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Finding Aid to the F. R. Moulton Files


Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents


Related Material

Administrative Information

Detailed Description of the Collection

  • Series I: AAAS Governance
  • Series II: Associations
  • Series III: AAAS Business
  • Series IV: Prizes and Grants
  • Series V: Academies, Branches, Divisions and Committees
  • Series VI: Meetings
  • Series VII: Members
  • Series VIII: Journals
  • Series IX: Publications

Overview of the Collection

Repository:    American Association for the Advancement of Science Archives, 1200 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005, email
Creator:    Moulton, F. R.
Title:    F. R. Moulton Files
Dates:    1901-1948
Extent:    9 linear feet (22 Hollinger boxes)
Abstract:    Forest Ray Moulton (1872-1952)was an astronomer who served as AAAS Permanent Secretary from 1937 to 1946 and Administrative Secretary from 1946-1948. These records include his files as well as AAAS Executive Office administrative material from as early as 1901.
Language:    The records are in English.

Scope and Contents

Records include correspondence, information on bylaws and constitutions, committees, conferences, grants, lectures, members, prizes and several books.


Records are arranged in eight series. Series I: AAAS Governance; Series II: Associations; Series III: AAAS Business; Series IV: Prizes and Grants; Series V: Academies, Branches, Divisions, and Committees; Series VI: Meetings: Series VII: Members; Series VIII: Journals (Science); Series IX: Publications.

Restrictions on Access

Collection open to the public for research.

Related Material

Records are related to materials in the AAAS Executive Office.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

F. R. Moulton Files. AAAS Archives, Washington, DC.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: AAAS Governance

[Box 1: T-4-3]
General Secretary
     1926; 1932; 1937-1939
President of AAAS, correspondence with, 1941-1943

[Box 4: T-4-3]
Livingston, 1941
Livingston, 1942
Livingston, 1943-1944

[Box 11: T-4-4]
Secretary's Conference, 1937-1945 (2 Folders)
Council Attendance Rosters, 1936-1944
Council Correspondence and Minutes, 1930-1945 (2 Folders)

[Box 12: T-4-4]
Executive Committee Correspondence
     1932-1934; 1939-1945
     (Kettering and Carlson), 1943-1945

[Box 13: T-4-4]
Executive Committee Correspondence, 1944 (2 Folders)
     Correspondence, 1944 (2 Folders)     
     Correspondence, 1931-1935     
     Minutes, 1931-1935     
     Minutes, 1936-1940     
     Minutes 1941-1945     

Series II: Associations

[Box 2: T-4-3]
Associations of Science, 1924-1944 (2 Folders)
British AAS correspondence, 1938-1941
British AAS Charter of Democracy, 1941
Nature magazine, 1939-1941
Gregory, Sir Richard, 1938-1939
Support of War Effort, 1943
Constitution and bylaws, 1940-1942

Series III: AAAS Business

[Box 3: T-4-3]
AAAS bibliography, 1937-1942
Maiben Lectures, 1941-1943
     (i.e. appeals to join AAAS), 1916-1934
     General, 1939-1945
     J. M. Cattell, 1942
     A. G. Whitfiled, 1938-1939

[Box 21: T-4-6]
Office Equipment
AAAS-Complaints, 1930-1934
AAAS Seal, 1930s, 1940s
AAAS Policies (Moulton)
Foundations, 1943
Registration, 1940
Permanent Secretary (Moulton/Woodley/Caldwell letters), 1937-1938
Permanent Secretary (Moulton/Woodley/Caldwell letters), 1943-1944
AAAS Personnel: A-K, 1941-1946
AAAS Personnel: L-Z, 1941-1946

Series IV: Prizes and Grants

[Box 5: T-4-3]
Association Prize (later became Newcomb Cleveland Prize), 1923-1929
Association Prize, 1933-1944
Association Prize, 1933-1944, 1947
Adademy Prize, 1938-1941
Borden Prize, 1936-1937
McKinley Prize, 1938
Meyer Prize, 1942
Seagram Prize, 1943
Theobald Smith Award, 1935-1937
Theobald Smith Award, 1938-1945

[Box 22: T-4-6]
Allotments and Grants to Societies, Journals, and Research Institutes to 1929
American Institute for Sacred Literature, 1922- 1929
Annual Tables of Constants, 1923-1937
Barro Colorado (Panama) Biological Research Institute Table, 1926-1938
Concilium Bibliographicum, 1927-1934
Applications for Grants: 1925, 1934-1943
Academy Grants-General, 1935-1943
Alabama Academy-AAAS Grant, 1935-1944
British Columbia Academy-AAAS Grant, 1939-1945
Goethe Grants-General Correspondence, 1944
Goethe Grants-Alabama Academy, 1944-1945
Goethe Grants-British Columbia Academy, 1944-1945
Goethe Grants-Virginia Academy, 1944

