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Finding Aid to the AAAS Science and Human Rights Program Records


Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents


Related Material

Administrative Information

Detailed Description of the Collection

  • Series I: Case Files, 1974-1996
  • Series II: Country Files, 1954-1996
  • Series III: Project files, 1977-1999
  • Series IV: Correspondence, symposia, testimony, 1976-1991

Overview of the Collection

Repository:    American Association for the Advancement of Science 1200 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005,
Creator:    AAAS Science and Human Rights Program
Title:    AAAS Science and Human Rights Program Records
Dates:    1954-1996 (Bulk 1974-1996)
Quantity:    76.25 linear feet (61 boxes)
Abstract:    The AAAS Science and Human Rights Program has taken action on behalf of 3,000 scientists, engineers, and health professionals in over 70 countries who have been detained, persecuted, imprisoned and/or tortured. The program conducts its actions through letters, petitions, and fact-finding missions. The program has supported use of forensic science in Argentina, Guatemala, and Haiti, as well as the use of statistical applications to document human rights abuses in South Africa and Kosovo.
Language:    The records are primarily in English.

Scope and Contents

Records include case files on individual scientists, mission reports, administrative records, photographs, testimony, and publications.


Records are arranged in four series. Series I: Case Files, 1974-1996 (described in second finding aid available at archive); Series II: Country Files, 1954-1996 ; Series III: Project Files, 1977-1999 ; and Series IV: Correspondence, symposia, and testimony, 1976-1992.


Restrictions on Access

Individual case files containing sensitive and graphic information may be restricted. Researchers must obtain access permission from Science and Human Rights staff. Contact the Archivist by phone at (202) 326-6791, by email at, or at AAAS Archives, 1200 New York Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20005.

Related Material

Records are related to materials of the Committee on Scientific Freedom, Responsibility and Law and the AAAS Scientific Freedom, Responsibility and Law Program.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Science and Human Rights Program Records. AAAS Archives, Washington, DC.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Case Files, 1974-1996

[BOX 1] Case files: Andrei Sakharov, 1973-1989
Soviet Union
     Correspondence on behalf of William Bevan, 1973-1974
     Press clippings, 1973
     Press clippings and correspondence, 1977-1978
     Press clippings and correspondence, 1980
     AAAS Action on behalf of Sakharov, 1980
     Press clippings, 1981
     Correspondence on behalf of Sakharov, 1980-1983
     Press clippings
          Jan.-June 1984
          July-Aug. 1984
          Sept.-Dec. 1984
     Correspondence on behalf of Sakharov, 1984
     Press clippings, 1985
     Correspondence on behalf of Sakharov, 1985
     Press clippings, 1986
     Correspondence on behalf of Sakharov, 1986
     Press clippings, 1987-1989
     International hearings, 1985

[BOX 2] Case files: Soviet scientists, A to Kon, 1976-1989

[BOX 3] Case files: Soviet scientists, Kor to Sto, 1976-1989

[BOX 4] Case files: Soviet and East European scientists, 1976-1989

[BOX 5] Case files: Latin American scientists (restricted) 1974-1986

[BOX 6] Case files: Latin American scientists (restricted), 1980-1986

[BOX 7] Closed cases: Turkey, USSR, Germany, 1980-1992

[BOX 8] Case files: Chile, 1980-1986

[BOX 9] Closed cases: Asia and Southeast Asia, 1983-1993

[BOX 10] Closed cases: Africa and Middle East, 1984-1991

[BOX 11] Closed cases: Africa, 1984-1992

[BOX 12] Closed cases: South and Central America, 1987-1992

[BOX 13] Closed cases: China, Turkey, Sudan mission, 1989-1990

[BOX 14] Closed cases: Africa and South Africa, 1990-1992

[BOX 15] Case files: Multiple countries, 1990-1994

[BOX 16] Case and country files, some topics, 1990-1994
Nuclear proliferation
Children's issues

[BOX 17] Case files, multiple countries; Annual meeting symposia; SHR Fellowship, 1989-1990

[BOX 18] Closed cases: Middle East, Israel mission, 1991

[BOX 19] slides/photos on meetings and cases (explicit images), 1976-1990s
Argentina - slides of forensic mission
     IC and IC1, 1985
     IC2 to IC5, 1985
     IC6 to IC9, 1985
Argentina - photographs of forensic mission
     MP1, MP2 and lab, 1985
     includes documents, 1985
Chile - slides, photographs, and documents, 1976-1986
Brazil - photograph of Dr. Harry Shibata, July 1980
Bulgaria - photograph of Solomon Ben-Joseph
Cambodia - slides and photographs, copy of Cambodia Witness, Murder by Government, by Amnesty International, 1975-1979, 1981-1982,1988
El Salvador - slides and photographs, Correspondence, 1982-1983, 1988
German Democratic Republic
Paraguay - Joelito Filartiga Case
Philippines - photographs
     1981, 1983, & 1986
     no date
South Africa - slides and photographs, 1989
South Korea
Soviet Union - photographs, 1980
Togo - slides, 1983-1984
North and South Korea - publications, 1993
Miscellaneous (untitled and Mengele slides)
Microcassettes/Interviews with Raymond Suttner and P. Davis, 11 April 1989
Phillippines - MAG (Medical Action Group) - "Healing and Oppressed" slides and Audio cassette, 1986
Brazil - slides of Josef Mengele exhumation, June 1985
General SHR and meeting - slides and photographs 1989
Turkey - AAAS mission, 1996
"The Intersection of Science and Human Rights," 22 March 1996
Trip - Honduras National Rights Commission, photographs by Matt Zimmerman, February 1999
Canada - U.S. Human Rights Information and Documentation Network (CUSHRID) Meeting, AAAS Headquarters, Washington DC, 1-3 May 1998
AAAS Annual Meeting: Annual Science and Human Rights Program Reception in honor of Haluk Gerter (Germany), 1996
Annual Science and Human Rights Program Reception, February 1998
Annual Science and Human Rights Program Reception, in honor of Alexandu Nikitin, January 1999
Annual Science and Human Rights Program Reception, in honor of Dr. Moncef Marzouki, Febrary 2002
Science and Human Rights Dinner, Baltimore Annual Meeting, February 1996
Science and Human Rights Program (CUSHRID-net) Training Session, mid-1990s
Seminar Class at Princeton: Talk given by S. Hansen, 1996
HURIDOCS meeting, mid-1990's
Science and Human Rights Program meeting, mid-1990s
Science and Human Rights Program meeting, mid-1990s
Science and Human Rights Program meeting, mid-1990s
Science and Human Rights Program meeting, mid-1990s
Science and Human Rights Program meeting, mid-1990s
Directory of Persecuted Scientists, Engineers, and Health Professionals, May 1992

Series II: Country Files, 1954-1996

[BOX 20] Country files: Central and South America, 1954-1988
AAAS Staff Participation, Report on Central American University Tour, 1985
AAAS Reception for Central American Rectors, 1984
Villasuso Paper: Social Science Research in Central America, 1982
Science and Human Rights Development in Central America, 1971-1980
Brazil - Press Clippings, 1988
Brazil - Press Clippings, 1987
Colombia - Background Information, 1979-1988
Cuba - Albert Fibla, Jose Pujals, 1984-1988
Cuba - Armando Valladares, Poet, 1981-1982
     Rosal, Blanca, US Asylum request, 1985-1987
     Ninth Garcla (GAM), 1986
     de Flores, Leonel, Physician, 1984
     AAAS Embassy of Guatemala correspondence, 1982-1985
     UN Reports, 1981-1985
     March elections, 1982
     misc., 1982
     background, 1981
     general background, 1954-1980
     background (Spanish), 1981-1983
AAAS Participation on AI Honduras Mission, 1981
Nicaragua - Human Rights Violation Cases: Scientist, Engineers, and Health Officials, 1980-1986
Nicaragua - General Background, 1981-1987
Nicaragua - Articles, 1982-1983
Paraguay - General Background and Scientist Cases, 1977-1987
Paraguay - Domingo Laino, Economist, 1980
Paraguay - Luke Holland, 1981
Peru - Press Clippings, 1988
Peru - Press Clippings, 1987
Clearinghouse: Past Activities, 1986
AAAS CSFR Meeting with Department of State Officials, 1982
AAAS Correspondence on Imprisoned Latin American Scientists, 1981

[BOX 21] Country files: Latin America, 1970-1985
Cuba - Background: Articles, New Releases, etc., 1980-1986
Cuba - Background: Reports, 1978-1981
Costa Rica - Background Information, 1980-1985
Honduras - Background Information, 1981-1985
Mexico - Background, 1978-1984
Venezuela - Background, 1980-1985
Peru - Background, 1982-1985
Surinam - Background, 1982-1985
     Co-group newsletter (AI), 1983
     reports, news releases, etc., 1983
     articles, 1982-1983
     background, 1984
     background, 1985
Panama - Background, 1981-1985
Guatemala - Media Coverage, 1982
Guatemala - Press Conference Materials, 1982
Various countries - Human Rights Violations Directed Against Medical Personnel, 1981-1985
Paraguay - Itaipu Hydro-power Project, 1982
Paraguay - Paraguay Watch, 1980-1985
Latin America - Congressional Testimony, 1981
Latin America - Human Rights News Clippings, 1977-1982
Argentina - Background, 1984-1986
Central America - Background, 1982-1983
Central America - Background, 1984-1985

[BOX 22] Country files: Latin America, 1974-1987
     Requests for Argentina report, 1984-1987
     Background info., 1984-1985
     Background info., 1983-1984
     Torture testimony, 1982-1984
Bolivia - Background Information, 1980-1985
Brazil - Background Information, 1979-1985
     Academics at VECTOR Research Institute, 1985
     Catholic University, Psychology Dept., 1984
     NAS Mission of Inquiry, 1985
     American Committee for Human Rights Mission, 1985
     Background information
          June-Dec. 1985
          Jan.-May 1985
     Chilean Medical Association Congressional Testimony, 1984
     Chilean Medical Association, Persecuted Health Professionals, 1984
     Public Health in Chile, 1974-1977
Columbia - Background Information, 1980-1985
Columbia - Medical Ethics Law, 1986
Dominican Republic - Background Information, 1982-1984
Ecuador - Press Clippings, 1980-1982
El Salvador - Cases, AAAS Report, 1983
El Salvador - Cases, 1980-1986
El Salvador - Violence Directed Against Academic Community, 1986
Guatemala - General Information, 1984-1985
Guatemala - General Information, 1982
Guyana - Background Information, 1980-1985
Guyana - Academic Freedom, 1982
Haiti - Background Information, 1980-1985
Nicaragua - Background Information, 1985
Andean Focus, 1985-1986
Asamblea de la Ciudad, 1986
Central America - Background Information, 1980-1985
South America - Background Information, 1981

