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Finding Aid to the Hans Nussbaum Files


Overview of the Collection

Scope and Contents


Related Material

Administrative Information

Detailed Description of the Collection

  • Series I: Accounting and Financial Records, 1917-1979
  • Series II: Administrative Records, 1955-1988
  • Series III: Investment and other Committees
  • Series IV: AAAS Fellowships
  • Series V: AAAS Meetings and Publications
  • Series VI: Grants and State Academies of Science
  • Series VII: Photographs and Special Collections

Overview of the Collection

Repository:    American Association for the Advancement of Science Archives, 1200 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005,
Creator:    Nussbaum, Hans and the employees of AAAS
Title:    Corporate Records of Hans Nussbaum
Dates:    1940-1988
Extent:    32 linear feet (15 Paige boxes and 10 Hollinger boxes)
Abstract:    Hans Nussbaum acted as the accountant, then business manager of AAAS from 1945 to 1978. After his retirement, he returned as a consultant until 1988.
Language:    The records are in English.

Scope and Contents

Dr. Hans Nussbaum began working for AAAS on December 28, 1945 as an accountant. His title later changed to business manager and he continued in that position until he retired on July 6, 1978. He was immediately rehired as a part-time consultant and continued working with the association until 1988. As well as the functions associated with the Business Manager position, he was the unofficial archivist before the creation of the archives. He was also editor of the AAAS Bulletin from 1963 to 1970.


The original arrangement of these records was in the order the materials had been accessioned; little organization had been imposed upon the materials until the summer of 2010, when the collection was thoroughly surveyed, reorganized and purged of materials that were of little historical value or contained confidential information (i.e. cancelled checks, bank statements and personnel records). The files are arranged into seven series. Series I contains the accounting and financials records, including correspondence from the Business Manager. Series II contains administrative files from Dr. Nussbaum's office, including records on real estate, membership, AAAS history and Science operations. Series II contains Investment committee minutes and agendas. Series IV contains files on AAAS Fellowships. Series V contains material on publications. Series VI contains materials on the State and National Academies of Science. Series VII contains photographs and special collections.


Restrictions on Access

Collection open to the public for research.

Related Material

Records are related to materials from the AAAS Executive Office, Finance Office and Archives collections.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Corporate Records of Hans Nussbaum. AAAS Archives, Washington, DC.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Accounting and Financial Records, 1917-1979

[BOX 1]
Account Book, 1917-1928
Account Book, 1928-1941
Accounts, 1940-1956
Subscriptions and Dues Payments, 1950-1954
Statistics on Science and Scientific Monthly, 1949
American Security and Trust, (Also see Communications), 1932-1943
American Security and Trust, 1949-1950
American Security and Trust Annual Report, 1953
AAAS Savings Accounts-various banks, 1952-1968
Banks-correspondence, 1937-1945
Operating Account Bank Records, 1946-1947
G.P. Graham and Co. (CPA), 1941
Auditor's Reports, 1944-1953 and 1959 (3 Folders)
Auditor's statement to Council, 1949-1955
Tax Returns, 1950-1969
Tax Returns, 1941-1956
W-2s and DC Taxes, 1949-1950 (2 Folders)
Tax Exemptions, Charter, Incorporations, 1937-1952 and 1967
Excise Tax, 1954
Phone Co. Tax Exemption
NY State Income Tax
Gordon Research Conf. Tax Exemption, 1958
Customs Exemption, 1956
NY State Tax, 1959
Canadian Tax, 1958-1959
DC and NY Tax Exemptions
Taxes, Social Security and Science Legal
Philadelphia Tax
British Income Tax, 1970
DC Corporation License
Correspondence re: taxes, 1970
New Mexico Registration, 1973
Massachusetts Agent, 1973

[BOX 2]
Journal Entries, 1940-1952 (5 Folders)
Treasury Journal Entries, 1953-1970 (2 Folders)
Balance Sheets
Leading Operating Factors and Balance Sheets, Jan. 1968-June 1968
Leading Operating Factors and Balance Sheets, July 1968-Dec. 1968
Leading Operating Factors
     Jan.-June 1969
     July-Dec. 1969
     Jan.-June, 1970
     July-Dec. 1970
     Jan.-June 1971
     July-Dec. 1971
     Jan.-June 1972
     July-Dec. 1972
Balance Sheets, 1973
Departmental Operating Statements
Graphs of Finances, 1970-1972
Financial Reports Overviews, 1944-1958
AAAS Endowment Funds, 8 Nov. 1960
Receipts and Budgeted Agenda, 1960
Report of the Treasurer, 1944
Financial Reports AAAS Divisions and Gordon Conference, 1950-1957
Financial Reports AAAS Divisions and Gordon Conference, 1958-1971
Financial Reports, 1950-1951
Financial Reports, 1953-1954
Financial Reports, 1955-1956

