nominations and voting sheets for Fellows, 1984-1986
     Fellows nominees, 1986 & 1987
     Proposal for Anthropology Compendium, 1974
     AAAS Selected Symposia/Westview Press, 1977-1984
     Ted Green, 1983
     Misc. and all sections, 1983
     AAAS administrative material, 1983-1984
     Cave Resources Protection Act, 1984
     Coalition on Social and Behavioral Sciences, 1984
     Human Biology Council, 1984
     Society for Economic Anthropology, The Development Process, 11-13 April 1983
     Seville Statement on Violence, 1987-1989
     Suggestions for 1987 & 1988

[BOX 35: B-7-7 30215392]
Section H: Annual Meeting 
     New York City, 1975 (2 Folders)
     Washington, DC, 1978
     Houston, TX, 1979
     San Francisco, CA, 1980
     Toronto, Canada, 1981
     Detroit, 1983
     New York City, 1984
     Symposium, Social and Technological Management in Dry Lands, 1977
     Symposia, Houston, TX, 1979
     Symposia, San Francisco, 1980
     Toronto, 1981
     Evaluating the Impact of Foreign Aid, 1984
     Reining review of symposia for 1985 meeting, 1984
     Symposia proposals for Los Angeles meeting, 1985
     Annual Meeting Symposia, Los Angeles, CA, 1985
     Frontiers in the Social Sciences, 1985
     Annual Meeting Symposia, Philadelphia, 1986
     Annual Meeting Symposia, Chicago, 1987
     Frontiers, 1987-1988
     Frontiers in the Social Sciences, Boston, 1988

[BOX 36: A-9-6 30219149]
Section H: List of Vice Presidents/Chairs, 1875-1988
Section H: Business meeting
     Denver, 22 Feb. 1977
     San Francisco, 4 Jan. 1980
     Detroit, 4 Dec. 1983
     New York City, 25 May 1984
     Los Angeles, 27 May 1985
     Philadelphia, 28 May 1986
     Chicago, 16 Feb. 1987
     Boston, 12 Feb. 1988
     San Francisco, 16 Jan. 1989
Section H: Meeting at AAA
     Denver, 15 Nov. 1984
     Washington, DC, 5 Dec. 1985
     Philadelphia, 6 Dec. 1986
     Chicago, 18 Nov. 1987
Section H: Correspondence
     from Bill Carey, misc., 1980
     post-meeting, 1980
     with IUAES, 1981
     meeting in Los Angeles, 1985
     and memos, 1988

[BOX 42: T-5-5]
Section H, AAAS Fellow Nominations
Section H
     Business meeting, Washington, DC, 1982
     AAAS Meeting symposia proposals, 1982
     AAAS Meeting symposia proposals, 1983
     Correspondence, 1981-1982

[BOX 43: T-13-3]
Section H, Resolution on Creationist Science, 1981
Section H: miscellaneous material, no date

Series VI: Miscellaneous Background Materials

[BOX 19: C-2-2 30215248]
African Pastoralism as a Problem in Rural Development, AID/Inst for Development Anthropology Workshop, Harpers Ferry, 1979
State/AID US Conference on Biological Diversity, 1981
Trip Report (Reining) "Workshop on Monitoring and Controlling Desertification in Sudan", 1983
Biosalinity Conference, U of Arizona, James O'Leary Trip Report, 1984
Assn of Arid Land Studies, 1984
Improved Utilization of Natl Resources in Semi-Arid and Arid Regions, Mendoza, Argentina, 14-16 Nov. 1984
Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi-Symposium about Desertification, 1984
African Drought-NOAA Meeting, 1985
Assn for Arid Land Studies (AALS) Conference, April 1985
Org. for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Environment Cttee Meeting Information, 1985
UNEP Briefing, 30 April 1985
NCAR-Africa/COAL: Memo and Handout, Re: Drought, Famine, 1985
Conference Announcement: "Health and Migrating Peoples" Texas Tech, 1985
International Conference on Economics of Dryland Degradation, Reining Notes, Canberra, 1985
UNCSTD (UN Centre for Science and Technology Devlpmt) Workshop on Desertification, Michigan (1 of 2), 1986
UNCSTD Workshop on Desertification, Michigan (2 of 2), 1986
US Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, Regional Meetings, 1986
North Vietnam, Mickey Glantz, Hanoi State University, 1987
The Environmental Agenda and Foreign Policy, State Dept, April 1987
3rd World Academy of Science and the New Intl Centre for Research, 4-5 May 1989
Smithsonian Institute-Food, Agriculture, and Rural Development, Oct. 1989