[BOX 23] Country files: Argentina, 1976-1981
Solidarity Committee with the Argentine People, 1978
General Background Materials, 1977-1978
Bazan, Nicolas, 1981
Bazan, Nicolas, Press Clippings, 1981
Press Clippings, 1981
Publications of other Organizations, 1976-1977 (2 Folders)

[BOX 24] Country files: Argentina, 1976-1988
Press Clippings and Background, 1988
Press Clippings, 1987
Background Information, 1986
Disappearances: Congressional and General Residents, 1977-1980
First Hand Testimony, 1977-1978
Science Reporting, 1984
Background, 1980-1983
Asamblea Permanente Por Los Derechos Humanos, (book)
Universities, 1973-1976
Education, 1982-1983
Publication P.H.R.G., 1978
N.N. Cemetery Report by Snow, Bihurriet, 1987
AAAS Testimony at the Trial of Argentine General, 1985
Disappearances (Rutgers Law Journal), 1985
Habeas Corpus filed by Kaplan, 1978
Amnesty International, 1977-1983
Authorities List, 1979-1981
Active Cases Sent to Argentinean E., 1984
AAAS Submissions to OAS on Disappeared Argentine Scientists, 1976-1979
AAAS Correspondence on Disappeared Children, 1982
Report: SHR in Argentina, 1976
AAAS Trip, 1981
ISI Meeting, 1981
CELS Arrests, 1981
AAAS Activities, 1976-1979
Joint AAAS/NAS Statement, 1979
Joint AAAS/NAS Statement, 1979
CSFR Statement, 1979
AAAS Council Resolution, 1979
Council Resolution on Argentina Responses, 1979
Summary of Daddario's Trip to Argentina, 1977
Background Paper on the Persecution of Argentinian Scientists, 1977
Disappearances: Scientists, 1977-1979
AAAS Scientists Prisoner List, 1977-1979
AAAS Activities and Others, 1977-1982
Brain Drain and Argentina, 1979-1981
Prison Correspondence, 1981
Health Services and Psychiatry, 1977
International Cancer Congregation, 1978-1979

[BOX 25] Country files: Argentina, 1977-1982
Personal Letters File, 1977
General Background, 1977-1979
Timerman, Jacobo, 1981-1982
Case Work on Detained Scientists
Argentine Briefing Book - Bruce Alan Kieman, 1978

[BOX 26] Argentina and Haiti, 1983-1995
Haiti - Background Information, 1995
Haiti - Correspondence with Dr. Margaret Weigers, Questionnaire Development, Haiti Project, 12 July 1995, 20 February, 1995
Trip to Haiti - photographs, Sept. 1995
     Lamentin Field, Omega-Port au Prince
     Saint Christophe
     Gonaives Rabotau
     Misc. Gonavies Cemetary
     Gonaives Cemetary and lab - Jean-Pierre Dazame, Fred Cheriska, Line Joseph, Frantz Moise, Elsien Dazame
     ordered set
     misc.- including morgue books
     misc. slides
     misc. negatives
     Video cassette- Exhumation at San Isidro Casanove Cemetery (Clyde Snow and Students), March 1983 (3 tapes)
     articles on AAAS forensic work, 1983-1993
     death threats received by AAAS Affiliates, 1993
     Guillermo Jose Maqueda case, 1993-1995
     Forensic Science Training Workshop, 1985

[BOX 27] Country files: Soviet Union, 1976-1978
"Human Rights Violations of Scientists", Paper by Kelly Weisberg, 1977
AAAS Human Rights Cases of Scientists, Lists, 1976-1985
CSFR Sponsored Ttrip to the CSCE Helsinki Review Conference in Vienna, 1987 (2 Folders)
AAAS Report: Scientists Imprisoned in the Soviet Union, 1987 (5 Folders)
Verified Releases of Soviet Scientists, Political Prisoners, 1987
AAAS CSFR Correspondence on US-USSR Psychiatric Exchange, 1988
Briefing Materials for AL Trivel Piece, AAAS, 1987
Explanation of Soviet Cases Imprisoned on Theft, 1987
Interivew with Valdmir Bukovsky on Helsinki, 1986
National Academy of Science Human Rights Related Material on the USSR and NAS, 1987
Preliminary Materials : Vienna Review Conference, 1986
Sen. Ted Kennedy's Trip to USSR, 1986
Amnesty International Information, 1985-1988
Group to Establish Trust, 1983-1985
Prisoner Lists Sent to AL for Verification,
Information from Spring 1986 on Soviet Prisoners, 1986
SMOLOSKYP Newsletter on Human Rights in Ukraine, 1986-1989

[BOX 28] Country files: Soviet Union, 1978-1987
Amnesty International Medical/ Urgent Action Cases, 1982-1987
Legal Changes, 1984-1986
Azbel, Mark, 1977-1978
Azbel, Mark Visit of 5-8 December, 1977
Labarsky, Mark, 1980-1981
Letter Writing to Soviet Prisoners, Publications, 1981-1988
National Council on Soviet Jewry Cases
Anti-Semitism in the USSR, Background Information, 1979-1983
Soviet Jewry / Refusniks, Press Clippings and Background Information, 1976-1987
Censorship of Science Magazine, 1979-1980
Sunday Seminars, 1977-1987
Sunday Seminars in Exile, 1982-1983
Inactive Case Files, 1976-1978
Proposed Letters to Soviet Colleagues, 1978
Complimentary Subscriptions to Science, 1979-1980
Trip Report of Bernard Cooper and John Parmentola, 1979
Abuse of Psychiatry, 1978-1986
Working Commission on the Use of Psychiatry for Political Purposes, 1978-1981
Walter Reich Articles on the Abuse of Psychiatry, 1975-1987
Partial list of Soviet Scientific Officials
Secondary Source Material, News Clippings and Background Information, 1985
Secondary Source Material, News Clippings and Background Information, 1984
Secondary Source Material, News Clippings and Background Information, 1983
Individual Cases, 1983
Individual Cases not Taken, 1982
Secondary Source Material, News Clippings and Background Information, 1982
Secondary Source Material, News Clippings and Background Information, 1978-1981
IPSA Meeting, Moscow, 1979
Secondary Source Material, News Clippings and Background Information, 1977

[BOX 29] Country files: El Salvador
APHA et al. Mission, 1983
Books, Medical Equipment, 1983
Articles on AAAS Mission, 1983
AAAS Mission Follow-up, Correspondence
Report of AAAS Medical Fact-Finding Mission, 1983
AAAS Mission Preparation, Correspondence
Letter to Officials, Mission Report and Responses, 1983
AID Meeting on El Salvador, Correspondence, and other AID Related Correspondence, 1983
Originals Obtained in El Salvador, 1983
Repression of Health Personnel, 1980-1983
U.S. Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador, 1980
photographs of Missing, "Disappeared", 1983
Health and Human Rights Violations, 1988
Press Clippings, 1988
Background Information, 1986
Articles on Health, 1982-1983
Articles on Universities in El Salvador, 1983
Articles, 1982-1983
misc, 1985
misc., 1984
Background Information, 1983
Articles I, 1982-1983
Articles II, 1982-1983
Argentina - Background, 1981
El Salvador, 1980

[BOX 30] Country files: Uruguay, 1980-1987
Conference on the Consequences of Repression in the Southern Cone, 1986
Mission, 1984
Background Information, 1983
Pen Visit to Uruguay and Report, 1983
Background Information, 1982
Report Materials, 1982
Background, 1981
Background, 1980
Plebiscite Vote, 1980
Authorities List, 1983
Prisoner Lists, 1980
Working Group, 1980
Goldstein Report, 1980
Otero, Mario, Address at AAAS Annual Meeting, 1982
Report Materials, 1980
Embassy Visit by AAAS, 1980
General Background, 1977-1979
Medical Profession: Torture, Medical-Participation, 1984-1986
Prison Condition, 1982
Medical Students, 1983-1984
Primack Paper on "Science and Human Rights: Uruguay and the Southern Cone", 1980

[BOX 31] Forensic Missions: Kenya and Latin America, 1984-1989
     AAAS CSFR Report on Kenya: The Medicolegal Aspects of the Investigation into the Death of Peter Njenga, 1988
     Kirschner Correspondence re Kanranja case, 1987-1988
     information on Karanja case, 1987-1988
     Kirschner, Dr. Robert (CSFR), detention on 11 Jan. 1988
     AAAS Correspondence re Kirschner detention in Kenya, 1988
     Kirschner Reports on visits to Kenya, July-Aug 1987 & Jan. 1988
     Forensic Science Trip, July 1987
Forensic Assistance Requests, 1987-1990
Venezuela - Juan Luis Palomares Forensic Case, March 1988 (Canceled)
El Salvador - Possible Forensic Mission - Loma El Chile - 3 Dead, November 1988
El Salvador - Forensic Mission, deaths of 10 Capesinos (Called off), October 1988
Mexico - Possible Forensic Workshop, 1990
Peru - Forensic Project Workshop, 1990
El Salvador - Forensic Mission, May 1998
El Salvador - Data Collected During Trip to El Salvador, January 1988
Guatemala/El Salvador - Preparation for Trip by AAAS Staff, January - February, 1988
Honduras - AAAS Forensic Consultation, Case Investigation/Exhumation, 1988
San Jose Forensic Workshop Proceedings, Summary in English, 1989
Central American Forensic Workshop, San Jose, Costa Rica, 13-16 Nov. 1989
Central American Forensic Workshop, Accounts, 1989-1991
Central American Forensic Workshop, Travel, 1989
Forensic Workshop in Argentina, 11-29 March, 1985
Argentina - Forensic Mission, 1984

[BOX 32] South Africa Mission, 1988-1990
South Africa
     Publicity given to "Apartied Medicine", 1990
     Article on South Africa trip, 1990
     responses to South Africa trip, 1990
     responses to letter from South African Minister of Health, 1990
     Submission to JAMA on South Africa trop, 1989 (2 Folders)
South Africa Mission
     general trip information, 1989
     trip expenses, 1989
     mailings to Delegates, 1989
     Visa Applications, 1989
     Correspondence, 1989
          Medical schools
          US government agencieds
          South African government officials
          professional organizations
          South African Embassy
     Delegates next of kin, 1989
     terms of reference, 1989
     expenses, 1988
     press releases and letter to the Editor, 1988
     contacts, Walter Massey, 1988
     Delegates and bios, 1988
     Visa Applications
     letters from medical school, 1988
     US Sponsor, 1988
     correspondence with NAMBA, 1988
     briefing for Delegates, 1988
     photos for South Africa Report expenses, 1990
     correspondence with US government officials, 1988
     meeting schedules and itineraries, 1988
     planning document, 1988
South Africa - Robert Kirschner, Kenya Incident, January, 1988