[BOX 3: Grants and Contracts]
Financial Statements, 1957-1959
Financial Reports, 1957-1959
Financial Statements, 1958
Financial Reports
Report on Review of Source Data Preparation for Accounting Purposes, Oct. 1961
AAAS Budgets, 1968-1969
Financial Reports, 1968-1969
Financial Statements and Accountant's Opinion, 1969
Financial Statements and Accountant's Opinion, 1970
Financial Reports, 1970-1971
Financial Reports, 1972
Financial Reports from Operations, 1979
Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 1974 and Projections to 1963
Report for Examination of Financial Statements and Additional Information, 1983-1984
Closed out Funds and Stocks
AAAS Grants Committee, 1955
AID Audit-Mexico City, 1974
Asia Foundation, 1955-1975
Boston Concerts
Carnegie Corp.-Grant to AAAS for Science Teaching Improvement Program
Graham Chedd-Contract [3 folders], 1973-1977
     Irene Tinker, 1973-1977
     RISM Research for the Study of Man, 1973-1977
     Smithsonian, 1971-1977
     Audit, 1973-1977
     Close Out, 1976-1978
GE Grant-Regional Consultants on Science Teaching, 1956
Gordon Marshall, Exhibits Contract, 1952
National Endowment of the Arts, 1973
NSF Grant-
     Soviet Science, 1952
     Training Talented Students, 1955
     Travelling High School Library, 1956
     Gordon Conference on Teacher Education, 1956
     Junior Academies Workshop, 1957
Proposal to NSF for Development of Science Teaching Materials for Elementary and Junior High Schools, 1961
Progress Report to the NSF on the Holiday Science Lecture Program, 1963
Proposal to the NSF for 1964 Visiting Foreign Staff Project, 1963
NSF-US-Japan Comparative Science Program, 1963
NSF-US-Japan Cooperative Science Program, 1964
WGBH, 1972
Willis Shapley, Contract Agreement, Oct. 1978
DHEW-Barrier Free Meetings, Oct. 1977
CBS News- Conquest Program Series, 1959
MISCO Contract- original, 1972
Basic Books Publishing-New Roads to Yesterday, 1963-1966

[BOX 4]
Chron File, 1977-1978

[BOX 5]
Chron File, 1978-1979

Series II: Administrative Records, 1955-1988

[BOX 6 Wills and misc. legal sized documents]
Misc. Bequests
Wills, General, 1938-1971
Bergman, Herbert, 1976
Boyejian, Setrack, 1970-1976
Cleveland, Newcomb, 1951-1977
Colburn, Richard, 1914-1922
Crossland, Carolyn, 1975
Dennis, Georgia B., 1984-1985
Dortweiler, Paul, 1966-1976
Goethe, Charles, 1938-1971 (5 Folders)
Golden, Charlotte, 1972
Golden, Russell, 1982
Hall, Martha, 1935
Hollander, Walter C., 1984
Howell, Margaret, 1977
Hudson, A. E., 1931-1941
Johson, Thomas, 1936
Kegering, Edward, 1921
Larus, Robert, 1971-1975
Leach, Philip, 1934
Maiben, Hector, 1931-1936 (2 Folders)
Mann, Benjamin, 1927
Mansfield, F. A., 1927
Neal, Marie, 1967
Newkirk, Alice, 1963-1969
Owen, Luella, 1933
Paxson, Owen, 1963-1964
Rich, Michael, 1929-1930
Roger, John, 1955
Sage, Paul J.
Schwartz, Herbert, 1960-1964
Sheldon, Jennie, 1938-1939
Smith, Jane, 1945
Stark, Sylvia, 1980-1984
Stephens, W. H., 1935
Stillhammer, A. G., 1937-1948
Steuben, Gordon, 1970
Young, Margaret Smith, 1955-1958
Ward, Darren, 1942
Von Zelinski, W. F., 1926
Insurance Policies, 1940-1949 (2 Folders)
Brookings Negotiations re: 1785 Mass. Building, 1973
Deeds of Trust for Various Properties, 1950-1969
Letters of Credit from the National Science Foundation, 1975-1979
Letters of Credit from the National Science Foundation, 1981-1983
AAAS vs. Saturday Review, 1972