[BOX 37: D-7-4 30215222]
Critchfield-Published Article (Undated) "Is the Food Gap Closing?"
Ecological Change and the Politics of African Land Use (Richards) Article-Manuscript
Report of the AAG Task Force on Environmental Quality, Assn of American Geographers, 1973
Australian Arid Zone Newsletter, 1976-1977
NSF Current Projects in the Field of Arid Lands Research, 1977
UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) Arid and Semi-Arid Ecosystem Matters, 1978
Winrock International, The Role of Ruminants, 1978
U. Arizona Report to USAID: "Arid/Semi-Arid Natural Resources Program", 1979
Foundation for African Science and Technology, 1979-1981
Statistics Canada: Framework for environmental statistics-Background Publication, 1979
Betz, Mathew-What Technology is Appropriate for Africa? Talk Text, 1979
"Managers Guide to Data Collection" AID Program Design and Evaluation Methods, 1979
Misc Articles, 1979-1981
Draft Environment Report on Cape Verde (Univ. of Arizona, NPS, USMAB), 1980
Bennett, John-Resource Degradation in the North American West, Draft, 1980
Spooner, Brian-The Significance of Desertification manuscript and correspondence with Reining, 1980
Science articles (25 Jan, 7, 21 March) on Environment, Development, 1980
Hellden and Stern, Monitoring Land Degradation in Southern Tunisia Report, 1980
Oram, Peter-What are the World Resources and Constraints for Dryland Agriculture? Manuscript, 1980
"Terrain Analysis Procedural Guide for Climate" US Corp of Engineers, 1980
"Productivity of Desert Ecosystems" Bioscience, 1981
UN Food and Agriculture Organization Publications, 1980-81
Agricultural Demographic Project 1979-1981 Thesis List, 1981
AID Environment Funding-Publication, 1981
UNEP-State of the World Environment, 1981
UN Environmental Program, #1 , 1982
UN Environmental Program, #2, 1982
Science, Vol. 217, No. 4563, 3 September 1982
Eckholm, Down to Earth (1982) and Barbara Ward Testimony, 1986
"Six State High Plains Ogallala Aquifier…" Background Materials, 1982
"Water Resources in Food and Energy Production" Manuscript, 1982
African Development Foundation, 1983
Bailey, "Delineation of Ecosystem Regions" Background Materials, 1983
Resources, Environment, and Population: The Global Tomorrow Coalition Conference, Mazingira, 1983
"An Annotated Bibliography on Sustainable Development-A Selective Reference Guide", World Bank, 1983
Deforestation, Background Materials, 1983-1987
"West African Landscapes" by Paula Williams, 1984
Martin Billings Manuscript, AID, 1985
Deserts Article, New York Times, 1985
World Bank: "Fuelwood Crisis in Tropical Africa", 1985
NOAA/AID Rainfall Atlas of Africa, 1985
The World Health Organization: Resisting Third World Ideological Pressures-Published Analysis, 1985
Famine Early Warning System (FEWS) USAID, 1986
Africa-Misc. Articles, 1986
Articles on Land Use and Environment in Ancient Greece, 1986-1987
Climate and Environment, Journal Articles, Clippings, 1986-87
Articles by C.V. Malcomb, Western Australian Dept. of Agriculture, 1987

[BOX 38: G-6-7 30188755]
American Society of Photogrammetry, 1980
American-Arab Affairs Council - conferences, 1983
Aspen Institute: Agro-Climatic Information Systems, Boulder, 1980
Association for Arid Lands Studies (AALS), 1986
Center for the Study of Global Habitability (I)
Center for the Study of Global Habitability (II)
Global Habitability Notes, 1985
Consortium of Social Science Associations - UNESCO
El Agib Arabian Gulf University/Middle East, 1986
Global Studies Center, Baynard
Global Studies Consortium of New Jersey Colleges and Universities, 1986
Global Tomorrow Coalition Forum Organizing Committee Meetings, 1982-85
Globescope International Forum, 1986
International Association for Impact Assessment, 1984
ICSU - International Geosphere-Biosphere Program, 1986
IFIAS: Human Response to Global Change Prospects for International Programs, 1987
Institute for Development Anthropology,
International School of Climatology Third Course - Sicily, Italy, 1983
Kenya National Academy for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences, 1978-79
Middle East Institute - conferences, 1983
NAS - Research Management for Development Planning, 1980
NSF Soils Panel on Desertification, 1979
NSF-UNEP Social Indicators, 1977
Overseas Development Council - Constituency Building for Global Issues, 1980
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 1985
Science Association of Nigeria Newsletter, 1981
Science Council of Canada, 1985-1986
Smithsonian Forum on Global Change and Our Common Future, 1989
SAREC - Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation, 1978
UN Advisory Commission on S and T, 1984
OTA Water Related Technologies Project, 1981
Papers on Desertification Assessment and Mapping, UNEP/FAO, December 1980

[BOX 39: D-6-5 30215214]
USAID, Africa Bureau: Firewood Workshop papers, 1978 (2 Folders)
USDA/SEA OALS of University of Arizona - desertification monitoring
UNDOC: Current Index
UN Food and Agricultural Organization - Rome, July 1981
UN Environmental Program Meeting: Government Nominated Experts on Desertification, 1982
UNEP Governing Council, May 1983
UNEP Governing Council, State Department, and Tolbais Statement, 1983-1984
UNEP "International Referral Program"
UNEP - International Symposium on Integrated Global Monitoring of the State of the Biosphere, Tashkent, USSR, October 1985
UN Technical Cooperation/Developing Countries
U.S. Department of Energy, 1981
U.S. GAO - Integrated Data Users Workshop, 1981
USGS - Integrated Date Users Workshop, 1981 (2 Folders)
US Public Law 95-88: International Development Assistance
U.S. State Department - Strategy Conf. on Biological Diversity (I), 1981
U.S. State Department - Strategy Conf. on Biological Diversity (II), 1981
University of Arizona: Arid Lands Today and Tomorrow, 1985
Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development, 1985
Wyoming Human Services Project, 1978-1980