[BOX 33] Guatemala correspondence and information, 1984-1996
Selected Background Information on AAAS Forensic Activities in Human Rights, 1985-1991
Ford Foundation Proposal to Support Future Activities of the Clearinghouse on Science ad Human Rights, July 1984
Human Rights, Workshop Invitations, 1992
Guatemala - Arrangements, 1992
Lithuania - Background Files, 1988-1991
Guatemala - General Files, 1994
EAFG - General Files, 1994
EAFG - Training Program Proposal, 1993
OAS/UN - International Civilian Mission in Haiti, 1995
AAAS History, Forensics
Polish Aid Proposal, 1998
AAAS Forensics Missions, 1984-1991
AAAS Forensics Correspondence, 1992-1993
Guatemala - Correspondence, 1992
EAFD - Budget, 1994
Guatemala - Budget, 1993
Forensic Brochure, J. Gruschow, 1993
Colombia - Forensic Training, 1993
Argentina - Genetics, 1992
     general files, press and background information, 1992
     general files, press and background information, 1993
     press clippings, 1992
     press, 1994
     background files, 1994
     Judge's Workshop, 1993
Guatemala and El Salvador - Forensic Trip by EAAF, May 1991
AAAS Annual Meeting, Science and Human Rights Contribution, 1996
Reporters Participating in the September 19-22 Trip to Haiti, Background Information and Schedule, 1995
Liberia - News Article, 1996
Guatemala - Correspondence, Karen Burns, 1995
Haiti - General Files, 1995
Haiti - Press, 1995

[BOX 34] Country files: Guatemala, Haiti, and other countries, 1985-1996
Guatemala - Background Files, 1995
AAAS Forensic Mission to West Bank, April, 1989
Guatemala - Team Expenditures, 1994
EAFG Budget, 1994
Guatemala - Expenditures, 1993
Guatemala - Wire Transfers, 1993
Guatemala - Team General Correspondence, 1993
Guatemala - Budget, 1993
GFAT Expenditures, 1992
Guatemala Expenditures, 1992
Brazil - Requests for Forensic Mission to Brazil Report, 1990-1991
Cambodia - Documentation, 1975-1985
Bolivia - Background Files, 1983-1984
Guatemala - Correspondence to AAAS, 1992
Guatemala - Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (IIDH), 1992
Guatemala - Internal Correspondence, 1992
Workshop on the Application of Forensic Sciences to Human Rights Investigations in Central America,
     travel arrangements, 1992
     Forensic Anthropology Training Course, attendance list, 1993
     hotel arrangements, 1992
     budget, phase two, 1992
     interpretation, 1992
     final report and disk, 1992
     report to the Ford Foundation, 1992
     Final Report, 1992
AAAS, HURIDOCS, and Amnesty International, Coordinating Human Rights Documentation in North America, 12-13 November 1993
AAAS, HURIDOCS, and Amnesty International, Coordinating Human Rights Documentation in North America, 12-13 November 1993
Guatemala, 1992
     team members
     foremsoc anthropology team contract
     presenters, travel advance
     Patricia Bernardo
     Becky Sanders
Haiti - Documents, 1995
Haiti - Travel, 1995
Haiti - Forensics Project, 1995
Peru - Documents, 1993
Human Rights Correspondence, 1994
China - Human Rights Forum, 1995
Miscellaneous Country Files, 1993-1995
Program of Forensic Anthropology, Letters of Support, 1994
Guatemala - Press, 1995
China - Strategic Review, 1992-1993

[BOX 35] Country files: Guatemala, Haiti, forensic missions, 1986-1994
Forensic Anthropology Workshop, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Articles and Correspondence, 1991
     Human Rights Violations Data Base, agreement with Paul Yamauchi, 21 Aug. 1994
     car rental
     background information, 1991-1993
     contracts, 1992
     team report, 1992
     letter concerning Angela Contreras, 1993
     team, projected expenses and bank information, 1993
Equipo de Anthropologia Forense de Guatemala (EAFG), Activities Report, 1993-1994
Equipo de Anthropologia Forense de Guatemala, Correspondence, 1994-1995
Equipo de Anthropologia Forense de Guatemala, Reports, 1993-1994, 1994-1995
Forensic Science Brochure, 1993
Ethiopia - Human Rights Group, Fax, 1993
PGP - Pretty Good Privacy, Public Key Encryption for the Masses, 1993
Science and Human Rights Program, Prospectus, 1992
Science and Human Rights Statistics Project, Proposals and Concept Papers, 1992
Spirer, Herbert F. and Louise, "Survey Techniques for Monitoring Human Rights."
Peace Net, Brochures
Net News, 20 December 1994
AAAS Internet Services
Equipo de Anthropologia Forense de Guatemala, Correspondence, 1993
Human Rights Database Project, Hong Kong, 1993
IEEE Spectrum, "E-Mail: Pervasive and Persuasive," October 1982 and IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, "Technology Propels European Political Change, " Fall 1992
Proposal to International Business Machines for Funding Project on Personal Computers and Human Rights, December, 1992
Improving Human rights Documentation and Analysis Through Statistics and Information Management, 1993
Witness, Human Rights Group, Brochure and News Articles, 1992
UN: Snow Resolution/Proposal for UN Forensic Assistance and AAAS Response, 1992-1993
UN Commission on Human Rights, "Snow Resolution" Forensic Go-Teams, 1992
Human Rights Article, "Legal Medicine: 1989," by Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., Brochure for the 13th Meeting, International Association of Forensic Sciences (IASF), Dusseldorf, Germany, 1993, and Journal Forensic Science International, September 1984
Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1984
Forensic Cases, Newspaper, Magazine Articles and Brochures, 1979-1993
Bolivia - Human Rights Miscellaneous Papers, 1988-1990
Bolivia - Mission, 1989
Bolivia - Newspaper Clippings, 1989
Articles (in Spanish), on AAAS Forensic/Genetic Work in Argentina, 1984-1988
Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, Annual Report, 1993
Forensic Science and Human Rights Investigations, Argentina, Luis Fondebrider File, 1987
Equipo Argentino de Anthropologia Forense, Summary, Correspondence, and Miscellaneous Files, 1987-1995
AAAS Forensic Fellow, Argentina, Monthly Reports, 1986
Forensic Science and Human Rights Investigations, Argentina, Files, 1987
     Bernardi, Patricia
     Doretti, Mercedes
     Inchaurregui, Alejandrop
     Tidball Binz, Morris
     Herrera, Osvaldo
     Olmo, Darion
Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, Proposal Submitted to Ford Foundation, 1987
Argentina - Forensic Library, 1986

[BOX 36] Guatemala Mission [photos], 1989-1996
Proposal Appendix Materials, 1989-1991
September 1991 Mission, Notes, Correspondence, Travel Itinerary, Expenses, 1991
Correspondence, 1991
Prospectus, 1991-1992
John Merck Fund, December 1991 - April 1992
IIDH Correspondence, 1991-1992
Training Project: Complete Budget, January, [1992]
C.S. Fund (Warsh-Mott Legacy) Proposal, January, 1992
Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Team (Anthropologia Forense de Guatemala): Correspondence, Statutes, Equipment Lists, January-April 1992
Mission II: Correspondence, Itineraries, Schedule, April - May1992
Project: Notes, July 1991-April 1992
Technical Workshop on the Application of the Forensic Sciences to Human Rights Investigations in Guatemala, August 1992
Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation Proposal, 1992
Scherman Foundation Proposal, 1992
REEBOK foundation Prospectus and Correspondence, 1992
Project: Correspondence, 1992
Equipo de Antropologia Forense de Guatemala (EAFG)
     correspondence, 1992
     press, prospectus, proposals, 1992
     financial (budget, expenses), 1992
     financial (budget, expenses, financial reports, phone logs), 1992-1994
     trip to Guatemala, photos and negatives of work with EAFG, 1993
     trip to Guatemala, slides of work with EAFG, 1993
     stationary and press articles, 1993
     articles, updates, class and seminar schedule, 1993-1994
     correspondence, 1993-1994
     US press handouts, 1994
Correspondence with and Information on Karen Burns, Consultant for EAFG, 1995
IOB (Intelligence Oversight Board) Report, 1996
Global Exchange Publication - Guatemala, the Long Road to Peace, 1996

[BOX 37] Country files: Multiple countries, 1990-1996
Cuba - Background Files, 1994-1999
Iraq - Background Files, 1989-1996
Croatia - Background Files, 1999
El Salvador - Background Files, 1996-1999
Hong Kong - Background Files and Press, 1995
China - Background Files, 1996
Burma (Myanmar) - Background Files, 1997
Bosnia/Herzegovina - Background Files, 1997-1998
Bulgaria - Background Files and Press, 1994
India - Background Files and Press, 1995
Israel - Background Files, 1997-1999
Gaza Occupied Territories - Background Files, 1995-1996
Mexico - Background Files and Press, 1995
Russia - Background Files, 1996-1997
Paraguay - Background Files, 1996
Turkey - Background Files, 1995-1999
Turkey - U.S. Department of State, Report on Human Rights Practices for 1996, January 1997
Turkey - Reports, 1993-1997
Turkey - Reports, 1992-1995
Turkey - Turkish Medical Association, 1995-1996
Nigeria - Background Files, 1995
Palestine - Background Files, 1993
Ukraine - Background Files and Press, 1995
Turkmenistan - Background Files and Press, 1993
Kurdish Parliament in Exile, 1995
Korea - Reports, 1995
Miscellaneous Human Rights Correspondence from AAAS, 1992
Guatemala - Correspondence from AAAS, 1992
Guatemala - Correspondence, March - June, 1992
Guatemala - Correspondence, December 1991 - February 1992
Sevilla Working Group, 1989-1990
Argentina - Reports, Background Files, and Press, 1987-1991