[BOX 7]
AAAS Publications Committee, 1959-1962
AAAS Publications Office, 1976
Buckland, Herbert -Chicago Rep. for Science, 1959
Callis, Richard C. -Mid-Atlantic Rep. for Science, 1960
Dillenback, Graham- Western US Rep for Science, 1963
Hanson, Arthur B. (attorney), 1953-1974 (4 Folders)
Lasser and Co. Accountants-Science, 1971-1975
McCall Printing Company-Science, 1971-1975
F. R. Moulton Advertising Release, 1948-1955
National Publishing Co. Printers for Science, 1960-1968
Scherago, Earl Jr. Contract, 1957-1959
Scherago, Earl Jr. Science sales, 1956-1975 (5 Folders)
Dunn and Bradstreet, Inc., status reports re: collections, 1980-1988
Science and Scientific Monthly, 1944-1957 (2 Folders)
Statistics re: Science and Scientific Monthly, 1949
Science-Microcard Corp., 1956-1959
Science Paid Circulation, 1957-1966
Science Circulation, 1958-1978
Science Subscription Info., 1955-1959
Science Overseas Subscriptions, 1967-1972
Science Letters from Readers re: 30 Jan. 1979 (Moon Issue), 1970
Science Special Issues Correspondence, 1975
Report on Taxable Income relating to Science, 1976
Science in the USSR, 1977
Invitation to the 100th Anniversary of Science
MISCO, 1975
Billing Instructions for Science, 1977
Nussbaum, Hans Correspondence re: Science, 1963
AAAS Membership Enrollment, 1848-1963
Life Members, 1951-1953
Memberships Emeritus, 1955
Memberships and Local Organizations, 1958
Memberships-Honorary, 1958-1959
International Agricultural Development Service-request for membership, 1965
Student membership, 1965
Asia Foundation Members, 1969 (3 Folders)
Membership recruitment, 1972-1974
Life Members, 1975
50 Year Members, 1975-1976
Carol Rogers files, 1975-1978 (4 Folders)
Florida Affidavit-Membership requirements, 1985
Subscription Services, 1944-1957
Recommendations and Changes in the Membership Fulfillment Dept., 1957
Systems Organization Revisions in the Membership fulfillment and accounting depts., 1958
Preliminary Membership Promotion Recommendations for AAAS, 1960
Subscription Fulfillment System Reporting Package System for AAAS, 1974
University Microfilms, 1957-1971
Standard Book Numbers (ISBN), 1969
Mobile Book Exhibits, 1960
Aridity and Man, Spanish Edition, 1963
Addressing Jobs

[BOX 8 Sale of Science]
Maiben, Ben, 1932-1949
Cattell, 1932
Ware Cattell Case, 1945
Annuities re: Science (to Cattell Family), 1938-1954
Misc. Correspondence, 1938-1954
Science Settlement

[BOX 9]
Symposia, 1956
Symposia, 1958
Permission to Reprint symposia, 1956
Symposia, 1959
Permission to reprint Symposia, 1961
Gerber Travel Agency (charter flight for symposia), 1974
Permissions (including Charles Shultz letter), 1958-1962
Memoranda, 1946-1987 (8 Folders)
Golden, William T. AAAS Treasurer, 1972-1981 (2 Folders)
Section Secretaries Correspondence, 1956-1959 (3 Folders)
Divisions, 1954-1959
Ruth Christman, 1959
Sears, Mary (Wood's Hole) Correspondence, 1959
Misc. Correspondence and clippings
AAAS History (Dr. Nussbaum's notes on the 1949 Centennial Meeting)
Dael Wolfe to Board of Directors 1963
AAAS as seen by former Presidnets, 1963
Misc. History
Emblems colophone for symposia
Westinghouse awards, 1961
Parsons Paper-Sample AAAS Awards
Diploma of Honor to AAAS from Instituto Guatemalteo Americano, 1959
AAAS Charter, 1963
Nussbaum and AAAS, 1970s
Appointment of Mass. Agent, 1972-1973
Fellowship Rules, 1974
Organizational Chart and Affirmative Action Data, 1974
Leakey, Chauncy B. Memorium, 1978
A. H. Robbins Bankruptcy (Dalkon Shield), 1988
AAAS Archives Documents re: creation
Misc. Research Requests, 1981
Archives Committee, 1984
AAAS Archives Policy and Photos, 1982-1983
Dubuque Daily Herald re: AAAS Meeting, 1872
Original Newspaper Articles from The Globe and Mail, 5 Jan.1981
In Honor of Distinguished Soviet Scholars: Programs for Man, 1974-1975
New York Weekly, original newspaper of the first annual meeting, 30 Sept. 1848
Science Parley Dissidents Lower Clenched Fist, Washington Star article, 26 Feb. 11976
Stimulating Voluntary Giving to Higher Education and Other Programs, Report Prepared by Surveys and Research Corporation, April 1958
Annual Meetings, original newspaper clippings, 1961-1968 (8 Folders)