Series V: Academies, Branches, Divisions and Committees

[Box 6: T-4-3]
Branches-General, 1934-1942
Southern Florida Scientific Association, 1935
Mexico branch, 1944
Mobile, Alabama branch, 1935-1936, 1945
Phoenix, Arizona branch, 1935-1937
Southern Rhode Island branch, 1935-1936
State College, Pennsylvania branch, 1921-1927
Westchester, New York branch, 1935-1936
Southwestern Division office copy (member list), 1946
Pacific Division office copy (member list), 1946
Southwestern Division, 1935-1943
Southwestern Division, 1940-1947
Pacific Division, 1940-1945
Council on Human Relations (US Forest Service project), 1938-1945 (3 Folders)

[Box 9: T-4-4]
American Council on Education, 1937-1941
Committee on Editor for Science, 1945
Committee on Symbols (standardizing symbols), 1928-1945 (2 Folders)
Committee on Science Speakers, 1939-1940
Coordinating Committee on Science Teaching, 1943
Committee on Source Books in the History of Science, 1937-1944
Committee on Popular Science Book List, 1937-1942
Committee on Calendar Refor, 1929, 1937
Committee on Documentation (i.e. microfilming), 1935-1937
Finance Committee, 1940-1945
Committee on Indexing and Abstracting, 1941-1943
List of Committees, 1945
Committee on Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole), 1944
Policy Committee, Gibson Island Conference, 1943-1944

[Box 10: T-4-4]
Academies Conference
     General, 1935-1945
     Committee on Science Clubs ad Junior Acads, 1939-1942
     Atlantic City, 1936-1937
     Indianapolis, 1937-1938
     Richmond, 1938-1939
     Columbus, 1939-1940
     Philadelphia, 1940-1941
     Dallas, 1941-1942
National Wartime Conference, 1943
Academies Conference, Cleveland, 1944

Series VI: Meetings

[Box 7: T-4-4]
Universities and Colleges: Invitation to attend ceremonies, 1940-1944
Delegates-Miscellaneous, 1937-1947
Conferences and Congresses, 1940-1943
Exhibitions, 1937-1944 (2 Folders)

[Box 20: T-4-5]
Summer Meetings, Committee on, 1939-1940
Proposed Meeting Places
     Montreal, 1926-1930
     Montreal, Quebec etc.
     Los Angeles-Springfield

Series VII: Members

[Box 8: T-4-4]
Emeritus Annual Members, 1936-1943
General Membership, 1936-1940
Emeritus Life Members, 1937-1945
Fifty Year Members, 1939-1943
Membership-Dropped (for reasons other than unpaid dues), 1935-1938
Membership-Questionable, 1937-1940
Fellowships, 1927-1941
Special Members, 1943
Sustaining Members, 1936
Life Members, 1901-1942

Series VIII: Journals

[Box 14: T-4-5]
Editorial Board (Committee), 1917-1943
Notes for Science (drafts submitted for publication), 1938-1941
Science, 1939-1945
Science Policy Committee, 1941
Science Service, 1926-1938
Science Service, 1939-1945
Science Service, 1935-1936, 1944
Scientific Monthly, 1937-1945 (2 Folders)
Scientific Monthly Expenses, 1939-1942
Science and Scientific Monthly Orders, 1936-1940
Journals: Contracts and Correspondence, 1925-1943

Series IX: Publications

[Box 15: T-4-5]
Way of an Investigator
Strange Malady
Doubleday Doran and Co.
Approaches to Tumor Chemotherapy
Mammary Tumors in Mice
Relapsing Fever
Surface Chemistry

[Box 16]
Book Series: Miscellaneous
Committee on Publications
Alcohol Explored
Multiple Human Births
World Civilization
Macmillan Company

[Box 17]
Mental Health (includes general correspondence with A. Blakeslee), 1934-1941
Mental Health (includes reviews), 1938-1939
Mental Health (correspondence), 1938-1941 (4 Folders)

[Box 18: T-4-5]
Printers, Human Malaria
Contributors A-I, Human Malaria
Contributors I-P, Human Malaria
Contributors R-Z, Human Malaria
Reprint orders, Human Malaria

[Box 19: T-4-5]
Human Malaria: Publication Committee
Human Malaria: Promotion (2 Folders)