[BOX 38] Country files: China mission, Human Genome Diversity Project 1991-1994
China - Mission to China Proposal, Papers, and Notes, 1993-1994
AAAS Guidelines for Adoption of Human Rights Casework
Guidelines for CSFR Sponsorship of Missions of Inquiry in the Area of Science and Human Rights
Case Management System for Persecuted Case Listings, 1993
Instructions for Preparation of Human Rights Cases for AAAS Alert Network
AAAS Case Work Guidelines
Freedom of Religion Reports
Letter to Catherin Dalpino Regarding Speech at the AAAS with the Washington Coalition on Human Rights on the Proposed Peace, Prosperity, and Democracy Bill and its Human Rights Implications, 7 March 1994
State Aid for Aid Law Draft and Letters, 1994
AAAS Alert Network, 1993-1994
Human Rights Foundation Correspondence on China, 1994
AAAS Science and Human Rights Program Guidelines on Funding From Governments and Other Sources
China - Human Rights Articles, 1993-1994
China Mission, Papers and Correspondence, 1994
The American Physical Society, Special Session, "The APS Program of Support for Physics and Physicists in the FSU: A View of the Recipients," 20 April 1994
Human Genome Diversity Project, General Files, 1994
Human Genome Diversity Project, Complaint, 1994
Human Genome Diversity Project, Correspondence, 1994
Human Genome Diversity Project, Proposal, 1994

Series III: Project files, 1977-1999

[BOX 39] Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, 1977-1989
Vienna Meeting I, 1986-1987
Vienna Meeting II, 1986-1987
Vienna Review Conference I, 1986
Vienna Review Conference II, 1986
Human Contacts Meeting, 1986
Tenth Anniversary Review and Congressional Hearing, 1985
Cultural Forum, Budapest, 1985
Human Rights Experts Meeting, 1985
Madrid Conference, 1982-1983
Madrid Conference, 1980-1981
Belgrade Conference, 1977-1988
Miscellaneous CSCE Progress Reports and Summaries of Congressional Hearings

[BOX 40] Minnesota protocol, testimonies, workshops, 1977-1994
     Final meeting, letter, June 1994
     re-taping, faxes, 1993
     "The Medical Treatment of Survivors of Torture," manuscript, 1993
     torture video papers, 1994
     final torture video papers, 1992-1994
     Video "Rehabilitation of Torture Victims"
          text and misc., 1990
          expenses, 1989-1990
          misc., 1988-1989
          misc., 1987
     WGBH contract
     Video "Rehabilitation of Torture Victims," grant proposals, 1987-1989
     Video "Rehabilitation of Torture Victims," misc., 1986
Mailing Lists for Chile, South Africa, Uruguay, United States, Europe, 1987
Requests for Philippines, Uruguay, South Africa Reports, 1988-1989
Minnesota Protocol
     notes, 1988-1991
     responses, 1991
     reference materials, 1988-1989
     accounting, 1991
     correspondence, 1989-1990
     conference, Oct. 1987
Mailing Labels, United Nations Manual, 1991-1992
Workshop Report in Latin America, Mailings, 1982
Workshop Report in Latin America, Responses (Spanish), 1982-1983
Workshop on Scientific Cooperation and Human Rights in America, Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, Report, March 1981
Workshop on Scientific Cooperation and Human Rights in America, Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility, Paper Abstract, General Papers, March 1981
AAAS Workshop on Scientific Freedom and Human Rights, Washington DC, June, 1977

[BOX 41] Statistics files, background papers, 1984-1985
Aborn, Murray and Demko, George J. - Paper "Can There be Social Indicators for the Observance of Human Rights?"
Banks, David L. - Correspondence and Abstracts "The Analysis of Human Rights Over Time" and "Patterns of Oppression: A Statistical Analysis of Human Rights"
Bilder, Richard B. - Research Proposal - "Determining Compliance with International Human Rights Standards"
Bollen, Kenneth - Proposal and Abstract "Political Rights and Political Liberties in Nations: An Evaluation of Human Rights Measures, 1950 to 1984" and Paper "Political Democracy and the Size Distribution of Income"
Bollen, Kenneth - Papers "World System Position, Dependency, and Democracy" and "Issues in the Comparative Measurement of Political Democracy" "Bollen, Keneth and Jackman, Robert - Paper "Economic and Non-economic Determinants of Political Democracy in the 1960s" Bollen, Kenneth, and Grandjean, Burke - Paper "The Dimension(s) of Democracy: Further Issues in the Measurement and Effects of Political Democracy"
Cingranelli, D. L. - Proposal "An Analysis of the Implementation and Impact of US Human Rights Policy; Abstract - "A Comparative Standard for Evaluating the Adequacy of Due Process Rights in the US"
Cingranelli, D. L. and Pasquarello, T. E. - Correspondence Regarding Proposal and Paper "Human Rights Practices and the Distribution of American Foreign Aid to Latin American Countries"
De Neufville, Judith I. - Papers "Human Rights Reporting As A Policy Tool: An Examination of the State Department Country Reports", "The Reporting of Human Right Statistics As A Policy Tool" and "Social Indicators of Basic Needs: Quantitative Data for Human Rights Policy"
Goldstein, Robert J. - Proposal and Paper "The Limitations in Using Quantitative Data in Studying Human Rights Abuses"
Quiroga, Jose - Paper "Uses of Epidemiology in the Study of Torture"
Stohl, Michael S. - Paper "State Violation of Human Rights: Problems of Concept, Measurement, and Data Collection"
Zunzunegui M. V.; Reiter, Randy B.; Quioga, Jose - Correspondence, Abstract, and Paper "Guidelines for Field Reporting of Human Rights Violations"
Evan, William M. - Paper "Human Rights and Legal Indicators: A Problem for Social Indicator Research"
Fein, Helen - Paper Abstract "Scales of Horror"
Hannum, Robert C. and Grove, D. J. - Proposal Paper "Assessment of Ethnic Equalization in Different Parts of the World"
Hannum, Robert C. and Longbotham, Roger - Paper "Measuring Inequality Between Income Distributions"
Henderson, Conway W. - Paper "Women's Political Participation in Africa and Latin American Countries"
Horn, Robert V. - Paper "Evaluation of Amnesty International Techniques" and Paper Proposal "Indicators for Evaluating the Work of Human Rights Organizations"
Kowalewski, David - Paper "The Human Rights of Demonstrators Statistical Measures"
Kruskal, William - Letter to Thomas Jabine Concerning Statistics and their Application to Human Rights
Ladd, Boyd - Paper Proposal on use of Statistical Techniques to Improve Human Rights Reporting and Analysis
Lautard, E. Hugh - Paper "Analyzing Trends in Sexual and Racial Inequality in Employment"
Romeu, Jorge Luis - Paper "Scientists, Universities, Professional Associations and Human Rights in Cuba after 1960"
Rubin, Barnett R. and Newberg, Paula R. - Article "Statistical Analysis for Implementing Human Rights Policy"
Savage, Richard I. - Papers "Hard-Soft Problems" and "Can There be Social Indicators for the Observance of Human Rights?"
Scoble, Harry M. - Paper "Comparative Indicators of Human Rights?"
Singer, David J. - Papers "Individual Values, National Interests, and Political Development in the International System" and "Modern War: From Conjecture to Explanation"
Smith, Theresa C. and Oleszczuk, Thomas A. - Papers "Trade and Arrests: Soviet-American Linkages in the 1970s" and "An Analysis of Bias in Samizdat Sources: A Lithuanian Case Study" and sample of Oleszczuk-Smith data
Ssemakula, James - Correspondence, Paper "Human Rights Violation in Uganda During 1981-1985: A Preliminary Statistical Analysis"
Sullivan, Michael J. and Dunn, Dennis - Paper Proposal "Statistical Assessment of Human Rights Data and Indicators"
Taylor, Charles L. - Paper Proposal "A Proposed Coding Scheme for Identifying and Measuring Human Rights Violations"
Wessels, David J. - Paper Proposal "Human Rights: Foundational Thought, Political Meaning, and Scientific Measurement" and Paper "Human Rights in Contemporary East Asia: An Empirical Study"
Wiegand, Bruce - Paper "Enumerating an Inner City Population: A Research Report" and Paper Proposal "How Many Homeless? A Critical Assessment of Method" 1986
Statistical Project: Call for Papers 1984-1986
Statistical Project: Finances 1984-1986

[BOX 42] Statistics project, 1986-1991
Cain, M., R. Claude, and T. Jabine, "A Guide to Human Rights Data Sources." 1990
Claude, Jabine, Introduction and "Exploring Human Rights Issues with Statistics." 1990
Alston, Philip, Correspondence, 1990
Stokke, Hugo, "Monitoring Human Rights Violations (Sri Lanka)." 1987-1989
Baehr, "Dutch Development AID and Human Rights." 1988
Campbell, Paul, "South Africa Statistical View of Racial Differences." 1960-1986
Donnelly and Howard, "Assessing National Human Rights Performance." 1987-1988
Fein and Spirer, "Discrimination of Life Integrity Violations." 1988
Powell, Nora, "Human Rights and Registration of Vital Events." 1980
Ramcharan, B. G., "U.N. Statistics and and Human Rights Proposal." 1988
Wiseberg, L., "Human Rights and Documentation and Information: A Survey." 1987
Statistics Project, "Letter Inviting Submissions and Responses Declining." 1987
Guidelines for Statistics Papers and Human Rights, 1987
Human Rights and Statistics: Press Breakfast, 1992
Human Rights and Statistics: Author Release Forms for UPP., 1990-1991.
University of Pennsylvania Press Correspondence, 1990-1991
Statistics Figures for Human Rights and Statistics Book, 1990-1991
Review of Database Project: Statistics and Human Rights Project, 1988
Database Outline, Letters for Database Project, 1989
Statistics Book Project, 1987
Statistics Book Project: Steering Committee, 1989
Statistics and Human Rights Book Project, Correspondence, 1987-1990
Comments on Human Rights Quarterly Article, 1986-1987
Statistics Project, Mailing to Steering Committee, 1987
Human Rights Book, 1989-1992
Miscellaneous Correspondence and articles on Statistics and Human Rights, 1987-1990
AAAS Statistics and Human Rights Project, 1984-1986
Clearinghouse Consultation, 1985
Clearinghouse Consultation, 1985