[BOX 10 Real Estate]
Rent Control, 1940-1951
American Psychological Association Lease, 1947
Building Leases, 1947-1953
Building Fund, 1948
Building Fire Insurance, 1953
Walter Gropius Architect Release, 1953
Building Information, 1954
Building Photos, 1955-1956
Form Letters, 1955
Building: Original Newspaper articles, 1955-1956
Building: Article American Assiciation for the Advancement of Science, 1965
Building Pictures, old building coming down
Building and Newcomb Cleveland Medal, 1956
1515 Mass. Ave. New Building, 1956
Leases, 1956-1962
Earl J. Sherago Lease, 1961
Bill Septon 756 1515 Mass Ave., 1962
C and P Phone Company, 1963
R.R. Donnelly and Sons Company, 1964
Walter Scott and Co., Inc. Lease, 1965
Rental Space, N. Street, 1968-1972
Lease 1440 N. Street, 1971
Lease 1420 N. Street, 1971
Rentals, 1972
Various Contracts and Leases for 1500 Mass. Ave. 1972-1978
Miller Management, 1972
Real Estate Office, 1972
AWIS 6th Floor 1776 Mass., 1973
Faulkner, Fryer and Vanderpool, Architects, 1973
1776 Mass Ave., 1974
Relocation Options Executive Reaction, 1976
Miller Management Company: Original Lease and Correspondence, 1976-1983 (2 Folders)
1776 Mass. Ave. Occupancy Permit, 1976
AAAS Move, 1976-1978
Kenyon Associates VA Property, 1978
Sale of Vienna Land, 1978
AAAS Building, Property Assessment [includes 3 architectural drawings], 1978
Sale of Virginia Property, 1977
Appraisal Report for Virginia Property, 1971
AAAS Move, 1980-1981
Relocation to 1333 H. Street NW, 1984
Move to 1333 H. Street, 1985

Series III: Investment and other Committees

[BOX 11]
Editorial Board of Science Meeting Minutes
     20 May 1961
     2 March 1973
     8 March 1974
     12 March 1976
     21 March 1977
     Agenda, 12 March 1979
     16 March 1981
     22 March 1982
     28 Feb. 1983
Finance Committee Minutes and Other Records
Investment Committee
Investments, 1954-1958 (2 Folders)

[BOX 12]
     1954-1958 (2 Folders)
     Correspondence, 1959-1960
Investment Committee Business, 1960
Investments and Finance Committee
Investments Committee
Investment and Finance Committee Minutes
     and Other Records, March & Oct. 1981
Investment Committee: Purchase of 1785 Mass. Ave., 1973
Investment Summaries and Correspondence, 1984-1985

Series IV: AAAS Fellowships

[BOX 13]
Fellowships, 1956
     Authorizations, 1957
     Approved, 1953
     Audit, 1953
     on list, 1953

[BOX 14]

Fellows, 1953-1954
Fellows, 1954-1956

[BOX 15]

Fellowships, 1957-1958
Fellowships, 1958

Series V: AAAS Meetings and Publications

[BOX 16]
Cleveland Meeting, 1944 (2 Folders)
Form Letters- Cleveland Meeting, 1944
New York Meeting, Symposium on Drug Intoxicaation and Addiction, 1942
New York Meeting, Local Committee, 1942
New York Meeting, Miscellaneous, 1942
Special Features
Cleveland Meeting Correspondence, 1944
New York Meeting, Hotels, 1942
Washington Meeting, 1936
Press Service
St. Louis Municipal Auditorium
Press Service
St. Louis Meeting, Hotel, 1935
St. Louis Meeting, 1935 (2 Folders)

[BOX 17]
Atlantic City, 1939-1944
Ann Arbor, 1932-1942
Cleveland Exposition, 1944 (2 Folders)
Meetings, 1958-1960
Meetings, 1961
Dallas, 1968
Boston, 1969
Philadelphia, 1970-1971
DC, 1972
Mexico City, 1973
Schwitzert and Schwitzert, 1973
San Francisco, 1973-1974
New York City, 1975

[BOX 18]
Films in the Sciences, 1980
Science, July 3, 1980
AAAS Brochures
Interciencia, Sept.-Oct. 1981
Interciencia, Feb. 1982
The Scientific Monthly, Feb. and Sept. 1949
AAAS Bulletin
     March 1942-Dec. 1943
     Jan. 1944-Jan. 1946; March 1946-Dec. 1946
     Jan. 1961-March 1971
     June 1971-Nov. 1972
     Feb. 1973-Sept. 1974
Science Education News, Summer-Fall 1979, Spring-Summer 1980, Winter 1980
Officers and Activities
Officers, Organizations and Activities
     1983-1984 & 1984-1985
"The Integrity of Science," AAAS Committee on Science in Promotion of Human Welfare, American Scientist 53, June 1965
Out of School Programs in Science, Dec. 1981
Within Reach: Out of School Science Opportunities for Youth, Dec. 1981
Research and Development AAAS Report VII: Federal Budget FY 1983 Impact and Change
Guide to Education in Science, Engineering and Public Policy, Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy, Jan. 1985
Congressional Action on R and D in the FY 1984 Budget, Office of Public Section Programs, Dec. 1983
Calendar of Scientific Meetings and Events, Office of Communications, 1985
The AAAS Science Book List, 1959
The AAAS Science Book List for Young Adults, 1964
Catalog: Periodicals, Book, Tapes and Reprints, 1977-1978
Directory of AAAS Fellows, 1979
Community Information Expositions, 1973
Guide to Scientific Instruments, 1978-1979
Guide to Scientific Instruments, 1980-1981

[BOX 19]
Mexico City Meeting
     Symposium, June 1973
     Finances, Participants, June 1973
          Human Dwellings
          The Sea and Its Resources
          Ecology and Deterioration of the Environment
          Desert and Arid lands
          Nutrition and New Food Technology
          Earthquakes and Earthquake Engineering
          Science, Development and Human Values
          The Problems of Population
          Opportunities in Education
          Non-Nuclear Energy for Development
          Earth Sciences for Development
AAAS Staff Travel
Other Countries-Inoperative
Travel inquiries
Symposium Participants Financial Correspondence
Chron File, Jan. 1973
Refunds Requested
Registration Analysis
Correspondence Files (6 folders)

[BOX 20]
Mexico City Meeting, Finances & Participants, June 1973
     The Transfer of Technology
     Tropical Ecosystems
     Range Science
     Volcanism in Mexico and Central America:
     Archeoastronomy in Pre-Columbian America
     Land Connections between North and South America
     The Living World
     Research in Natural Products
     Mathematical Questions in Biology
     Educational Planning
     Ideas and New Equipment
     Science and the Man in the Americas
     Health Services
     Health and Illness, Birth and Death: The Cultural Context for Biomedical Intervention
     Chemical Coding of Brain Functions
     The Aerobiology of Disease, Pets and Allergens in the Western Hemisphere
     Arid Lands
     Anthropology Applied to Health Programs
     Family Planning
     Behavior and Violence
     Sociolinguistics and Language Planning
     Information Needs
     Human Dwellings

Series VI: Grants and State Academies of Science

[BOX 21]
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
American Institute of the City of New York
British Columbia
East Africa
New Jersey
New Mexico
New Orleans
North Carolina
North Dakota
Northwest Scientific Association
Northern New England
Rhode Island

[BOX 22]
St. Louis
Southern California
South Dakota
Texas (2 Folders)
Washington, DC
West Virginia
Junior Academy Membership, 1952-1954
Disbursements, US Steel Grant, 1963-1944
Grants for Research Given by AAAS, 1949-1955
Academy Grants, 1944
Minutes, Academy Conference, NY, 1949
Academy Grant Applications, 1955-1959
History of Association of Academies of Science, 1970-1976
History of the Academies Conference, 1926-1970
Vouchers (8 Folders)

Series VII: Photographs and Special Collections

[BOX 23]
Portrait of Walter H. Bucher, University of Cincinnati, 1938
Portrait of Edward Lee Thorndike, animal behaviorist, educational psychologist, late 1930s
Executive Committee (several members absent), 1948
Portrait contact sheet (Presidents?)
Richmond Meeting, 1938
unidentified portrait
J. Playfair McMurrich, President, 1922
Portrait of D.S. Elliott, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Tulane University, Chairman of the New Orleans Meeting, c. 1937
Split photo of two unidentified men
Canadian Government Motion Picture Bureau folder
Portraits of E.A. Back, A.N. Candell, John Graff, Samuel Hildebrand, William Kendall, F. H. Knowlton, William Middleton, Charles Richmond, Leonard Stejneger, Alexander Wetmore, Arland E. White and misc. Smithsonian employees, curators as USNM and other federal agencies
Science Service Envelope with portraits of Harry Elmer, A.J. Goldfarb-College of City of NY, W.S. Leathers, S.B. Howard, Chris E. Allen-Univ. of Wisconsin, G. Cannby Robinson, Howard C. Warren-Princeton Univ. Psychology, Robert J. Gerry
Harvard College Observatory Booklet
Portrait of F. R. Moulton, Permanent Secretary, 1933
Back, E. A.
Bearce, Henry W., Physics, Univ. of Maine, early 1900s
Caldwell, Otis William, Botanist, Univ. of Chicago
Call, L. E.
Candell, A.N.
Cannon, Walter B., professor and chairman, Dept. of Physiology, Harvard Medical School, 1906-1942
Cattell, James McKeen, Professor of Psychology, U. Penn. and Editor of Science
Compton, Karl T. physicist and president of MIT
Conklin, Edwin G., biologist and zoologist
Crocker, William
Davis, William M.
Dinwiddie A. B.
Faris, Robert L.
Fields, Charles J.
Gates, Arthur I.
Graff, John
Heuser, C. H.
Ives, Herbert E.
Jackson, Richard F.
Jones, Col. E. Lester
Kendall, William Converse
Knowlton, F.H.
Lathe, F. E.
Lewis, W. H.
Lillie, Frank R.
Livington, Burton E.
McKinley, E. B.
Mees, C.E.K.
Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin
Middleton, William
Mitchell, Wesley C.
Morgan, T. H.
Rice, Stuart A.
Rich, Willis H.
Richmond, Charles W.
Rude, Lt. Com. Gilbert Thomas
Russell, F. F.
Sears, Paul B.
Sidgwick, Nevil V.
Souder, Wilmer
Snook, H. Clyde
Stakman, Elvin Charles
Stejneger, Leonhard
Swann, W.F.G.
Tolley, H. R.
Urey, Harold Clayton
Vinal, George W.
Ward, Henry B.
Wetmore, Alexander
White, Arland, E.
Whitney, Willis R.

[BOX 24]
The Schweitzer Story-The Radsidian, May-June 1955
A Global Birthday Fete: A Review of the Life of Dr. Scheitzer- NY Times, Jan. 9, 1955
Photo of Hospital at Lambarene
Portrait of Dr. Albert Schweitzer by Fred Plaut
Photo of National Institute of Health Building
Photo of Geophysical Lab
Photo of unidentified building
4 portraits of 1947 Executive Committee including A.J. Carlson, K.F. Mather, F. R. Moulton, Harlow Shapley, E. W. Sinnott, George Baitsell, Fernandus Payne, K. Lark-Horovitz, Walter Miles, E.C. Stackman, Science Service, Inc., not for distribution
Portrait of J.M. Hutzel, Roger Williams, Wendell Stanley, F.R. Moulton, E.U. Condon, S. W. Sinnott, and Harlow Shapley
Dr. Mario Goglia, Dr. J. Fieldig Reed, Dr. Robert S. Ingols, Dr. Raymond Taylor
A. Blakely, Earl Lubell, Lawrence Snyder
Dael Wolfle, George Beadle, and Charlotte Meeting
Unidentified man with Alan Waterman, Paul Klopsteg, Dael Wolfle, Sidney Negus, and Behnke
Alan Waterman, Paul Klopsteg and Dael Wolfle at press conference
NYC Meeting 1949
Cleveland Meeting 1950
St. Louis Meeting 1952
Boston Meeting 1953
NYC Meeting 1956
Washington, DC Meeting 1958
Chicago Meeting 1959
Berkeley Meeting 1965
Date and Place Unknown

[BOX 25]
Appleton's Popular Science Monthly, Aug. 1895
Visher, Scientists Starred, 1903-1943

Related Scientific Disciplines