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Finding Aid to the AAAS Population, Resources, and Environment Program Records


Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents


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Administrative Information

Detailed Description of the Collection

  • Series I: Committee on Population, Resources, and Environment, 1983-1989
  • Series II: PREP Subcommittees, 1984-1989
  • Series III: PREP Seminars and Symposia, 1974-1989
  • Series IV: Miscellaneous, 1979-1989

Overview of the Collection

Repository:    American Association for the Advancement of Science Archives, 1200 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005, email
Creator:    AAAS Office of International Science
Title:    AAAS Population, Resources, and Environment Program Records
Dates:    1982-1989
Extent:    11.25 linear feet (9 boxes)
Abstract:     In 1984, AAAS convened an advisory group to evaluate the interest and necessity of creating a project to investigate the interactions between population, resources, and the environment. The initiative was prompted by the prospect of an increase in the world's population from 4.8 billion in 1984 to between 7.7 and 11.6 billion by 2050. The advisory group recommended creation of a Committee on Population, Resources and Environment. Chaired by Roger Levien, the committee provided guidance for AAAS Population, Resources, and Environment Program (PREP) activities. PREP addressed the problems and opportunities that arise through interactions among population, resources, and environment, while stressing interdisciplinary approaches, international cooperation, and the application of scholarship to public policy issues. Committee members were divided into five subcommittees to address the following substantive areas: intellectual history; inter-dependency of food and population; technological change; the demand side of population; and transnational impacts. PREP sponsored a variety of meetings, technical workshops, policy briefings, international symposia, and general sessions at the AAAS Annual Meeting. It also commissioned and conducted research on the subcommittee subject areas. The major products of the program were two book-length manuscripts published in 1989: a volume on the intellectual history of research on population, resource, and environment relationship issues, and a report on food, resources, and population inter-dependencies. The program disbanded in 1989 upon the completion of its major projects.
Language:    The records are in English.

Scope and Contents

Records, arranged in four series, include conference and workshop materials, commissioned and contributed papers, draft manuscripts, committee meeting minutes, and correspondence, as well as background articles, reports, and newspaper clippings on several Population, Resources and the Environment topics.

Series I includes the initial Advisory Group materials that pertain to the origin of the program; planning reports and funding options; numerous meetings discussing the establishing policies and goals; correspondence between members of the executive committee; proposals and drafts; PREP meeting agendas, minutes, correspondence, and other materials ranging from January 1985 to December 1989; correspondence from 1983 to 1986 as well as correspondence between major participants and AAAS administration.

Series II includes information on PREP subcommittees on the following topics: Subcommittee on Food, which included three study groups titled: International Dependence of Food and Population; Agroforestry; Soils and Water; Technological Change; Transnationalism; Intellectual History; Population - the Demand Side; and Consensus.

Series III includes records of the AAAS Annual Meetings. During the annual meetings, there are numerous symposia dealing with special topics and presentations by major players in the specific fields. The records of the symposia include working and final drafts, correspondence, planning materials, meeting agendas and other background materials. The series contains the files from the 1985 to 1988. The topics pertain to population and food/hunger issues. This series also includes congressional seminars on population, resources and the environments from 1985 to1987. There are records that pertain to the Bangalore, India Seminar held in 1986, the background, working and final drafts, correspondence, subcommittees, and manuscripts. Finally, the series contain other Office of International Science and PREP working group materials, as well as other miscellaneous materials.

Series IV contains miscellaneous correspondence, background material, and other records. It includes the chronological correspondence files of PREP program director Charles V. Kidd and AAAS staff officer Amy Auerbacher Wilson for 1987, chronicling the daily activities of the program. There is also one folder of correspondence regarding requested books. The series also includes background materials presumably collected by program staff during PREP research, dated mainly from the early 1980s. These publications and other records document the U.S. Senate Global Foresight Roundtables (1981-1985), the Conference on Population (1984), and other meetings and conferences, as well as the related ongoing work of organizations such as the United Nations. Finally, the series contains miscellaneous PREP records.


Records are arranged in four series. Series I: Committee on PREP; Series II: PREP Subcommittees; Series III: PREP Seminars and Symposia; Series IV: Miscellaneous.


Restrictions on Access

Collection open to the public for research.