[BOX 43] Statistics book project, 1987-1991
Banks, David, "Patterns of Oppression: An Exploratory Analysis of Human Rights." 1988-1989
Bollen, Kenneth A., "Political Rights and Political Liberties in Nations." 1950-1984
Innes, Judith, Paper Update from Human Rights Quarterly. 1988-1989
Dickinson, Glenn, McClesky v. Kemp, 1988-1989
Dueck, Judith, "HURIDOCS Standard Formats and Human Rights Violation", 1990-1991
Goldstein, Robert J., "The Limitations of Using Quantitative Data in Studying Human Rights." 1988-1990
Gurr, Ted and Harff, Barbara "The Rights of Collectivities." 1989-1990.
Lopez, George and Pion-Berlin, David. "Analyzing Data on Human Rights Victims: The Case of the Argentine Desaparecidos" and Lopez and Stohl, "Problems of Concept and Measurement in the Study of Human Rights." 1988-1990.
Nowak, Manfred and von Hebel, Herman, "Dutch Supreme Court Papers." and "Human Rights and the European Community." 1988-1990
Pritchard, Kathleen, "Human Rights Reporting in Two Nations: A Comparison of the US and Norway." 1988-1990
Quiroga, Zunzunegui, Reiter, "Surveillance and Monitoring of Human Rights Violations" 1987-1990
Samuelson, D. and Spirer, H. "Use of Missing, Distorted and Suppressed Data and Information in Evaluating Government's Human Rights Performance." 1987-1990
Snow, Clyde and Bihurriet, "M. J. - N. N. Burials." 1988-1989

[BOX 44] Database technical assistance, statistics [photos], 1990-1996
photographs: Unknown Location and Date
Proposal to Ford Foundation to Support Future Activities of the Clearinghouse on Science and Human Rights, July, 1984
Forensic Science General: Articles, 1982-1993
Forensic Sciences and Human Rights General: Articles, Notes, Papers, 1984-1992
Access: Technical Report, Article, Prices, 1990-1991
Consultation on Improving Human Rights Documentation and Analysis Through Statistics and Information Management, 20 October 1992
Statistics and Information Management, 20 October 1992
CPSR, 1992
Tecs Change / Byte the Ballot Information, 1992-1993
Congressional Human Rights Foundation, April 1994
Correspondence with Patrick Ball, Margaret Weigers, Audrey Chapman, 1995
Correspondence with Patrick Ball: Database Design, 1993-1995
Database Project slides, July 1994
Patrick Ball - Papers and Essays, 1993-1995
Peru - Association Pro Derechos Humanos (APRODEH), System for Management of Case Reports of Human Rights Violations, 1992-1995
Peru - photographs and Negatives, July 1993
Peru and Columbia - photographs and Negatives, Including Photos of Dr. Alberto Figueroa, August 1993
Columbia - Luis Fernando Lalinde Case, 1993-1996
Honduras - Technical Assistance, 1995-1996
Nigeria - Correspondence, Articles, 1993-1996
Chile - GAF (Grupo Chileno de Antropologia Forense): News on Findings in Chile, 1984-1992
Chile - GAF: Correspondence with Dr. Alberto Teke Schlicht and Christian Orrego, 1989-1991
Chile - GAF: Workshop Schedule: "Encuentro Sobre Tecnicas Forenses Aplicadas a la Identificacion de Restos Oseos", 20 April - 4 May, 1990
Chile - GAF: Notes, May - December, 1990
9 Acoustic Cassette Tapes (Content Unknown)

[BOX 45] Guatemala Database GSF, Honduras, South Africa, 1994-1998
GSF Files
     Guatemala Database and proposals, 1994-1997
     Guatemala reports, 1993-1994
     Guatemala report, 1996
     general files, 1991-1993
     Guatemala files, 1993-1995
     Honduras general files, 1997
     Honduras general files, 1996
     Guatemala files, 1996
     Guatemala, 1997
     Honduras report, 1996
     Honduras proposal, 1997
     Honduras proposal, 1998
     International Center for Human Rights Research (CIIDH), Guatemala proposal, 1997
     Final report on the GSF grant, 1997
South Africa
     general files, 1997
     Violations of the Right to Health Care, Celebration of Sol Levine, 1997
     AAAS interview notes, 1990-1997
     AAAS, Bill 62, 1997
     AAAS interview notes, 1997
TRC Submissions - Health and Human Rights Project: Professional Accountability in South Africa, A Submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, For Consideration at the Hearings on the Health Sector, 18-18 June 1997 (3 copies)
Report from the Midterm Evaluation, Bergville District Child Survival Project, 27 August - 5 September, 1997
South Africa
     Health Review, 1996
     Changing Health in South Africa: Towards a New Perspectives in Research, 1991
     Prodder Newsletter, "World Summit for Social Development: The Global Challenge," March 1995
     Report, "Preliminary Submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Concerning the Role of Health Professionals in Gross Violations of Human Rights," 18 June 1997
     articles from SAMJ, Volume 87, Number 6, June 1997
     Another country
"Violations of the Right to Health in the Submissions Presented to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Health Care"

     Annual Report, Medical Association of South Africa, Jaarverslag, 1997
Consultancy - Tim Holtz, 1995
Philippines - Correspondence, 1993
Project ZORA, Correspondence, 1993-1994
Philippines - Class Action, 1994
Registry, General Correspondence, January - February 1994
Registry of Statistics, 1994
HURIDOCS - List, 1994
AAAS/ASA Human Rights Statistician's Consultant Registry, Registrants, 1995
AAAS/ASA Human Rights Statistician's Consultant Registry, Registrants, 1995
AAAS/ASA Human Rights Statistician's Consultant Registry, New Registrants, 1995
Consulting Service, Requests, 1995
UN, Economic and Social Council, "Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS and Programmes Addressed to the Mitigation of its Negative Socio-Economic Consequences."
Getzinger, Richard, Testimony Re: US Return to UNESCO, 25 June 1992

[BOX 46] Right to Health Care, Costa Rica Workshop, CUSHRID, 1992-1994
American Physical Society, AAAS Annual Meeting Symposium, "Scientists and Human Rights," 1994
AAAS Annual Meeting Symposium, Audrey Chapman, "Human Rights Action Networks," 1994
Science and Human Rights Advisory Committee, 1993-1994
Committee of Concerned Scientists, 1993-1994
AAAS Annual Meeting, Session Proposals, 1994
Liang, Nick, Human Rights in China, Letters, 1993-1994
Munoz, Elisa, Responses to Letters Regarding Liu Gang, 1993-1994
Letters Written on Behalf of Liu Gang, 1993-1994
Winick, Herman, Liu Gang, and Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1993-1994
AAAS Annual Meeting, Handouts, 1994
Letter to His Excellency Li Peng Regarding Liu Gang and Other Colleagues, Scientists Petition to Chinese Government on Behalf of Imprisoned Colleagues, 1994
AAAS Annual Meeting, Agenda, Miscellaneous Papers, 1994
Silicon Valley for Democracy in China, Science and Human Rights Reception, Amnesty International Appeal for Liu Gang, Miscellaneous Papers, 1994
AAAS Annual Meeting, Volunteer Information, 1994
AAAS Annual Meeting, Expenses, 1994
AAAS Annual Meeting, Blank Forms, 1994
Reception: Sponsored by AAAS Science and Human Rights Program, The American Physical Society, and the Committee Concerning Scientists, at the AAAS Annual Meeting, 1994
AAAS Annual Meeting, Address List, 1994
Richard Pierre Claude, Science and Human Rights Abstract for Annual Meeting, 1994
Richard Decker, Annual Meeting Speaker, Invitation, 1994
Fang, Li-Zhi, Annual Meeting Speaker, Invitation, 1994
Elisheikh Ahmed Kineish, Annual Meeting Speaker, Invitation, 1994
Yuri Orlov, Annual Meeting Speaker, Invitation, 1994
Speaker Invitations to AAAS Annual Meeting Reception
Annual Meeting, Miscellaneous Papers, 1993
Costa Rica Workshop, Reports, 1992
The Third Consultative Meeting on Core Human Rights in the Middle East, Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1994
Final Conference Report, Correspondence, 1994
Canada/US Human Rights Documentation and Information Network, Meeting RSVP's (yes), 1994
Canada/US Human Rights Documentation and Information Network, Meeting RSVP's (yes), 1994
Donors Luncheon, 1994
Canada/US Human Rights Documentation and Information Network, Meeting RSVP's (no), 1994
Letters to Working Groups, 1994
Canada/US Human Rights Documentation and Information Network, 1994
     change of date letter
     registration list
Coordinating Human Rights Documentation in North America, Sponsored by the Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems International (HURIDOS), Amnesty International, and AAAS Science and Human Rights Program, 1993
Coordinating Human Rights Documentation in North America, 1993
     meeting forms
     invitations and mailing lists
Consultation on the Right to Health Care, 4 Dec. 1992
     attendance list
     handout materials
     background information
     Beauchamp and Childress, "Principles of Biomedical Ethics"
     Churchill, "Principles of Justice: Rights and Weeds,"
     summary and notes
     Developing Standards and Indicators for Measuring the Right to Health Care
          agenda, 26 Feb. 1993
          attendance list, 1993
          summary, 1993
          topics, 1993
          invitation letter, 1993
          RSVP's, 1993
          background, letters, 1993
          Audrey Chapman's paper "Conceptualizing Right to Health Care", 1993
          handouts, Healthy People 2000, 1993
          summary, report, 1993
          measuring indicators, 1993
          chart, 1993
          House Resolution

[BOX 47] Right to Health Care II, 1994
Methodologies and Indicators for Monitoring the Impact of Health Care Reform in the United States from a Human Rights Perspective, Advisory Committee Meeting, Agenda, 19 April 1994
Methodologies and Indicators for Monitoring the Impact of Health Care Reform in the United States from a Human Rights Perspective, Advisory Committee Meeting, Advisory Committee List, 1994
Methodologies and Indicators for Monitoring the Impact of Health Care Reform in the United States from a Human Rights Perspective, Advisory Committee Meeting, Advisory Committee Memo, 1994
Methodologies and Indicators for Monitoring the Impact of Health Care Reform in the United States from a Human Rights Perspective, Advisory Committee Meeting, Handouts, 1994
Right to Health Care
     Heath Care outline and terms with references, 1994
     subcommittee, memos and attachments, June 1994
     Health Care meeting, memo and attachments, June 1994
     Health Care Committee, 1994
     Advisory Committee
          memo, mailing information, 1994
          project description, National Health Care
          planning committee, mailing attachments, 1994
          handouts, meeting, June 1994
          meeting, July 1994
     speaker address list
     mailing lists
     mailing lists
     Annual Meeting, 1992
     consultation attendance list, 1992
     project description
     executive summary
     revised executive summary
     general correspondence
     consultation invitations, 1992
     meeting, misc. papers, 1992
     international associations
     mailing lists
     organizations representations
     Audrey Chapman's OPED Piece
     reflections on the RTHC revisions
     participant list
     project summary original, 1993
     project misc., 1991-1993
     letter to all participants, 1993
     letter to all participants, 1993
     potential projects
     proposal to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for funding a project on health care as a human right
     reflections paper, 1992
     meeting attendance list, May 1992
     John Samples misc. papers, 1994
     Health Care Book
          edited volume, contributors, publication fax, 1994
          Alex's file, edited volume, 1993
          edited volume, description, 1992
          Chicago Manual Footnote sample
          edited volume, letters to publishers
          Thank you letters, 1993
     Science article, "Do We Have a Right to Health Care?" Nov. 1992
     paper submittal letter, 1992
     paper response, 1994-1995
     letters of invitation, Health Care Book, 1995
     Advisory Committee, address list
     Advisory Committee, availability, Jan.-Feb. 1995
     Health Care Consultation, agenda, Sept. 1992
     Health Care Consultation, attendance list, 1992
     follow up invitation, 1992
     reference material letter, 1992
     Health Care Consultation
          background materials, 18 Sept. 1992
          summary, 18 Sept. 1992
          presenters, 18 Sept. 1992
          agenda, 13 Nov. 1992
          attendance list, 13 Nov. 1992
          invitations, 13 Nov. 1992
          RSVP's, 13 Nov. 1992
          presenters, 13 Nov. 1992
          summary report, 13 Nov. 1992
          handouts, 13 Nov. 1992