Related Material

Records are related to other material from AAAS Office of International Science.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

AAAS Population, Resources, and Environment Program Records. AAAS Archives, Washington, DC.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Committee on Population, Resources, and Environment, 1983-1989

[BOX 1]
Advisory Group on Population, Resources and Environment Program (PREP)
     Planning Report, Mellon Foundation, 1983
     meeting, 17 Oct. 1983
     meeting, 17 Nov. 1983
     meeting, 16 Jan. 1984
     meeting, 23 March 1984
     correspondence and memos
     Briggs, Rodney, 1984
     Levien, Roger, 1984
     Matthews, Jessica T., 1984
     Sills, David, 1984
     Stroup, Richard 1984
PREP Proposals
     drafts, Dec. 1983-March 1984
     drafts, May-July 1984
     Final, Nov. 1984
     Mellon Foundation, 1984
     comments and notes, Jan-Dec. 1984
     Descriptions and internal planning, 1984
     Newsletter list, 1984
     Issues, 1984
     Institutions, 1984
     Proposals, Funding and budget, 1984-1985
     Budget, 1985
     Funding strategy, 1986-1988
     Division of labor, 1985
     Consension draft statements, 1985
     Consension correspondence, 1985
     Committee annual reports, 1984-1989
Narrowing Differences in African Food Production, September 1985

[BOX 2]
PREP Meetings: Wye, MD, 18-20 Jan. 1985
     Correspondence, 18-20 Jan. 1985
     Agenda, 18-20 Jan. 1985
     Issues paper by Charles Kidd, 18-20 Jan. 1985
     Notes, 18-20 Jan. 1985
     Minutes, 18-20 Jan 1985
PREP Meetings: Leesburg VA, 28-29 Sept. 1985
PREP Meetings: Wye, MD, 11-13 April 1986
PREP Meetings: Washington, DC
     Agenda, 22-23 Nov. 1986 (2 Folders)
     Correspondence, 22-23 Nov. 1986
     Minutes, 22-23 Nov. 1986
     Agenda, 30-31 May 1987
     Minutes, 30-31 May 1987
     Agenda, 12-13 Dec. 1987 (2 Folders)
     Minutes, 12-13 Dec. 1987
     Agenda, 17 Sept. 1988 (2 Folders)
     Correspondence, 17 Sept. 1988
     Minutes, 17 Sept. 1988
     Agenda, 15 April 1989
     Minutes, 15 April 1989
     Agenda, 16 Dec. 1989
     Minutes, 16 Dec. 1989

[BOX 3]
PREP correspondence
     1984 (2 Folders)
     with staff, 1985-1986
PREP memos, Kidd, Charles, 1984-1985
PREP memos, Wilson, Amy, 1986-1987
PREP Vitas
PREP correspondence
     Boulding, Elise, 1986-1987
     Brown, William,1989
     Caldwell, Lynton, international issues, 1985
     Campos-Lopez, Enrique,1985
     Committee members, 1986-1987
     Committee re new members, 1984-1986
     Demeny, Paul,1984-1987
     Demeny, Paul, papers, 1986-1988
     Forman, Richard, 1987-1988
     Harrison, Anna J., 1985
     Johns, Lionel, 1984-1988
     Lesourne, Jacques,1984-1987
     MacKay, Buddy,1985-1987
     Meadows, Donella, 1984-1988
     Myers, Norman, 1985
     Pimental, David, 1985-1987
     with Reining, June 1984-Juen 1986
     Ridker, Ronald G., 1984-1988
     Sai, Fred T.,1985-1989
     Other and Salati, Eneas, 1987-1989
     Schultz, Paul,1985 & 1989
     Singer, S. Fred,1984-1985
     Teitelbaum, Michael S., 1987
     Zeidenstein, George, 1985
     with NAS, 1984-1987

Series II: PREP Subcommittees, 1984-1989

[BOX 4]
Subcommittee on Intellectual History: Correspondence
          Authors, 1986-1989
          NEH funding proposal, 1986-1987
          Publication of manuscript, 1987-1989
          Teitelman, Michael, 1984-1985
          Teitelman, Michael,1986-1988
     Conference, 1986-1987
     Participants, 1987
     Related material
Subcommittee on Population - The Demand Side
     Correspondence: Chair, 1986-1987
     Correspondence: Other, 1987
     Project description, 1986-1987
     Related material
Subcommittee on Food
     Agroforestry Study Group correspondence with David Pimentel (chair), 1985-1988
     Background material, 1984-1987
     Correspondence with Donella Meadows (chair), 1985-1988
     Formation of Study Groups, 1985
     Interdependency of Food and Population Study Group correspondence, 1985-1989
     Manuscripts, 1986-1989
     Soil and Water Study Group-general correspondence, 1985-1987
     Soil and Water Study Group-correspondence with Elise Boulding (chair), 1986-1989