[BOX 48] Foundation and project files, 1994-1999
RWJ Investigator Awards
RWJ Final Reports
Rebecca Wood Johnson
Merck Report, 1995
Merck, 1992
Merck, Guatemala
Mott, Ruth
Ford, 1994
Ford Report, 1994
Ford final, 1993
Ford Foundation, 4th grant report
Ford Foundation, 1992
Ford Foundation, 3rd grant report
Ford correspondence
GSF, 1998
JMG 1998
JMG, 1997
JMG proposal
JMG, 1995
JMG, 1996
JMG report, 1996
MacArthur report
MacArthur, 1999

[BOX 49] Articles on truth and reconciliation processes, concept papers, 1995-1997
Thomson, M. and P. McGorry, "Psychological Sequel of Torture and Trauma in Chilean and Salvadorean Migrants: a Pilot Study," 1995
Truth and Reconciliation Commission: Public Discussion, "Transforming Society Through Reconciliation: Myth or Reality?" Cape Town, March 1998
Van Zyl, Annette, Center for Intergroup Studies, Occasional Paper, No. 13, "The Influence of Violence on Children," 1990
Van Zyl, Paul, "Dilemmas of Transitional Justice: The Case of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation," 1999
Watson, Clarence C., "Shriver's 'Ethic for Enemies': Implications for Business Research," 1997
Weissbrodt, David and Paul W. Fraser, Human Rights Quarterly, "Book Review: Report of the Chilean National Commission on Truth and Reconciliation." 1992
Werle, Gerhard, "Without Truth, No Reconciliation: The South African Rechtsstaat and the Apartheid Past," 1996
Williams, David R., "Torture and Mental Health in South Africa."
Wilson, Richard A., "The Sizwe Will Not Go Away: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Human Rights and Nation-Building in South Africa," 1996
World Council of Churches, "Challenge to the Church: A Theological Comment on the Political Crisis in South Africa - the Kairos Document," 1985
Zalaquett, Jose, The Mathew O. Tobriner Memorial Lecture, "Balancing Ethical Imperatives and Political Constraints: The Dilemma of New Democracies Confronting Past Human Rights Violations," 1992
Zur, Judith, "The Psychological Impact of Impunity," 1994
Parker, Peter, "The Politics of Indemnities, Truth Telling and Reconciliation in South Africa: Ending Apartheid without Forgetting, " 1996
Parlevliet, Michelle, "Considering Truth. Dealing with a Legacy of Gross Human Rights Violations," 1998
Pion-Berlin, David, "To Prosecute or Pardon? Human Rights Decisions in the Latin American Southern Cone," 1993
Sarkin, Jeremy, "The Trials and Tribulations of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission," 1996
Sarkin, Jeremy, "The Development of Human Rights Culture in South Africa," 1998
Solomon, Susan D., Ellen T. Gerrity, and Alyson M. Muff, "Efficacy of Treatments for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder," 1992
Celli, Marco Tulio Bruni, Report, "Question of the Violation of Human Rights nad Fundamental Freedoms in any Part of the World, with Particular Reference to Colonial and Other Dependent Countries and Territories: Situation of Human Rights in Haiti," 1995
Van Zyl, Paul and Graeme Simpson, "South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission," 1995
Storey, Peter, "Reconciliation and Civil Society," 1994
Theissen, Gunnar, "The Public Perception of the Truth Commission and the South African Past."
Lawrence, Ralph, "Transition to Democracy: South America and South Africa," 1991
Lee, T. Zwi , South African Health Review, Draft Chapter 16: Mental Health, 1997
Liebenberg, Ian, "The Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa; Context, Future and Some Imponderables," 1996
Moore, John J., "Problems with Forgiveness: Granting Amnesty under the Arias Plan in Nicaragua and El Salvador," 1991
Neier, Aryeh, "What Should be Done About the Guilty?" 1990
Nino, Carlos S., "The Duty to Punish Past Abuses of Human Rights Put into Context: The Case of Argentina," 1991
Ohbuchi, Ken-ichi, Nariyuki Agarie, and Masuyo Kameda, "Apology as Aggression Control: Its Role in Mediating Appraisal of and Response to Harm," 1989
Orentlicher, Diane F., "Settling Accounts: The Duty to Prosecute Human Rights Biolations of a Prior Regime," 1991
Ensalaco, Marc, "Truth Commissions for Chile and El Salvador: A Report and Assessment," 1994
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Garton Ash, Timothy, The Truth About Dictatorship, 1998
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Cohen, Stanley, "State Crimes of Previous Regimes: Knowledge, Accountability, and the Policing of the Past," 1995
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Agosin, Marjorie, "Democracy for a Ghost Nation," 1993
Ball, Patrick, "Lessons Learned from the Truth commissions in Haiti, South Africa, and Guatemala: An Inside View," 1991
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Basoglu, Metin, Project Proposal, "Psychological Responses to Impunity for Perpetrators of Human Rights Violations in Survivors of War and Torture: A Multi-Site Study."
Berat, Lynn, "The South African Judiciary and the Protection of Human Rights: A Strategy for a New South Africa," 1991
Berat, Lynn and Yossi Shain, "Retribution or Truth-Telling in South Africa? Legacies of the Transitional Phase," 1995
Bolton, John R., "The Global Persecutors: Hunting War Criminals in the Name of Utopia," 1999
Bronkhorst, Daan, "Naming Names: Identity and Identification in Human Rights Work."
:GSF - Grant Contribution Terms and Conditions, 1999
"Incorporating Human Values in the Global Change Discussion" and "Environmental Science for Faculty in Theology and Ethics"
Concept Paper, "Scientific Freedom and National Security"
DBSR Concept Paper, "A Dialogue on Genetic Research and Applications with Scholars within the Jewish Tradition"
SHR Concept Paper, " A Human Rights Violation Survey Among Kosobar Refugees."
Cambodia Project, Correspondence, 1999
Concept Paper, "Developing a Systemized Monitoring System to Assist the United Nations and the Rapportuer on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief," 1999
Concept Paper, "A Conference on Cryptographya and the International Protection of Human Rights," by Patrick Ball, 1999
Concept Paper, Correspondence, 1998
DBSR Concept Paper, "Conference on Cosmology and Religion," 1998
Concept Paper, "Proposal for a 2-3 Day Workshop on the Place of Religion in Science, " 1998
Concept Paper, "The AAAS Annual Meeting as an Educational Resource for Theological Education," 1997
Concept Paper, "Science and the Right to Travel - Collaboration Between U.S. and Cuban Scientists," 1998
Concept Paper, "Truth and Forgiveness in South Africa," 1997
Concept Paper, "Crafting Tools to Interpret the Findings from Behavioral Genetics," 1997
Concept Paper, "Science Education and Its Reform in African Universities: An Interdisciplinary Approach," 1997
Review of Concept Papers, "Conceptualizing and Measuring Social and Economic Rights," "Environmental Ethics from a Scientific Perspective," and "Exploring Linkages Between Human Rights and Environmental Protection," 1992
"Developing Training Resources on the Application of the Forensic Sciences to Human Rights," 1994
Concept Papers, "Forum on Patenting of Life Issues" and "Establishment of a AAAS Program on Dialogue Between Science and Religion," 1995
Proposal to DOE on Human Genome Project, 1994
Concept Paper, "Design and Implementation of an Information System for the UN Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Bodies," 1994
Concept Paper, "Mission to China to Monitor Human Rights Conditions and Explore Scientific Exchange Needs," 1994
Concept Paper, "Developing Ethical and Religious Guidelines for Human Germ Line Alterations," 1994
Concept Paper, "Establishment of a AAAS Program on Dialogue between Science and Religion, " 1995
Concept Paper, "Health and Human Rights in South Africa," 1996
Concept Paper, "Computer System Development and Implementation for the National Commission for Human Rights, Hondurus," 1995
Concept Paper, "Development of an Information Management System for the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission," 1996
Concept Paper for Hong Kong Project
Concept Paper, "Development of Courses to Provide Religiously Grounded Environmental Theology and Ethics with a Scientific Foundation," 1996
AAAS Project of Assistance to the Latin American Federation of Human Rights Ombudsmen
AAAS Project of Assistance to the Guatemalan Commission of Historical Clarification

[BOX 50] Haiti; HURIDOCS; ACLU v. Miller; CIIDH, Guatemala 1992-2003
Commission Nationale de Verite et de Justice (CNVJ), Haiti
     findings, Dec. 1995
     memos, Nov.-Jan. 1996
     AAAS agreement, 16 Jan. 1996
     AAAS, finished memos, Nov. 1995
     table list, Nov. 1995
     correspondence, Dec. 1995
     perpetrator recoder, Dec. 1995
     merge reports, overall NS
     Sections, Communes de la frontiere
     Herb Spirer, Dec. 1995
     notes and demonstrations, Nov. 1995
     memos, May-Aug. 1995
Haiti, Requests, 1995
Haiti, AAAS records
Haiti, proposal, 1995
Haiti, press
Haiti, anthropology visit, 1997
CNVJ, P Ball write-ups, Jan 1996
National security, identity discussions, Oct-Nov 1996
CNVJ, post project follow-up
Mike Levy phone notes
Haiti, trip report, Jan 1995
CNVJ, Introduction, Statistical Overview and Statistical Analysis
HURIDOCS, comments, Dec 1997
HURIDOCS, correspondence, 1993
HURIDOCS, correspondence, 1994-1996
HURIDOCS, correspondence, 1992-1995
Sirkel data, Huri-Lib
ACLU v. Miller, 1996
Patrick Ball talk notes
Press on P. Ball testifying before Congress
Congressional briefing, Cryptography: Scientific Freedom and Human Rights, Aug 1997
Crypto briefing correspondence
UNOPS, lessons learned, Nov 1999
Centro Internacional de Investigaciones en los Derechos Humanos (CIIDH), State violence, P. Ball talk, 1999
State violence, comments and criticisms
CIIDH final report, budgets
CIIDH final report, press, Jan 1999
CIIDH, final report, miscellaneous notes
Guatemala paper, book
QR, early thoughts
Graduate research intern in human rights, 1998
Contract agreement, May 1997
Report, June 1997
CIIDH, Guatemala book
CIIDH, questionnaire
Correspondence, 1998
CIIDH visit, Jan 1998
CIIDH, AEU report, work plan
CIIDH, notes, tables, reports, May-June 1996
CIIDH correspondence, 1997
CIIDH, Trip, Nov 1997
CIIDH, notes, Dec 1996
CIIDH, visit, planning, Nov-Dec 1996
CIIDH, Incorporation
Reports and financial agreements [17 folders], 1994-1996

[BOX 51] CIIDH, Guatemala (cont.); CIRMA, Guatemala; Sri Lanka 1992-2003
Guatemala, Press conference on Guatemalan death squad dossier, May 1999
National Security Archive, 1995
Guatemala data base, military
Human Rights Watch, Guatemala's Clarification Commission, briefing, Oct 1995
CIIDH, first report, draft, March 1996
CIIDH finance, 1997
CIIDH, GSF pass through, Jan-May 1997
CIIDH presentation, Nov. 1996
CIIDH, report no. 1
Centro de Investigaciones Regionales de Mesoamerica (CIRMA), Consejo de Direccion, Feb 2002
CIRMA, Consejo de Direccion, Sept 2001
CIRMA, Consejo de Direccion, Aug 2000
CIRMA, Consejo de Direccion, Feb 1999
ICS-CIRMA, early 1998
CIRMA-ICS, correspondence, 1998
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, Jan-Feb 2001
Kosovo report, late 1999
IPLS, SKRP, Ford grant
IPLS, agreements, 1999
IPLS, Attitudes about return, June 1999
Kosovo, Albania emergency management
IPLS, KSR Project, initial documents
Kosovo project, drafts and comments, May 1999
Kosovo, space mapping
ABA coding notes, August 2001
Kosovo migration, Ford correspondence
Kosovo report, illustrations
IPLS, expenses
Kosovo presentation to CSFR, Feb 2000
Turkey, proposals, 1996
Turkey, AAAS action, 1996
Turkey, news, 1996
Turkey, summaries, 1996
Turkey, meeting notes
Anonymity project
Canada and U.S. Human Rights Information and Documentation Network (CUSHRID), 1995
CUSHRID, Standards working group, 1995
CUSHRID meeting, Nov 1994
CUSHRID, draft materials, 1996
CUSHRID, security talk, 1996
CUSHRID, correspondence, 1996
Crypto, AAAS letters, 1997
Crypto Policy, P. Ball declarations
Crypto training, requests and thank-yous
HRW slides, originals
MG, Hong Kong, 1997
NYC, April 1997
Crypto, P. Ball talk slides, 1998-1999
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, P. Ball talk, 1998
Crypto, HIIP talk, Oct 1998
Junger v. Christopher, 1996
NCLS-CSFR Crypto committee
American Physical Society, Committee on the International Freedom of Scientists, meeting, Oct 1997
Science and Human Rights Program (SHRP), general files [24 folders], 1996-2000

[BOX 52] CIPHR, CRYPTO, 1992-2003
Cryptography and the International Protection of Human Rights (CIPHR), budget, 1999
CIPHR, 1999
CIPHR, concept, funding
CIPHR, notes and proposals, 1999
Grant files [27 folders]
Asociacion Pro Derechos Humanos (APRODEH)
Claude, Richard
Belanger, Julia
Feld, Karl
Benthall, Judith
LCHR. David Schorr
V. Phillipps
Guatemala, Church, 1999
Hagan and Levy
Correspondence, general
AAAS letter to U. S. Bureau of Export Administration
Gosden, Christine
Human Rights Society of Pakistan
Alexander, Sylvia, Fund for Peace
Frontalini, Daniel
Crocker, David
Maloney, Thomas
Wagner Institute
VLCNS, Haiti, Doretti and Cano
KHRP proposal, drafts
GDSD, AAAS statement copies
Hugo Cabrera, WOLA-AAAS talk, Nov 1996
Hugo Cabrera to DC, Nov 1996
Mailing list, Dec 1996
HRFT, Mission notes and report, Sept 1996
Thesaurus and website
TRC Bosnia: USIP meeting, Aug 1998
Bosnian Truth Commission
AAAS, UN mission project
Spirer, miscellaneous
Spirer and Ball, 1997
LoA, Herb Spirer
Scientific contribution, reject papers
P. Ball, Lesson Learned from Truth Commissions, April 1999
P. Ball, Columbia talk, Oct 1999
CEH slides
Anonymity project, 1996-1997
Who Did What To Whom? slides
Policy or Panic? slides
Kosovar Albanian flow slides
CFP, HR and Crypto talk slides, 1998
CFP, P Ball presentation, 1998
P. Ball talk, CATO, April 1998
[BOX 53] TAF, Asia; JSM; Ghana; Chechnya; ICTJ, 1992-2003
The Asia Foundation (TAF), Cambodia
TAF, East Timor
TAF, Sri Lanka
Tessa Piper, TAF, Indonesia
Heather, TAF, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, notes, Nov 2000
Sri Lanka, notes, Jan 2001
TAF, Sri Lanka, coding manual
Joint Statistical Meeting, Aug 2001
Hayner and Von Zyl, Truth commissions lessons learned
NRC, June 1998
UNOPS, Ford book notes and proposal
Goldstone, meeting, Dec 1999
Comision Para El Esclarecimiento Historico, Guatemala
Metodologia, Aug 1997
Notas de reunions del grupo de Metodologia
Otros documentos de CEH
Documentos del grupo de Metodologia, Aug 1997
Reference, DDHH historical
CEH, correspondence and reports
CEH, ficha, primer bonador
P. Ball reports, Aug 1997
CEH, tech documents, Oct 1997
CONAVIEVA, CEH assistance
Design documents, CEH
CEH, Jan 1998
CEH, Feb 1998
Trip, Jan 1998
CEH, trip, March 1998
CEH, April 1998
CEH, correspondence
CEH, graphs, July 1998
CEH, report July 1998
REMHI questions, July 1998
TRC presentation to CEH, July 1998
CEH, meeting, July 1998
CEH, genocide analysis
CEH, visit, Oct 1998
Notes for CEH, Nov 1998
CEH, overlap analysis
CEH, intersample analysis
South Africa, memos
South Africa, litigation
South Africa, TRC, HURISA, Dec 1995
TRCSA, Jan-Feb 1996
TRCSA, Feb-Mar 1996
TRCSA, May-July 1996
TRCSA, Mar-April 1996
TRCSA, correspondence, Aug 1996
South Africa, TRC, memos
South Africa, TRC handbooks and org. guides
South Africa, TRC, May-Aug 1996
South Africa, TRC, database reports
South Africa, TRC, questionnaire draft
P. Ball report, Sept 1996
TRC, report, HFS comments, Sept 1996
Talks and meetings
South Africa, TRC, coding meeting
P. Ball, trip report, Oct 1996
P. Ball, memos, TRC visit, Aug-Sept 1996
South Africa, TRC, memos informational
TRCSA, AAAS correspondence, Sept-Dec 1996
TRC, trip preparation, March 1997
TRC, March 1997
P. Ball report
Correspondence with Charles Villa-Vicencio, 1998
Correspondence with Wendy Orr, 1998
TRCSA, P. Ball, methods chapter, June 1998
South Africa-Hungary trip, Aug-Sept 1998
TRC correspondence, 1998
South Africa, TRC, presentation, May 1998
TRCSA, May-Sept 1997
TRC, Oct 1997
South Africa, TRC, P. Ball notes
South Africa [2 folders]
Themba Kubekha, drafts and correspondence
[BOX 54] CSVR, Peru; Templeton; CIRMA, Guatemala, 1992-2003
Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Truth Commissions, comparative articles
Linux care
Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR), bureaucracy
MEW-CSVR contracts, 1999
CSVR research
CSVR-JTF, transcript substance
John Templeton Fdn (JTF)
     TRC problem
     letters to SA collaborators
     Sonis-CVV, Nov. 1998
     advisory committee materials, 1997
     AAAS notes, 1997
     RFP, initial materials, 1997
     letter of intent, 1997
     collaborators, 1997
     South Africa correspondence, 1997
     proposal and follow-up, 1997
     Lars Buur
     case survey
     Bernard Spong
Templeton Grant, Sept 2000 - Mar 2001
Centro de Investigaciones Regionales de Mesoamerica (CIRMA)
Correspondence with Tani
CIRMA, 2nd half year, 1998
CIRMA, AMSIE proposal (rejected), 2000
CIRMA, correspondence, 1998
CIRMA, AAAS agreements
Additional materials, CIRMA Board, July 1998
CIRMA Board meeting, July 1998
ICS-CIRMA, grant letters and reports, 1999
CIRMA Board meeting, July 1999
CIRMA, follow-up materials, 1999
CIRMA, Feb 2001
CIRMA, 3rd Trimestre, 1999
CIRMA, visit, April 1998
CIRMA, current

[BOX 55] Turkey, 1995-1997
Turkey, Sign-on letter, final, Oct 1996
Turkey, HRFT case (confidential document) [Restricted access]
Embassy of Turkey, correspondence
Turkey, HRFT, Elisa Munoz articles
Turkey, Background info packet
Background info
Turkey, Mission notes and paper notes, 1996
Turkey, supporters letter, Dec 1996
Turkey, Human Rights Fdn of Turkey (HRFT), Adana case
Turkey, letter from Turkish Ministries
Turkey mission, penal code updates, July 1996
RCT, IRCT articles
Turkey, PHR Report
Turkey, joint mission, Science article
Turkey, mission notes, July 1996
Turkey, notes
Turkey, mission, responses, 1996
Turkey, London, paperwork, 1996
Mailing list
Turkey, mission letters, 1996
Turkey, embassy meeting
HRFT, book contributors, Oct 1997
Turkey, HRFT, Istanbul case
Turkey, HR Association
Turkey, hearing against HRFT, 28 March 1997
Turkey, hearing against HRFT, 21 March 1997
Turkey, hearing against HRFT, 21 Feb 1997
Turkey, hearing against HRFT, 17 Feb 1997
Turkey, mailing list
Hotel and contacts
NGOs working on Turkey
Supporters, responses
The World Medical Association
British Medical Association
Congressman and Mrs. Porter
Treatment Center for Victims of Torture (Berlin)
German Medical Association
International Society for Health and Human Rights
New York Academy of Sciences
Turkey, letters of support from Congress
Commonwealth Medical Association
AMA Campaign
Turkey, American Public Health Association
Berlin Medical Association
The Center for Victims of Torture (Minneapolis, MN)
French Academy of Sciences
Turkey, HRFT international supporters
KLM refund request
Turkey, support letter, 4 Dec 1996
Turkey, mission itinerary, Jan 1997
Turkey, meeting requests, Jan 1997
Turkey, mission correspondence, Jan 1997
Turkey, mission interpreter, correspondence, 1997
Sign-on letter, Oct 1996
Turkey, brown-bag briefing on HRFT trial, Oct 1996
Turkey, brown-bag, Inge Genefke, June 1997
Turkey, brown-bag, Aug 1996
Turkey, brown-bag summaries
Turkey, brown-bag invitation, Dec 1996
Turkey mission, hotel reservations, Nov 1996
Turkey, mission schedule, Nov 1996
Turkey, mission responses Nov 1996
Turkey, mission invitation letters, Nov 1996
November mission, first letter
Turkey, mission, Center for Victims of Torture, July 1996
Turkey, questionnaire
Turkey, mission statement, July 1996
Turkey, mission, July 1996
Turkey, mission schedule, July 1996
Delegation letter
Turkey, follow-up mission, govt. contacts
Helsinki Commission
Foundation faxes
Foundation letters
Foundation response
Flight schedules
HRFT, database project
Supporters, approach letters
Turkey, mission, trial, Sept 1996
KHRP database correspondence
Turkey, database projects
Turkey, info management concept paper
Idil Eser, Turkey project
Foundation, database correspondence
Besikei project
Turkey, mission response letters, 1996
Turkey, mission, embassy contact, 1996
Turkey, mission, request for meetings, 1996
Turkey, travel advance request, 1996
Turkey, mission, translation, 1996
Foundation case, press
Notes from meetings
Turkey, mission notes
SHR testimony to Congress, Oct 1995
Turkey notes
Turkey, paperwork for AAAS mission
Turkey, follow-up letters
Turkey, contact list

Series IV: Correspondence, symposia, testimony, 1976-1991

[BOX 56] Program correspondence, complaints to CSFR (restricted), 1976-1989
SHR - Miscellaneous Correspondence
Complaints to CSFR (restricted)

[BOX 57] Symposia, 1979-1989
AAAS Annual Meeting
     1979 - paper on "Political Intervention in Scientific and Technological Activity in Latin America: A Modest Proposal" by James H. Street, Rutgers University
     San Francisco, 1980
     Washington, DC; CSFR Symposium on Torture, Medical Practice, and Medical Ethics and Foundation Contacts for Book on Torture (eventually published in 1985 as The Breaking of Bodies and Minds), 1982
     CSFR Award to Jose Westerkamp, Argentina (includes speeches by Westerkamp and by Elena O. Nightingale, MD, PhD), 1983
     CSFR Symposium on "The Role of the Forensic Sciences in the Documentation of Human Rights Abuses", 1984
     Clearinghouse on Science and Human Rights Workshop, 24 May 1984
     Los Angeles- CSFR Symposium on "Scientists as Human Rights Advocates: and Clearinghouse on Science and Human Rights Business meeting, 1985
     Philadelphia - CSFR Symposium on "A Review and Assessment of Human Rights Statistics and Indicators," 27 May 1986
     Philadelphia - CSFR Symposium on "Science and Apartheid," 26 May 1986
"Science and Apartheid" Symposium speaker
     Don Foster, 1986
     Mamphele Ramphele, 1985-1986
     Chabani Manganyi, 1986
     Solomon Taraemane, 1985-1986
     Francis Wilson, 1986
     and CSFR member Mary Cheh, 1986
South Africa Contracts/Correspondence in Preparation for Trip by Eric Stover and Mary Cheh 1985
AAAS Annual Meeting - Philadelphia - CSFR Symposium on "Scientists in Exile" 1986
AAAS Annual Meeting - Philadelphia - CSFR Symposium on "Scientists in Exile" Draft Proceedings/Correspondence 1986
Scientists in Exile Report, Published by AAAS and the Refugee Policy Group
Scientists In Exile Report, Distribution List and Responses to Report
AAAS Annual Meeting
     Philadelphia - CSFR Award to Chilean Medical Association, 1986
     Chicago - CSFR Symposium on "Scientific Exchanges, Human Rights and the Soviet Union" 1987
     Bosont - CSFR Symposium on "Health Services for the Treatment of Torture and Trauma Survivors" 1988
     Boston - Papers from "Health Services for the Treatment of Torture and Trauma Survivors" 1988
     Boston - CSFR related information, 1988
     San Francisco - CSFR Symposium on "Defending Human Rights and Genetics and Forensic Evidence" 1989
     San Francisco - CSFR Symposium on "Torture Treatment Under Repressive Regimes" 1989
     San Francisco - Papers from "Torture Treatment Under Repressive Regimes" (N.B." papers from both the Boston and San Francisco Symposia were combined into an AAAS publication, published un 1990 under the title Health Services for the Treatment of Torture and Trauma Survivors), 1989
     San Francisco - CSFR related information/expenses from symposium, 1989

[BOX 58] CSFR Correspondence, 1985-1993
List of Committee Documents, 1978
CSFR/OSFR Science and Human Rights Program Report, 1988
Science and Human Rights Program Report, 1988
AAAS Committee Rights and Responsibilities, 1988
Administration, Memos, Correspondence, 1978-1991
Administration, Clearinghouse, Affiliates Memos, 1983-1992
Trivelpiece Correspondence on Cases, 1988
AAAS Reorganization of OSFR into Directorate for Science and Policy Programs, 1989-1990
Federation Proceedings, Review of AAAS Science and Human Rights Symposium by Jack Cohen, 1978
FAS Proposal to AAAS on "State of Science Freedom", 1978
Former CSFR and AAAS Board Members
History of SHR, 1976
Monthly Reports, 1993
Monthly Reports, 1992
Monthly Reports, 1991
Monthly Reports, 1990
Monthly Reports, 1989
OSFR Monthly Reports, 1988
CSFR Monthly Reports, 1987
CSFR Monthly Reports, 1986
CSFR Monthly Reports and Annual Report, 1985
OSFR Program Reports, 1987-1988
CSFR Annual Reports and Human Rights Documents Published by CSFR, CSFR/OSFR Correspondence, 1983-1992
Carey Correspondence on Cases, 1982-1986
Executive Office Memos (Carey et al.)
Nicholson Correspondence on Cases, 1989-1990
Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1993
Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1992

[BOX 59] Chron files, 1986-1989
     Dec. 1989
     Nov. 1989
     Oct. 1989
     Sept. 1989
     Aug. 1989
     July 1989
     June 1989
     May 1989
     April 1989
     March 1989
     Feb. 1989
     Jan. 1989
     Dec. 1988
     Nov. 1988
     Oct. 1988
     Sept. 1988
     Aug. 1988
     July 1988
     June 1988
     May 1988
     April 1988
     March 1988
     Feb. 1988
     Jan. 1988
     Dec. 1987
     Nov. 1987
     Oct. 1987
     Sept. 1987
     Aug. 1987
     July 1987
     June 1987
     May 1987
     April 1987
     March 1987
     Feb. 1987
     Jan. 1987
     Dec. 1986

[BOX 60] Publications, 1986-1991
Torture Treatment Manual
     accounting, 1987-1992
     contract, 1987-1991
     Advisory Group
     production AAAS, 1991
     marketing/mailing lists
     Editorial notes, 1981
     page proofs, 1991
     reviews and notes, 1990
     reviews, 1988-1989
     draft, 1989
Bloche Manuscript, Uruguay's Military Physicians: Cogs in a System of State Terror, 1986
South Africa Report, Turning a Blind Eye? Medical Accountability and the Prevention of Torture in South Africa. 1986-1987
South Africa, Restriction on Turning a Blind Eye? 15 April 1988
Chile Report, The Open Secret. Disk, Correspondence, and Reviews, 1987
Chile Report, The Open Secret. Chilean Medical Association (CMA), Reprint Permissions, Payment Receipts for Translation.
Breaking of Bodies and Minds, Book Publicity
Breaking of Bodies and Minds, Photos and Permissions
Breaking of Bodies and Minds, Miscellaneous Correspondence, Book
Guatemala: Reported Cases, 1980-1985. AAAS Guatemala Report Translation into Spanish, Translation/Distribution by CSUCA 1980-1985

[BOX 61] Miscellaneous files, symposia, Congressional testimony, 1990-1992
James P. Abouresk, Appeal, 1984-1986
John Edsall, Congressional Testimony, 1977
AAAS Action to Appeal Section 212 (a) 28 of Immigration and Nationality Act, 1980
SHR Brown Bag Lunch, 9 November 1992
SHR Advisory Committee Meeting, 2 July 1992
SHR Advisory Committee Meeting, 17 October 1991
AIDS and Human Rights Symposium, 10 February 1992
AAAS Annual Meeting Symposium, AIDS and Human Rights, 1992
AAAS Annual Meeting, CSFR Symposium, Health Professionals, Medical Ethics, Human Rights in Prisons, 1992
AAAS Council Resolutions on Human Rights, 1937
Coordinating Meeting Agendas, 1993
SHR Workshop, Mailing List
SHR Workshop, Agenda and Mailing List, 16 November 1993
SHR Workshop, Invitation Letters, 16 November 1993
SHR Workshop, Invitation Letters, 16 November 1993
World Conference Overview Meeting, 23 September 1993
SHR Coordinating Meeting, May 1993 18, SHR Workshop, 14 January 1993
SHR Workshop, January 14, 1993
HR Coordinating Meeting, October 1992
SHR Coordinating Meeting, April 1992
SHR Workshop, 17 January 1992
Meeting of SHR Affiliates and HR Organizations, October 1991