[BOX 5]
Subcommittee on Technological Change
     Charter and early planning, 1985
          general and notes
          William Clark/IIASA, 1983-1984
          William Clark/IIASA, 1985
          William Clark/IIASA, 1986-1987
          Lionel (Skip) Johns, 1985-1987
     Harvey Brooks Personal file
     Planning meeting, July 1987
     Sustainability Project
          Collaboration with the World Bank, 1987-1989
          draft proposals, 1988
          general correspondence, 1987-1989
          Harvey Brooks correspondence
               April-Sept. 1986
               Oct. 1986-March 1987
               April-Nov. 1987
               Dec. 1987-July 1988
               Aug.1988 - Dec. 1989
               Comments on proposals, 1987
     paper by Harvey Brooks, 1988-1989
     paper by Judith Kildow, 1988
     paper by Gordon Orians, 1987
     Background Materials, 1985-1989
Subcommittee on Transnationalism
     Correspondence-general files, 1988-1989
     Correspondence-Nazli Choucri (chair), 1989 (5 Folders)
     drafts, 1989 (3 Folders)
     funding and proposals, 1986-1988

Series III: PREP Seminars and Symposia, 1974-1989

[BOX 6]
AAAS Annual Meeting
     Los Angeles -Executive Committee Minutes, agendas and other, 1985
     Los Angeles - Symposium-Population Growth, Resource Use and Environmental Change, 1985
     Los Angeles - Symposium-Science and Technology Policies for Development, 1985
     Philadelphia - Symposium-Shifts in Thinking About Population - Environmental Relationships, 1986
     general files
     Chicago - Symposium, 1987
          Internationalization of Social Science: Views from Abroad
          Genetic Diversity and Food Security
          Global Competition in Agriculture
          Population Growth and Well Being
          Feeding the People Correspondence
          Feeding the People drafts and manuscripts
     Boston, 1988
          Symposium - The Future of Hunger
          Symposium - Scientific Disagreement with World Hunger
          Symposium - The Paradox of World Hunger - Grain Surpluses
          general files
OIS PREP Annual Meeting I
OIS PREP Annual Meeting II
Congressional Seminar
     on Population, Resources and the Environment, 1985
     Planning #1 - up to Dec. 1985
     Planning #2 - as up Jan. 1986
     Working files, 1985-1987
     #1, Feb. 1986
     #2, Feb. 1986
Africa Hearings
Congressional Seminar #2: Migration, April 1986
OIS PREP Congressional Seminars
OIS PREP Science Attaches Seminars

[BOX 7]
"Why has the green revolution been a success in India," M.V. Rao, Bangalore Seminar, 1986
M.V. Rao and Charles Kidd
     Correspondence, 1987
     Green Revolution manuscript, 4 Jan. 1987
     Master and comments, 10 Nov. 1987
     Submission to Science, 1988
Green Revolution: Background articles
OIS PREP Bangalore Meeting Follow Up
     Science and Technology Initiative
     Citation Index
     Background Documents
     Background Articles
     Press clippings
     NSF Indian Science review
     Final Report, Indo/US Meeting, 30 Dec. 1986
     US Papers
     Archana Sharma, 1984-1989
     Data Project (Demeny)
     Uncertainty Project
     International Activities, 1987
     Departmental Plan, 1988
     References, 1985
     Acquisitions list, 1984
     Inventory/Literature/Bibliography/Memos, 1985
     Electronic communication

Series IV: Miscellaneous, 1979-1989

[BOX 8]
AAW chron
     Jan. 1987
     Feb. 1987
     misc. chron, CVK PREP only chron, March 1987
     PREP misc. chron, April 1987
     PREP, etc., May 1987
     PREP chron, June 1987
     Aug. 1987
     Sept. 1987
     Oct. 1987
     Nov. 1987
     Dec. 1987
CVK chron
     Jan. 1987
     German, non-PREP, March 1987
     German, non-PREP, April 1987
     German Seminar, etc., May 1987
     June 1987
     July 1987
     Aug. 1987
     Sept. 1987
     Nov. 1987
     Dec. 1987
PREP books requested, 1987

[BOX 9]
AAAS: Workshop "Towards Peaceful Change: Science, Technology and International Security, November 1980
Beyond Famine: Population and Technology Assistance,
U.S. Senate Global Foresight Roundtable
     Global Resources, Population and Environment Headings, 1981-1983
"A Day for Agribusiness" Meeting, April 26 1984
PREP Related Meetings, 1984
PREP "Demand", 1984
PREP Documents for Meeting of Preparatory for the UN International Conference on Population, 1984
PREP Environmental Fund
OIS PREP World Wildlife Congress, 1987
OIS PREP Global Change Forum, 1989
"Rapid Food production growth in selected developing countries 1961 - 1976" Background Materials, 1979
"Guidelines for AIDS regional activities in Africa", 1980
U.N. activities pertaining to people, resources, environment and development, 1980
Public understanding of population issues - clippings, 1983-1985
PREP Background Materials Related Organizations and projects, 1983-1984
PREP Background Materials, 1983-1984 (4 Folders)
PREP Background Materials, 1984
PREP Background
PREP Background Materials Articles and Papers
Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT)